Quilt Pants

Florals in the Gucci Cruise 18 collection by Alessandro Michele. A reversible bomber with embroidered flowers and plush trim, a skirt with velvet GG print, a silk twill cardigan and pajama pants with Web ribbon details and a suede washed bomber, a quilted bomber and wool pants with flower bouquet appliqués and a chiffon shirt.

Kuroo’s style for the Hip Hop AU

Kuroo has a weird mix of style. All in all you probably could describe it as the classic skater/street wear style. But mostly he just wears what he likes and feels comfortable with and this can end in some fashion disaster. But it also can end up with him looking really cool and unintentional stylish.

Mostly his style is sneakers, a plain shirt (or some band shirt) and a pair of simple black jeans. Sometimes those jeans are more skinny and torn at the knees. Sometimes he throws a plaid shirt over his t-shirt and leaves the buttons open.

But Kuroo also has a weakness for some 90′s oldschool hip hop style. So he wears large shirts, baggy pants, quilted jackets with fur around the hoodie, big basketball sneakers or timberland’s.
So it really depends on the mood and how he feels.

Kenma’ style, Iwa’s style, Oikawa’s style, Bokuto’s style.

@kylemaddigen - [Little Red Riding Hood AU, based from this post]

Hanzo’s sharp, golden eyes - underscored by angular red lines tattooed on his cheeks, matching the pattern on his left arm - scanned the trees as he sniffed the air, black lupine ears flicking in search of unusual sounds.
His dark hair hung in thick, twin braids down to his waist, with a somewhat wild but close-cut beard framing his mouth. He wore a dark green sleeveless gi belted with a brown sash, a pair of loose quilted tawny pants that stopped at the knee with cinched hems, and strips of leather wrapped around his lower legs and arches. Half his father’s wolfskin was draped on his shoulders, ends tucked into the neckline of his gi. An archer’s glove covered his right hand and forearm; both his bow and a quiver of arrows were slung on his back.
He had been sent, as usual, to scout the area around his clan’s hideout for any of that accursed huntsman’s allies. As a mutt, the result of a frivolous encounter between his father and a human woman, this was part of Hanzo’s duty. He could not transform or fight as a werewolf should, so better to make things easier for the ‘real’ members of the clan.

Hanzo went suddenly, utterly still when he heard an unfamiliar sound, ears standing at attention. His eyes reflected the moonlight in flashes as he searched for the sound’s source, and his hands flexed in case he needed to reach for his bow.
“Who is there?” he called, soft but clear. “Show yourself.”