Quilt Pants

Kuroo’s style for the Hip Hop AU

Kuroo has a weird mix of style. All in all you probably could describe it as the classic skater/street wear style. But mostly he just wears what he likes and feels comfortable with and this can end in some fashion disaster. But it also can end up with him looking really cool and unintentional stylish.

Mostly his style is sneakers, a plain shirt (or some band shirt) and a pair of simple black jeans. Sometimes those jeans are more skinny and torn at the knees. Sometimes he throws a plaid shirt over his t-shirt and leaves the buttons open.

But Kuroo also has a weakness for some 90′s oldschool hip hop style. So he wears large shirts, baggy pants, quilted jackets with fur around the hoodie, big basketball sneakers or timberland’s.
So it really depends on the mood and how he feels.

Kenma’ style, Iwa’s style, Oikawa’s style, Bokuto’s style.


This guy, I am selling. He is a Light Brown Iplehouse Luo, with strongman arms. He has body blushing, Iplehouse boots, custom cast automatic weapons, handguns, his hands modified to be able to hold them, quilted pants, quilted shirt, bunches of buckles, armor, gun belt, FCS Volks wig, eyes, necklace, gauntlets and wired, custom OOAK Wings that are attached to a completely hidden harness. He has his original box and certificate from Iplehouse as well. The piece is called “The Hunter”, and I have just called him ‘Hunter’ for short. I was using the doll to be my Sam Wilson AKA Falcon, but I have decided I would like a darker skintone for him. Under his wig he has flocked, short hair, but a piece is chipped off. Only the sideburns can be seen with a wig on. He is not suitable for someone without a significantly large display area. He is MASSIVE, just as a doll, and the wings add considerable breadth to how much space he takes up. Conversely, he is an attention-getter, and quite useful at drawing people over to your table at a con or so on. He was the showpiece for my 2014 Dragon Con display, and though the rules say I could bring him again next year, too, I just don’t want to have a repeat for a 3rd year. 

The theme of his armor is that of a bird of prey. When I made him, I wanted him to be my Falcon, so his wings are modeled on those of a Falcon, and the bird motif is easily spotted throughout his design.

He is $1200. buff@buffdolls.net

AND ANOTHER THING! let’s talk about the #zashion 

i know yall peeped those charmin quilted ass mustard seed pants with fucking pearls under the pocket. i know yall saw that nice ass keychain looking gold bracelet on his wrist. and i KNOW yall saw the carefully haphazard appearing rolled sleeves, the bedazzled leather jacket and the artfully ripped sweater-jean combo as he solidifies himself not only as the next musical genius to grace our eardrums but as an icon in the fashion industry. incredible


Bombers, Borg, & Turtlenecks

3 Things I Can’t Do Without This Winter

It seems like every winter people try to find new ways to stay warm. Whether it’s blanket scarfs, capes, puffer blazers, or quilted pants the winter fashunz are getting more innovative (slash maybe crazier?) when it comes to fighting the cold. This year I’ve created my own triple threat combo to ward off the icy winter, and I have to say it’s pretty damn impenetrable. Layer one starts with the turtleneck. I’ve been wearing them a lot this year and the extra coverage on your neck keeps that chill from blowing down your back. Bonus points for heattech turtlenecks! They’re the perfect no-bulk layer. Layer two is borg anything. Not only is this synthetic fur aminal friendly - it’s warm and looks great. And lastly, layer three is the bomber jacket. One that is lined with down fill is perfect for the winter and the classic silhouette looks great on nearly everyone.


Alpha Industries Bomber  //  Topman Borg Sweater  //  Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck  //  Your Neighbors Pants  //  Adidas Superstar 2 Sneakers  //  Topman Snapback