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Some people just can’t stay away from each other. Even when they probably should.
—  from an unfinished story #827
And the stars come unstuck from an indigo ceiling
Falling around us like comets
And they swallow the Earth and the sun and everything we’ve ever known
And as the world ends in blue fire
We are infinite.
—  poem fragment #41
The world sees straight through him;
A beating plastic heart on display,
A little broken soldier without a cause.

He is but cellophane skin over origami bones
Stretching and tearing with every breath
His ribs cracking with the weight of paper lungs.

He marches on shredded feet
Cat scratch scars lining his back
Stepping to the beat of his own echoing screams.
—  EMJ // Play The Hero

anonymous asked:

this has been bugging me for a while, are the first two syllables of your url said 'coma', or 'comma'?

You know anon, I was JUST wondering if this confused people the other day….. HAHA.

“komadori” is Japanese for “robin,” and Japanese is pretty easy to pronounce when you remember it uses five basic vowels:

あ (a) sounds like"a" as in “art”
い (i) sounds like"ea" as in “eat”
う (u) sounds like"oo" as in “food”
え (e) sounds like"e" as in “bed”
お (o) sounds like"o" as in “orange”

Thus, my tumblr nickname, “Koma,” is pronounced “coma.” 👍