And those who when they commit an indecency or do injustice to their souls remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their faults— and who forgives the faults but Allah, and (who) do not knowingly persist in what they have done.

Surah Imran | Verse 135

We need to support those who have been broken by their sins. We need to be their supporters, rather than break them through our criticism - we will only push them away. We have family and friends who are suffering due to their own sins, they lack the inner strength to turn a new leaf. They need love, strength and constant encouragement to remind them that they have the ability to become one of His devoted servants, if only they focus all their efforts on Him.

The best we can do is to remind them is that He is Al-Ghaffar, the All-Forgiving, He will forgive *all* their sins. He is Al-Afuw, He will not only forgive them, but He will *completely* erase their mistakes. He is Al-Qawiy, He is stronger then every bad act they’ve done. He is Al-Mumin, He will inspire faith within them and He is As-Salam, He will grant them inner peace and help them overcome *all* their worries and concerns.

This life is a test, it’s a test for all of us, and we are all tested in different ways. Many are struggling to barely come closer to Him, and their struggle is just as valid as ours - if we judge them, then I fear that Allah (swt) will test us in order to teach us that we all make mistakes in different ways.

May Allah (swt) make it easy for all of us, and my heart goes out to all of you who finding it hard to pray, who have messed up so badly, that you wonder - will ease come? It will, it’s His promise when He says:

"O My servants who have wronged their own souls…Do not despair of Allah’s Mercy! Surely, Allah forgives all sins. He indeed is the All-Forgiving, All-Merciful. Return to your Lord and submit to Him before the punishment overtakes you; for then you may get no help from anywhere.” [Qur’an: 39:53-54]

As long as He gives you life you have the chance to overcome every mistake through seeking forgiveness and returning to Him.

May Allah forgive you, guide you and bless you with ease, and happiness in this life and the next. Aameen.

anonymous asked:

just to clarify, are you also lumping in, like, actual questions of inquiry and the conversations that arise in this whole islamophobia matrix? like if i come to someone with a question that i've come across while reading the qur'an in english or something and say "hey, this seems pretty fucked up, can you explain this to me?" are you also lumping that in? because i mean. critical thought and hatred are very, very different seems to me tbh

you can ask someone what their opinion on something is (provided they’ve given you permission to ask) without imposing value judgments like “this seems pretty fucked up.” there is nothing wrong with seeking to understand things, but you have no place to judge them. if there is something in the Quran (which, again, is not a 1:1 representation of the sum total of Islam) that is genuinely problematic in some way, I promise you seventy times over that it has been discussed exhaustively. honestly using the words “fucked up” here is incredibly insulting


But whoever repents after his iniquity and reforms (himself), then surely Allah will turn to him (mercifully); surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
—  Quran 5:39
Agar Tegar di Atas Sunnah di Akhir Zaman

Salah satu nikmat yang wajib kita syukuri adalah nikmat sunnah, hal itu karena nikmat sunnah merupakan suatu nikmat yang tidak terhingga.

Berpegang kepada sunnah di akhir zaman telah Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam kabarkan kondisinya, yaitu seperti orang yang memegang bara api, terasa panas. Hal ini sebagaimana yang beliau sabdakan:

سَيَأْتِي عَلَى النَّاسِ زَمَانٌ الْمُتَمَسِّكُ بِدِيْنِهِ كَالْقَابِضِ عَلَى الْجَمْرِ

Akan datang suatu zaman, dimana orang yang berpegang teguh dengan agamanya seperti orang yang memegang bara api.

Namun di sana ada perkara yang sangat kita butuhkan pada waktu itu, di saat kita berpegang dengan sunnah, akan banyak rintangan, keberatan, hinaan dan cemoohan dari manusia. Dan yang kita butuhkan saat itu adalah perbanyak taqarrub kepada Allah, mendekatkan diri kepadaNya dan bermunajat kepadaNya.