Quotes for her

  • Ron: Why does he look sad then?
  • Harry: Oh his aunt is coming to visit next week but he finds bellatrix exhausting and he's slightly scared of her because at his 7th birthday party she sent him a dead rat from her prison cell. Also Lucius Malfoy doesn't like her and usually mysteriusly vanishes on 'business trips' but Draco really knows that he just goes to hide at the Nott estate but Draco can't accompany him cos he has to cover for Lucius so Narcissa doesn't find out. Narcissa scares Lucius when she's upset.
  • Ron: Yeah, not stalkerish at all...

“This isn’t love, this is settling for someone because we don’t think we’ll ever find anyone else”

-Day 409

“Do you love me?”

“More than you will ever know.”

-Day 366