I asked the universe to fall in love
And the universe answered
First I fell in love with the dirt beneath my feet
Molding itself around each step I planted
Then I fell in love with the growing seeds, brushing against my ankles
Even the weeds didn’t hold me back, for I loved them too
Next I loved the sea, crashing against my kneecaps with fury and grace
With each cold wave I was reminded of the warmth in my breath
After that I loved the air, pushing me forward
And forcing my stubborn gaze upon a new horizon
Finally I looked up, and loved the sunlight
Shining on my skin, nourishing a glow no one else could replicate

Soon after, I met you
I remembered how wonderful it felt to love
And thought, perhaps, it might feel just as good to love you

I asked the universe to fall in love
And the universe answered
I saw your disgust at the mud paths I walked along
As you criticized the thorns prodding my ankles
When the sea crashed a little too hard, you did not attempt to lift me up
But instead only showed your strength to pull me away from the wind’s current
Then, I found that when I looked to the sky, the sun no longer shined the way it used to
Instead it lay dark, covered by a single greedy cloud
So I decided not to love you
For as much as I loved to love
And tried to love
The universe answered
And the answer was no

—  (a.e.)
Para investigar la verdad es preciso dudar, en cuanto sea posible, de todas las cosas.

René Descartes

I never loved anyone as much as I love you and that scares me.
—  Day 325