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Quick RP Info: Ruran Vas


Name : Ruran Vas (born Locke Rinannis)
Nicknames : Ghost, Ser Knight, One of Masks, Mister Mask, Alabaster 
Age : 28
Nameday : 9th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon (8 Sept.)
Species : Hyur, Midlander
Gender : Male
Orientation : Straight - Demisexual
Profession : Wandering Swordsman - Voidsent Hunter - Relic Preserver

P H Y S I C A L   A S P E C  T S

Hair : Pale Blond. Long and messy, sometimes pulled back.
Eyes : Blue-green, heavy lids, bags under eyes.
Skin : Pale, mostly hidden by armor and mask.
Tattoos/scars : None that can be seen, but it’s been revealed that there are carved runes on his shoulders and back.


Siblings :

  • Auric Rinannis : Estranged older brother. Not on good terms.

Parents :

  • Graeme Rinannis : Father. Fisherman and carpenter. Deceased.
  • Nadia Rinannis : Mother. Excellent weaver, later paralyzed. Deceased.

Family :

  • Romimo Romi : Guardian and life-long friend. Aunt-figure.
  • Emma Rinannis : Daughter. Regretfully estranged.
  • ??? Rinannis : Wife. Regretfully estranged.

Pets :

  • Tathas : Timid, white chocobo. Rescued from past abusive owners.


Abilities :

  • Tracking : Particularly in forests, where he has the most experience, he’s able to locate and follow targets with a bit of concentration.
  • Voidsbane : Armed with a holy-imbued longsword fit for harming denizens of the void, and with the knowledge to close voidgates, he will do so without hesitation.
  • Runes & Wards : A growing interest, stemmed from the marks on his back. He is becoming more proficient in Arcane-based magic for defensive and warding means.
  • Thanalan Archaeology : Qarn/Belah’dia and Sil’dih are his specialty, often spending days/weeks within their ruins in search of lost or dangerous relics.
  • Engineering (Lost) : Once an experienced mechanic, Ruran never speaks of his past profession and owns nothing that leads him back to it.

Hobbies :

  • *nervous sweat*


Most Positive Trait : Dedication and loyalty. Ruran stays true to his word. There is a bit of irony in that the man who hides his face is also the most trustworthy man you will ever meet.
Worst Negative : Stubborn. Many have tried to dissuade Ruran from working so hard, suggest he take better care of himself, and ask that he question his goals. He refuses to listen, whether in denial or believing himself to be justified.


Colors : Blue. Green. Gray. White.
Smells : Coffee. Fresh cookies. Incense. Fish.
Textures : Soft sheets. Earth. Parchment.
Drinks : Orange mead. Apple Juice. Honey Mint Tea.

O T H E R  D E T A I L S

Smokes : No.
Drinks : Excessively.
Drugs : No.
Mount Issuance : Tathas, a rescued white chocobo.
Been Arrested : No.

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  • Puck: Already told you but I'm heading to see Hudson 'cause he's gone kinda crazy. It's only gonna be for a night, two at tops.
  • [long pause]
  • Puck: Listen I know things are okay now but I want you to know I love you, Q. So much. I know we argue 'bout dumb stuff and sometimes I say shit I know I don't mean but you're my good thing, y'know? I'm only good with you. And you make me feel all kinds of lucky and smart and, I dunno. You make me feel important. What I did before? "Cleaning pools" or whatever, that's nothing compared to what we got. Just wanted you to know.
  • Puck: And if that got too cheesy -- I love your ass, it's the best thing I wake up to.
Social Media || Quick

Pregnancy scare in the past, it was almost a month since Puck saw Quinn from the last time. They still talked or Skype daily, but with his training intensifying more each day it was getting harder for him to leave the base and go see her. He missed her daily, it wasn’t getting any easier to sped time apart and he only wondered how would it be once he was overseas.
When Thanksgiving came, he had the first leave in months, a five days leave that he would use to come back home to spend some time with his family and her. It was Thursday morning and Puck was driving the distance from his mom’s place to her moms already thinking on all the things they were going to be doing once they were alone.

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Base Visit || Quick

Puck  haven’t spoke with Quinn about that phone call again, he had no idea how he was gonna explain to her that all of his budies heard her being all kinky on him like that, he knows she’ll die once she finds out. The weekend he had off finally arrived, meaning that he had time to spend with her. It was Friday night and Quinn said she’d arrive after dinner. Puck finished his training, his chores and now was just waiting for her to arrive. He didn’t know how this weekend was going to be, he only knew how much he missed her.