Invitations should be arriving in the mail, but given the late notice I figured I should let everyone know as quickly as possible so no one makes plans. I’ll be expecting all of you to make a trip to Haddam, Connecticut  to witness Puck finally make things official. A lot of you will probably be in the wedding party so you’ll be expected to be there earlier, but all those details will be in the invites. Hopefully we’ll be seeing all of you there.

Sectionals |

They’ve just made it to regionals, and Puck’s happy sure but his mind is elsewhere. He and Quinn haven’t spoken alone since the corridor time, just after Finn found out the truth. He knows she’s staying at Brittany’s now, but that’s not going to be a permanent thing, well at least he doesn’t want it to be. He knows he’s been a royal screw up, and he understands why Quinn would never turn to him, let alone want to be with him.

He’s a man whore who she can’t trust, he sext Santana when they were babysitting, but he thinks why he continued with his douchebag ways was because he never actually believed that she’d chose him.  The babysitting was a secret for one thing, and he knew she was having problems with Finn, but no matter what he just knew she’d always go running back to his best friend. She always went back to him, and puck was just the go to guy when she was feeling shit about herself or her relationship, never the guy she actually wanted. Puck’s always thought that he could leave the “bachelor” life if Quinn actual chose him, but she never knew that and it’s not like he gives her anyway reason to trust him, but that’s why he went to her after the punch-up with Finn. He finally knew the truth and  they could finally be together, but obviously he was being naive because Quinn hadn’t chosen to tell Finn, and if it hadn’t come out she would probably still be living up to her words, “I will go to my grave swearing it’s his.”

Even if she doesn’t want to be with him, and they’ll probably never be together, he still wants to look after her and the baby. So once they’ve all gone back to the changing room and Quinn is fully changed, he goes to her with his hands deep in his pockets. “Hey, so uh- are you going back to Britt’s tonight?” he’s tense and awkward and he licks over his lips nervously, as he waits for the blonde’s reply. He’s not nervous for the reply, more for the question he wants to ask her, after her reply.

  • Puck: Already told you but I'm heading to see Hudson 'cause he's gone kinda crazy. It's only gonna be for a night, two at tops.
  • [long pause]
  • Puck: Listen I know things are okay now but I want you to know I love you, Q. So much. I know we argue 'bout dumb stuff and sometimes I say shit I know I don't mean but you're my good thing, y'know? I'm only good with you. And you make me feel all kinds of lucky and smart and, I dunno. You make me feel important. What I did before? "Cleaning pools" or whatever, that's nothing compared to what we got. Just wanted you to know.
  • Puck: And if that got too cheesy -- I love your ass, it's the best thing I wake up to.
Base Visit || Quick

Puck  haven’t spoke with Quinn about that phone call again, he had no idea how he was gonna explain to her that all of his budies heard her being all kinky on him like that, he knows she’ll die once she finds out. The weekend he had off finally arrived, meaning that he had time to spend with her. It was Friday night and Quinn said she’d arrive after dinner. Puck finished his training, his chores and now was just waiting for her to arrive. He didn’t know how this weekend was going to be, he only knew how much he missed her.

Social Media || Quick

Pregnancy scare in the past, it was almost a month since Puck saw Quinn from the last time. They still talked or Skype daily, but with his training intensifying more each day it was getting harder for him to leave the base and go see her. He missed her daily, it wasn’t getting any easier to sped time apart and he only wondered how would it be once he was overseas.
When Thanksgiving came, he had the first leave in months, a five days leave that he would use to come back home to spend some time with his family and her. It was Thursday morning and Puck was driving the distance from his mom’s place to her moms already thinking on all the things they were going to be doing once they were alone.

Date || Quick

A few days have passed since Puck and Quinn got back on good terms. They were a couple again and acted like one, work was good again and Puck tried to spend more time with Quinn instead of the cougars. They’ve both had been working a lot, so on their first brake Puck decided to take her on a date and planned on something different that he hoped would sound romantic on her eyes. He drove his truck towards her house on the time they planned looking rather nice on a black v-neck with the pants she bought him and his usual black sneakers. He missed using normal clothes like this since back at camp he had to use only uniforms.