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You squirmed underneath him, laughing loudly, as his hands tickled your side, “S-Stop!” You squealed.

“Make me.” He breathed, face close to yours. He grinned at you before his hands stopped moving. The mood shifted then from playful to serious as you stared at each other, wearing small smiles.

Slowly, he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 18)

Boy are you all gunna hate me for this one. Only two more parts after this folks! I’m sad to see it go, I love this fic. Hope you enjoy this very frustrating chapter. :D xox

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“Are you fucking kidding me? How hard can it be?!” You mutter under your breath, grabbing the stick and examining it closely. “Wait…what the fuck does two dots mean?”

“Oh yeah how hard could it be.” Steve says, rolling his eyes.

“No this is good…this gives me time to actually think…” You say slowly, trying to convince yourself as much as Steve.

“Alright. Do you want to talk it out?”

“I don’t know.” You say slowly, your brow furrowed in concentration.

“So…whose is it?” Steve asks curiously.

“Buc…Piet…wait…” You say, thinking back. “I…I don’t know…”

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Ya,” he said slowly, smiling slightly.

Ya,” you repeated back, eyebrows furrowed, focused.

Lyu-bly-u,” he continued, slower this time. You raised your eyebrows your mouth dropping open momentarily, “Le-blue-ta-ba,” you said determinedly. A wide smile broke across his face as he began laughing at you. You hear him mutter, “Eto bylo plokho,” under his breath as he continued to chuckle.

“Hey!” you exclaimed, slapping his shoulder. He shook his head, laughter reverberating through him. “You said you would teach me!” you began to giggle too, finding his laughter infectious. You’re both leaning in to each other in the humorous moment. “You never said you would be this hard to teach,” he chuckled, his accent thick.

“Hey,” you pouted. He took a breath before saying, “Snova.” Your brow furrowed, confusion clouding your features. He chuckled lightly, “Again,” he instructed.

Ya,” he said. “Ya,” you repeated. He nodded his approval.

Lyublyu,” he said slowly. You leaned in as he spoke, trying to memorize the way his lips moved so you could mimic them. “Ly-blue-lyu,” you said.

He shook his head, smiling, “Lyublyu.” You leaned in even closer and he smirked as he realized your obliviousness, not even aware of how close the two of you were; you were that focused on pronouncing the word correctly. You took a breath before straightening and saying, “Lyublyu.”

Da!” he exclaimed excitedly. “Da?!” you yelled, assuming that was good. He nodded and you jumped up and down in your seat excitedly. “Da!” you screamed. He chuckled putting his hands on your shoulders, steadying, “Not done yet.” You sighed, and settled back into your seat.

Ya lyublyu,” he said.

Ya lyublyu,” you repeated, grinning hugely.

Tebya,” he finished.

Teb-ya,” you said slowly, leaning in again to watch his lips move. He shook his head slightly, “Tebya,” he said clearly.

You nodded, “Tebya.” He grinned nodding and saying, “Ya lyublyu tebya.”

Ya. Lyublyu. Tebya.” He nodded and kissed your cheek softly, standing and walking speedily away, “Good job, dorogoy.” You spun around to watch his retreating figure and raced to catch up with him, “What does that mean, though?” you wondered. He leaned down and whispered in your ear, “Ya lyublyu tebya, dorogoy.” And he kissed your cheek again.

Later that day you approached the red-headed super spy and said, “So, Pietro was teaching me Russian…” Nat raised her eyebrows, looking amused. “And?” she wondered, smiling slightly. You repeated the phrase for her and continued, “That’s all he taught me, but what does it mean?”

She laughed lightly. “What?” you wondered, desperate. She leaned in and whispered the meaning in your ear. Your jaw dropped as you gasped. You raced through the headquarter, finding Pietro talking to Wanda. You jump on his back and hit him playfully, “Hey!” you exclaim.

Der’mo,” he cursed, “What?” he said, sounding agitated.

“I love you too, you big idiot,” you told him, kissing his cheek.

Eto bylo plokho = that was bad
Dorogoy = darling
Der’mo = shit

Request by anonymous: Imagine asking Pietro to teach you Russian and the first phrase he teaches you is “I love you.”


‘ The light from the television illuminated the room you were currently in. A bright blue lightening passed by you and you yelped. 

  Pietro: Hello Y/N I found this flower and I thought you would like it.

   Y/N: Thank you Pietro. It is lovely.

   A slight pink dusted your cheeks as the handsome sokovian placed the bright pink flower behind your ear. his fingertips brushed over your cheekbone and from there on it was downhill for you. You thanked -whoever is up there- that the lights were out.

  Pietro: What are you watching?

  Pietro settled in next to you. He was extremely close to you, you can feel his muscles through his shirt. He shifted his arm so it was resting on your shoulders.

  Y/N: It’s a scary movie. Insidious 2.

  You passed the time watching the movie and when an especially scary scene came up you buried your head instinctively into Pietro’s chest. He wrapped his arms around you and you notice the position you were in. You felt your face heat up. 

   Pietro: Don’t worry Y/N. I’m here. I’ll protect you.

   You pulled away, not so much but enough to look at his blue eyes that glistened with the light from TV. Your face’s were so close that You could feel his breath on your face. Suddenly the lights were on. Pietro looked at your face and laughed.

  Pietro: Y/N your face is almost as the same colour as the flower.

   Tony: If you wish to date her Pietro, you need to be more forward.

  Pietro: Well Y/N… I have a question for you….      ‘

A/N: this was sinfully long… I am torturing myself with major Pietro feels… Anyway don’t forget to leave a request :)

Avengers Preference: Cuddles

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Steve: He’d definitely want tp be the bog spoon in the relationship. He’d be incredibly protective over you, so he’d have an arm wrapped tightly around your waist, the other behind your head for support. You would be pressed in to his back, Holding on to Steve’s hands. It was the best way to protect you while you both were vulnerable.

Tony: Whenever he had a nightmare or panic attack, you would be right there to comfort him. He’d lay his head on your chest, and you’d put your arms around him. He’d have both his arms around your waist, listening to your heartbeat as a method of calming down.

Bruce: He was not much of a cuddler, mainly because of the “other guy” that might come out and possible hurt you or worse. You both lay on your sides facing each other. There’s be a small gap between you, but your legs still connected a bit. The only other thing that was touching were your hands. The would be inseparable from each others. 

Thor: He was massive, that’s for sure. It was hard to find a comfortable cuddling position for you both, until Thor figured it out. He just scooped you up and laid you flat on his chest. You’d have your hands on his chest, and your face in the crook of his next. He’d put his head right on top of yours for comfort. Both of you would fall asleep to the rhythm of your heartbeats.

Clint: He was always attentive to his surroundings. He had to have a good way to cuddle with you, but also be able to pop up and be ready for action. His best alternative was to lay on his back and have you curled in to his side. You’d have one leg slightly draped over his, and one hand on his chest. He’d have on arm around you just in case.

Bucky: He, like Tony, sought you out as a source of comfort when nightmares of his time at HYDRA haunted him. So, you’d be the big spoon. Whenever he’d jolt awake, he would fell your arms around his torso and you cuddled in to your back, and he’d instantly feel calmer. He would keep your arms around him for as long as he needed before falling back asleep.

Pietro: He would also be one for laying on his back. But, you would be half laying on top of him. Hell your body would be draped over his, your arm around his torso and your leg over his, tangled up in them. He’d have his arm around your shoulder, and your head on his. He’d use his other hand to bring you closer if needed.

Loki: He was “king” as you called him. So he would be all for being the bigger spoon. He’d have both his arms around your shoulders, like a hug from behind. Your hands would be lightly grasping his arms. Your legs would be in a jumbled mess for sure. It didn’t look comfortable to anyone else, but you two found it to be paradise.

Peter: You two would be a jumbled mess of limbs. No joke. You were both very “hyper” people, so you never found just one way to cuddle: you found many. Every day it would be something completely different, but you would always end up just a tangled mess that took you at least 5 minutes to figure out. But, you both loved seeing how creative you were with your time.


“The Fastest Men Alive”

*Wink wonk* Bet you didn’t see that coming. Teehee.

Imagine a magazine shoot with these speedbros tho. Would be nice, yeah?

Pietro plz be in more movies. Aaron Taylor-Johnson control your face and everything plz.


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