You have to trust that whatever happens, you’ll cope. I think sometimes we’re so busy clinging onto the present that we don’t lift our heads to see what might be out there. We think safe is what we know, but sometimes the unknown turns out to be the better option.
—  Sarah Morgan, Sleepless in Manhattan
God, I miss you. I miss the curve of your spine, the taste of your lips, the smell of your skin. I miss you on warm mornings. I miss you on cold nights. I wake up wishing you were here, and fall asleep knowing that you’re not.
—  K.B.
What happens when he actually treats you right, though? Will you both live happily ever after? Or will you push him away and not trust him? You’re so used to being stabbed by the ones that you love that now you’ve become the one who’s holding the knife.
—  Excerpt #104
why can’t girls be girls? I believe girls should look however they want. dress however they want. and just be whoever they want. plain and simple. whoever says you have to wear your hair a certain way and do your makeup a certain way, is wrong. you are you…you are your own person…you can do whatever you want because it’s your body. your hair. your face. yours. to all the girls out there, continue to do you and if you haven’t been, than begin too. it’s the best decision I ever made for MYSELF.