Flannel Buddies

The girls spent the day at the Brooklyn Heights Ice Rink with their younger siblings and cannot wait to warm up by the fire with their hot cocoa and hot coffees.

Lindy LIPSON || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Malia CARMICHAEL || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Bela MORENO || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair


I HAVE TO THANK TO THIS AMAZING CREATOR THAT WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE FOR THE CONTROLLERS *º*!!! Thank you so much quizicalgin <‘3!! she is an amazing person and an amazing friend =3!!!!!!!!!!

Amberlyn and Isac spend the day at Angel and Bob’s house XD

Amberlyn and Isac:


Isac: you press this than this one…

Amberlyn: okay, got it lets start.


Amberlyn: Omg this is so fast, how do I even-

Isac: You just press-




Amberlyn: does that mean I won?!

Isac: yes it does

Amberlyn: OMG!!!


Isac: Winner deserves a prize

Angel and Bob:


Angel: what do you think you are doing?

Bob: I’m going to play


Angel: I think you should leave that to the expert ones.

Bob: Take your hand out of my face


Bob: your sister is using the other one so it’s totally fair I use this one

Angel: just give me a minute.



Angel: still no.


~hits Bob with the remote~

Bob: was that really-



Ok, I think this is my last batch of Anna and her outfit pictures.

I followed Annywayssimblr, Elaine & Valentinefallsunny feedbacks: The skirt made longer, the hair less bright & the eyes a bit greener!

I think this will be my final offer :D

However, I have a question for you: Besides the dress and boots that I will release soon, are you guys interested in this Anna sim?!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project, you guys are the best ♥

I was tagged by my dear Davidmont.


  • Take a screenshot of your desktop
  • Don’t change anything
  • Don’t delete anything
  • Tag 5 people

As you can see, my desktop wallpaper is of my beloved kitten who passed away (too early) last December. Seeing him always puts a smile on my face ♥

I am tagging anyone who sees this posts and wants to show us their desktop. More specifically though (but if you’ve done it already, just skip it!) Morganabananasims, SimplPlan, Aohibel, TheCnih & Quizicalgin.


quizicalgin mentioned something about the University Fridge functioning like a normal fridge earlier. I modded the script of the Uni fridge to a base game fridge and it does work. The animation is a bit off and the door doesn’t open, but it does work. I have no skills at meshing so if anyone wants to edit that part it would totally be perfect! Or tell me how to change that part of the mesh.

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. berryique
  2. titosims
  3. quizicalgin
  4. awwboo
  5. lilmisslau
  6. thecnih
  7. beaverhausenx
  8. poseidongodof-thesea
  9. aaelisc

You’re in a mental hospital. Use the 9 people on your crush list

1. The lunch lady/man who always asks how your day is going: Berrysweetshoppe

2.Your roommate: Titosims

3. Licking the windows: Quizicalgin

4. Person helping you escape: Awwboo

5. Your doctor: Lilmisslau

6. Person running around naked: thecnih

7. Person yelling nonsense about a clown: beaverhausenx

8. Person you went crazy with: poseidonsims

9. Person you randomly hug everyday: aaeliscsims

Aren’t we all nuts :D