#36 - Excerpt from a book I'll never write

“In life, we meet two kinds of people. The ones who invest too much of themselves in others and the ones who don’t.”

“Which kind are you?”

“The first. Definitely the first.”

Power is achieved with the ability to dominate and cripple whoever gets in your way. Whether it’s mental or physical, the world will never see a leader without blood on their hands.

my masterpiece
is me
unconditionally; unapologetically

never to be hushed
by hungry eyes of jealousy
or broken chords
on a worn-out guitar
sleeping in autumn grass

still dreams
will not stay still
even if they stain my heart
with the wrong colors
they go headfirst
into my vulnerability

there’s no point in
doing nothing but affection
in the house that i built;
walls of love
for myself

watercolor moments
will last in grace
until you can see dusted dancing
on my face

i am my masterpiece
my masterpiece is me;

i am a masterpiece
never to be hushed

—  tina jaxén // masterpiece
I’ve learned that people have a misconception about forgiveness.
People think that forgiveness is for the other person when in fact forgiveness is for themselves.
Forgiveness is the only thing that can set a person free after being severely wronged by someone.
Forgiveness is essential for healing. Forgiveness is essential for peace of mind.
—  Rhonda Elnaggar

i’ve always been the girl in love with purple skies, lingering mornings and 3 am lights in the night. i suppose the sunset always told me way more colors than people did. growing with the shades and spotlights, i fell in love with the world in splintered seconds and lasting minutes.

i asked the sunset if she ever gets a “goodnight sweetheart” from the moon and she does. i guess it will be our little secret, hidden with loving safety between the twilight and me.

i fell in with all of the wonders and magic of the world, but also my hazy mind. i bet there’s divination there too, waiting to be found.