Quilt Pants

Kuroo’s style for the Hip Hop AU

Kuroo has a weird mix of style. All in all you probably could describe it as the classic skater/street wear style. But mostly he just wears what he likes and feels comfortable with and this can end in some fashion disaster. But it also can end up with him looking really cool and unintentional stylish.

Mostly his style is sneakers, a plain shirt (or some band shirt) and a pair of simple black jeans. Sometimes those jeans are more skinny and torn at the knees. Sometimes he throws a plaid shirt over his t-shirt and leaves the buttons open.

But Kuroo also has a weakness for some 90′s oldschool hip hop style. So he wears large shirts, baggy pants, quilted jackets with fur around the hoodie, big basketball sneakers or timberland’s.
So it really depends on the mood and how he feels.

Kenma’ style, Iwa’s style, Oikawa’s style, Bokuto’s style.