Quran 10:107

Bayyinah 201 course

Alhamdulillah i just finished Bayyinah Arabic 201 as follow up to the 10 day challenge so excited. It took me longer to finish with nursing school and work but it was so worth the effort. This course is review of the same lesson but going over second time really helps in understanding the materials covered.

Bayyinah Tv Arabic 201

Arabic 201(follow up course to the Bayyinah 10 days challenge) is review of everything that was covered in the 10 days challenge. It is so great to go back and see what took me so long to read now comes faster (still needs a lot of work inshaallah), the course also works as reminder and  is more focused on tajweed then the 10 days challenge.

At the moment i am moving through the course at fast past because of how fun and easy the course was with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

I had blast and i could see how the improvement fast which was great in encouragement.

i am planner so i plan ahead. My plan ( as far as Bayyinah TV goes), i intend to continue with Arabic with Husna Booth camp, followed by Arabic with Husna. Inshaalllah.