Henri le Sidaner - Les Arbres de la Rive, Quimperlé [1923] by Gandalf
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Le Sidaner first visited Quimperlé, in Brittany, in 1918. He returned frequently during the 1920s, painting at least 43 pictures there. The city, at the confluence of three rivers with crisscrossing bridges and quais was perfectly suited to the artist’s love of juxtaposing water, sky and shadow. The present work, dated to 1923, was likely painted en plein air given its portable size and support. Le Sidaner painted a large oil on canvas of the same subject at his studio in Versailles that winter, potentially using this picture as his primary study. 

[Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on board, 32 x 38.6 cm]

Berthe Morisot’s family (6)
Yves Morisot, Berthes eldest sister, didn’t have the drive and perhaps not the talent to become a painter. In fact, when Mme Morisot found a better drawing teacher for her daughters than the tedious Chocarne, only Edma and Berthe moved on. Yves gave up.

In December 1866, Yves Morisot married a tax inspector in Quimperlé and became Mrs. Theodore Gobillard.
Three years later, while she was staying for a few weeks at her parents’ home in Paris, Edgard Degas started working on a portrait of her. Berthe Morisot wasn’t impressed by Degas’ sketches and in fact the painting based on the sketches wasn’t finished.
On 26 June 1869 Yves wrote in a letter to Berthe that Degas had made a new drawing of her. She was very pleased with it, but was afraid that Degas wouldn’t be able to transfer it on canvas, because it was so small. The sketch unfortunately got lost.
A bit later, Mme Morisot wrote: “This time, he has taken a large sheet and has started to work at her face in pastel.”

That pastel was exhibited at the official Salon of 1870.

Edgar Degas, Madame Théodore Gobillard (Yves Morisot), 1869. Pastel on paper, 48 x 30 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

FRANCE, Quimperlé : A rescuer checks a signpost in a street flooded by the coastal river Laita in the city center of Quimperle, western France on February 7, 2014. 90 houses in Quimperle were flooded by the coastal river Laitia, which is expected to rise above 4,50 meters. Northwestern France has been hit by the winter storm Qumeira on February 6 and 7, with 36 French departments rising their alert level, notably in the Finistere. AFP PHOTO/FRANK PERRY

21 Janvier 2012

 Quimperlé avec Michel Godard
Philippe Janvier nous a convié aux Rencontres Musicales qu'il organise à la Médiathèque de Quimperlé. Nous présentons les instruments

notre parcours et improvisons un petit concert quasi acoustique dans une salle à l'écoute très profonde.

Pierre Scheidt du Festival des Fifres de Garonne nous a rejoint, nous parlerons musique instruments avec des passionnés toute la soirée.


Pont Aven et Quimperlé (par Armand Soudry)

Didn’t thought I’d say it one day, but I’m really missing this place… Quimperlé from 2:12, where I’ve been raised and where I spend most of my off times !!