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who are the most attractive people in each house?

Um, I’d just like to point out that everyone in each house is attractive and by picking them out specifically is kind of rude, don’t you think? Instead, I’ll point out the cutest ones from each other, m’kay? People should stop being rated on their appearance, and instead on their ‘hella cute personality.

Ravenclaw - Mason (Obviously), Kitty, Lydia, Quinn, Marley and Louis.

Hufflepuff - Lily, Sam and Ryder.

Slytherin - Albus and Santana. Ooh, Eva and Rachel too!

Gryffindor - Hunter, Gracie and Henry.

"Kellin Quinn is an egotistical asshat"

So I have heard a lot of Kellin hate recently…

Kellin Quinn is one of the friendliest people I have ever met and he was extremely kind to me and my friends who met him.
Kellin Quinn is an AMAZING father despite the crappy childhood he had. He wrote a song basically saying how worried he was that he might not get it right with Copeland but not only is he a good dad to her, but he took his step kids in with loving arms and gave them a father.
Kellin Quinn has been known to stop during concerts if he can see someone who has passed out or is sick and they’re unable to move because of the crowd. That’s kind.
Kellin Quinn is talented. Full stop. He’s a great songwriter and his voice is so impressive.
Kellin Quinn had free side of stage passes to be won for the first leg of the world tour if you donated a can to a food bank charity.
Kellin Quinn had paid meet and greets a few years ago like every band does now and yet he still receives hate for doing so.
Kellin Quinn is a human being and is allowed to have off days or busy days where he cannot always take pictures or spend time with fans. He has a life.
Kellin Quinn is a cutie who wouldn’t hurt a fly now leave him alone.

Fic: Venom, pt 1

Summary: “With great power, comes great…” An origin story.
Notes: [blows on kazoo] Spider-Sev, Spider-Sev… featuring Quinn being delightful and Antonia being Antonia :D Finally jumped back on the Avengers AU. 

The other parts so far:  Hulk  Thor

When Sevro was six years old, his father was killed in the line of duty.

He remembers walking home from school with his mother that day. He remembers she made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and while he was still eating, there came a knock on the door. He remembers the two men in full uniform who spoke quietly to his mother. He remembers the way her legs gave out from under her, as she crumpled, sobbing, to the ground.

He remembers all this, but he does not remember it ever sinking in, the realization that his dad was never coming home again. He isn’t sure when he came to terms with it.

Perhaps he never did.

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