When you see this, share three lines from a WIP

(okay so this is a little more than three lines, but i couldn’t break it up. from a fic i’m working on about peggy finding her confidence between the girl we see in flashbacks and the agent in the first Cap. A little preview for @poppysplace.)

Still, what Peggy had done scared her. She had gone against almost everyone’s wishes. She had listened to nothing except her own heart saying this was something she had to do. Maybe it was a flash of girl Michael always saw. A sign of the girl who had slugged Clarence William Quimby Palmer the Third in primary school for picking on the smaller kids. The girl who had broken into the headmaster’s office and didn’t grass on her friends when she got caught. The girl had knew how to knock back a whiskey.

She knew that girl was there, but she didn’t know how to be her all the time, especially without Michael to egg her on. The dragon slayer, he had called her even as everyone told her to be a lady, to be meek, and yielding.

Gotham 3x12 Promo - Certificate of Sanity

In case anyone was wondering, because I did, to be honest: The broken certificate in the teaser could have easily been the one of Edward, as a forshadowing that he will loose his sanity. But it clearly is Oswald’s (what doesn’t make anything better though). Here is why:

Oswald’s certificate still says “Gotham Board of Health and Hygiene”, because it was given to him under the direction of Hugo Strange.

But Edward’s certificate says “Arkham Asylum Board of Mental Health”, since he has got it as Arkham Asylum already had a new head, Charles Quimby.

And here’s the one that could be seen in the trailer:

It is blurry but still obviously says “Hygiene”, not “Health”. It’s Oswald’s.