Quote Art

The sky is full of tears
and so am I
tears of what, I could’t say
you would have to ask the clouds
they must not have many secrets
given the small wet diamonds
collecting in my hair
on my eyelashes
rolling down my cheeks
I’d like to claim
that they are all gifts from the clouds
but I must admit that some
belonged to my eyes first
though I’ve done a much better job
of holding on to the rest of mine
than the heavens have
and when I do leak
it tends to not be causeless
so strange then
that I have as much idea
why I am dripping
as I do the sky
—  A.O.A.M. || I Wish I Were a Cloud 

Finally got around to colouring these bad boys and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

Remember when Professor McGonagall was like “Guys I’m canceling this match because Hermione just got straight-up turned into stone and there’s some chicken-eating monster wreaking havoc in Hogwarts” and Oliver “that turtleneck tho” Wood was all, “YOU CAN’T CANCEL QUIDDITCH I DON’T CARE IF LITERALLY EVERYONE DIES”? 

Oh, that Oliver. What a firecracker. 

This magical gif was made exclusively for SparkLife by the amazing @thelatestkate


One of my favourite pair and their birthdays are really close what a coincidence

-yep Mikuni’s birthday is the 1rst October and Jeje the 2nd so I celebrate their birthday together-

ahaha @incorrectservamp might think it’s christmas lol

2 quotes fanart in a day, so unusual

(oh and btw thank you for always reblogging and saying such nice things about my art everytime :’) that flatters me so much)

But I was preparing this one for a long time. IT WAS SO LONG AND HARD TO DO QAQ But I’m glad I finished it before their birthday I was scared that I may not have the time but here it is. I’m pretty proud of it actually ;u; I worked so hard on it yay~