Social Media || Quick

Pregnancy scare in the past, it was almost a month since Puck saw Quinn from the last time. They still talked or Skype daily, but with his training intensifying more each day it was getting harder for him to leave the base and go see her. He missed her daily, it wasn’t getting any easier to sped time apart and he only wondered how would it be once he was overseas.
When Thanksgiving came, he had the first leave in months, a five days leave that he would use to come back home to spend some time with his family and her. It was Thursday morning and Puck was driving the distance from his mom’s place to her moms already thinking on all the things they were going to be doing once they were alone.

Base Visit || Quick

Puck  haven’t spoke with Quinn about that phone call again, he had no idea how he was gonna explain to her that all of his budies heard her being all kinky on him like that, he knows she’ll die once she finds out. The weekend he had off finally arrived, meaning that he had time to spend with her. It was Friday night and Quinn said she’d arrive after dinner. Puck finished his training, his chores and now was just waiting for her to arrive. He didn’t know how this weekend was going to be, he only knew how much he missed her.

Date || Quick

A few days have passed since Puck and Quinn got back on good terms. They were a couple again and acted like one, work was good again and Puck tried to spend more time with Quinn instead of the cougars. They’ve both had been working a lot, so on their first brake Puck decided to take her on a date and planned on something different that he hoped would sound romantic on her eyes. He drove his truck towards her house on the time they planned looking rather nice on a black v-neck with the pants she bought him and his usual black sneakers. He missed using normal clothes like this since back at camp he had to use only uniforms.

This has to be the worst day in a long time

I managed to sleep in and miss my first class because the train had to make a few extra stops, my neck is killing me because Puck has the least comfortable bed in the world, and my roommate celebrated way too hard last night so our room is disgusting. I’m pretty sure I’m getting the train back to New York as soon as I get a bag packed because I’m already tired of New Haven. Hopefully you’re all having a better All Saints’ Day than I am.

Happy New Year || Quick

Puck spent his ‘winter break’ preparing himself for what was about to come: they were shipping him to Afghanistan for at least 30 days. He was nervous, hell yeah, but at the same time excited about it. It will be the first time he actually get the chance of going in the middle of the battle and he know he got this shit, he’s ready for it. As much as he’d wish to leave and visit his mon, he opted to staying at base for the training part, deciding that the farewell could be done via phone, it would be better and he was in no mood to see her or even Sarah cry. It wasn’t a bad thing, a month would end up quickly.

Quinn on the other hand, every since that skype call things had been awkward between the two of them. They agreed on meeting one last time before he was deployed so she was coming to spend a weekend with him before she went back to Yale. He didn’t know what to expect from that.

The past few days have been very difficult. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with losing both of my parents in a tragic accident, but it’s getting easier with the support of everyone around me. I have no idea how I’m going to stay in this house with all the memories around me and I know I have some difficult choices to make. Hopefully things will slowly start to work out or I have no idea how I’m going to handle all of this.

  • Puck: Morning loser. I'm not gonna say good luck for today cause I already know you're way smart and you're gonna own it. You always say how proud you are of me, but I really am proud of everything you do and being able to call you mine. You're freaking amazing Fabray, so I know you've got this. I love you. Go and do your thing and then come and see me because I miss you.
  • Puck: I'll send you the naked picture I promised when I finish work ;)
You've heard it here first.

Quinn Fabray is no longer head cheerio. Yes, I know it’s coming as a shocker to everyone but just because I’m not longer on the cheerio’s doesn’t mean that I’m not still the most popular girl in school. And no, I didn’t get kicked off either nor was it my grades that are deterring me either. I made this decision myself and I stand by it.

Invitations should be arriving in the mail, but given the late notice I figured I should let everyone know as quickly as possible so no one makes plans. I’ll be expecting all of you to make a trip to Haddam, Connecticut  to witness Puck finally make things official. A lot of you will probably be in the wedding party so you’ll be expected to be there earlier, but all those details will be in the invites. Hopefully we’ll be seeing all of you there.