Edmonton MQG Block of the Month Quilt: Finished!

A couple weeks ago now, I finished putting the binding on the Block of the Month quilt I started all the way back in August 2014 with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild. I finally had a chance to take full photos of it at my guild meeting this week.

I’m happy with this quilt and how it turned out. But more than anything - I’m really glad for the whole process of making it! It was a learning experience from start to finish. The block of the month really gave me the opportunity to learn new skills, and try new techniques that I wouldn’t have done on my own. Even the quilting was totally new for me, in my first time trying to use a long arm machine!

It’s now on our bed, crinkly and soft after washing!

Quilty details:

  • * Approximately 84 x 84″ finished size
  • * Quilt blocks were made by me through a block of the month with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild
  • * Kona Cactus, Kona Ash and Kona Charcoal along with a variety of grey and black-and-white fabrics
  • * Pieced together in an improvised way to make a queen-sized quilt
  • * Long arm quilted by me at the Running Stitch on a Bernina Q24 with Wonderfil 50-wt thread
  • * Binding attached by machine to front and hand stitched around the back

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Previous posts about the making of this quilt (there are a lot!) Many of these have links to the free online tutorials our guild used during the block of the month, if you’d like to try some of these blocks too:

  1. Starting out and colour selection
  2. August blocks - Improv stripes 
  3. September block (#1) - Half square triangles
  4. September block (#2) - Half square triangles
  5. October block - Dresden
  6. November block (#1) - String block
  7. November block (#2) - String block
  8. December block - Wonky courthouse steps
  9. January block - Paper pieced geese
  10. February block - Overlapping circles
  11. Last block of the month - Half hexagons, plus some extras
  12. Planning the quilt setting
  13. Putting the top together
  14. Finished quilt top
  15. Longarm quilting

Improv foundation piecing with scraps: This week, I decided to make some more improv pieced blocks with the scraps from my gemstone quilt.

I had a whole bag full of small, oddly-shaped scraps from foundation paper piecing the gemstones. I organized them roughly by size into small, medium and large. Then I sewed them on to pieces of paper - starting with smallest ones first, then working my way to larger scraps building outwards. This actually goes quite quickly and is kind of addictive! Then, I just trimmed into squares and rectangles.

The only annoying part of this process is taking out the paper from the backs of the blocks! I had to use tweezers quite a bit to get the little bits out.

Anyway, I’ve used up almost all my scraps now and have enough blocks to make something with. I’m thinking I’ll piece these blocks into a grey background - I also have grey scraps (Kona Shadow and Iron) left from my gemstone quilt to use up. I think I’ll work on this today and see where it goes!

Quilt Block Skirt Pocket | Sew Mama Sew

New new obsession is quilting (if you follow me on Pinterest you will be nodding your head!) so this little project caught my eye. Skirts are one of the easiest things to sew, all you need is some fabric and elastic, but this little quilt pocket adds some real sweetness to what would otherwise be a plain skirt. Just watch out, because you might get addicted to quilting too!


Experimenting with the Lightning Bolt Block: A few weeks back I was playing around with some colour layouts with my Lightning Bolt block, for a “secret” quilt I’m making. 

Rather than choosing one colour design, I decided to make it like a sampler quilt with different colours in each block. Since I’m using a limited palette, it’s fun to see how much the different colour designs can change the feeling of the block!

I’m using Kona solids for the whole thing: Banana, Buttercup, Papaya for the yellows; and Ash, Coal, Snow and Black for the neutrals. I’m nearly halfway done piecing, and I think this quilt will be really fun when it’s done!

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(PS - The Lightning Bolt block is available on Craftsy or my Etsy shop if you’d like to try it out!)


I made this tote bag for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild’s February charity drive - Craft Hope’s littlest warriors project.  Craft Hope is collecting hats and tote bags for children fighting cancer and the PMQG is sending off members’ donations on March 12th.  My goal is to make AT LEAST one more tote.

Susan Beal, the PMQG 2012 President, wrote up a small tutorial for making a tote bag, which I loosely followed to make mine.  I used wonky log cabin blocks that were intended for a quilt - but they measured 12x12 so they were perfect for this project.  

This post is stuffed with links, so click away and be inspired :)

Happy March, Tumblr Friends!