Top and bottom done! It turns out inhale no more batting so I will not be accomplishing a weekend quilt. I probably have about 2 weeks before this kid arrives anyway, I just liked the idea of a quilt over the weekend.


Improv foundation piecing with scraps: This week, I decided to make some more improv pieced blocks with the scraps from my gemstone quilt.

I had a whole bag full of small, oddly-shaped scraps from foundation paper piecing the gemstones. I organized them roughly by size into small, medium and large. Then I sewed them on to pieces of paper - starting with smallest ones first, then working my way to larger scraps building outwards. This actually goes quite quickly and is kind of addictive! Then, I just trimmed into squares and rectangles.

The only annoying part of this process is taking out the paper from the backs of the blocks! I had to use tweezers quite a bit to get the little bits out.

Anyway, I’ve used up almost all my scraps now and have enough blocks to make something with. I’m thinking I’ll piece these blocks into a grey background - I also have grey scraps (Kona Shadow and Iron) left from my gemstone quilt to use up. I think I’ll work on this today and see where it goes!


I just finished my October block for cool cotton’s $10 Quilt Club!  The class was on Tuesday night and it’s only Thursday!!  I can’t wait for next month.  The class provides the block pattern and the fabric (a solid, black & white, and print) as long as you attend class.  I loved the solid and the black & white but I wasn’t too excited about the print because it had dragon flies on it (a class member gets to choose the print to be used at the beginning of each class), so I used one of my own prints from my collection.  The block and fabrics aren’t in my comfort zone but I’m definitely pleased with the outcome - and excited to be trying something new!