You've heard it here first.

Quinn Fabray is no longer head cheerio. Yes, I know it’s coming as a shocker to everyone but just because I’m not longer on the cheerio’s doesn’t mean that I’m not still the most popular girl in school. And no, I didn’t get kicked off either nor was it my grades that are deterring me either. I made this decision myself and I stand by it.

  • Puck:So I didn't wanna post this where everyone could see and make a big deal outta it since, y'know, us getting married wasn't exactly perfect or how you dreamed and shit. But I needed you to know how much this past year has meant to me, Q. You make me so happy but, like, more than that you make me so freaking proud. Sometimes I look at you can I can figure out why you chose me to do this with but I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my life proving you made the right choice. You're so amazing and I know there is nobody else that I'd ever do this with, especially after everything we've been through. You make me better, y'know? I can't wait to see what else I get to experience with you, baby. I love you.
Long Shot

He hadn’t meant to be careless about it.  The fact that he had opened up about it just a couple of weeks before was enough of an indication.  Maybe it was having three kids to care for that made everything else kind of disappear.  Getting Ivy on her feet was one of the easier challenges, but she still wasn’t quite all there.  At least he could rest easy knowing they were getting somewhere, though he wondered how she’d gotten so far behind in general.  He hoped that like her delay in talking, everything else would just kind of spill out.  She still had her moments of expected selfishness when it came to the twins but, reluctantly or otherwise, she was being moderately nicer about it.

The twins on their part were allowing them to fall into some kind of routine and for that, they were both grateful.  There wasn’t much in the way of milestones and change yet   At least they found moderate peace in the fact that they spent most of their time asleep.  When they weren’t they were given small moments of so-called “activity”, but that in itself was still limited.  Though they took to Quinn for obvious reasons, they both seemed to take to him when they wanted to, Kylah more than Jaden a lot of the time but something told him that was normal, if Ivy was any indication.  

He shouldn’t feel bad about almost missing the phone call, right?  He’d been good about it for years.  Great even.  Those few minutes gave him the slight push he needed to figure out what the hell he was doing with his life.  It was only on the second phone call that he had a minute to answer.  And it would have been only a minute if it had been any other phone call.

“Mr. Puckerman, this is Silvia, your mother’s nurse at the….”  He had half the mind to just ask her to get to the damn point.  They all knew these windows were fucking small.  Instead, he check her out, pulling back in a few moments later.  "She’s asked that we don’t spend time on the phone today…She’d like you here…I’m not sure how to explain it to her that–“  "No, I’m actually home for a bit,” he confirmed.  "I try and make it down around this time but I just never do.  I stuck around a while.  Is she good to….?“  "Yes,” the nurse smiled, though he wasn’t sure how long either of them might be wearing one.  "If you’re not busy…She’s been asking for you for quite some time now.“  "Of course.  Can I ask how long she’s been….?”  "Since early this morning.  She’s been asking for you every fifteen or so minutes.“  Fifteen minutes…That’s about as long as they had her at all.  The fact that…”  "She’s been here for the last four hours?“  "I’m not sure how that is but…yes, I’m…pleasantly surprised.  "And you didn’t think to call me the minute it happened?”  "We start our days at 5am….I didn’t think it would be…  He held his tongue on the fact that he was no better since the birth of his kids but barely.  "We’ll be right over,“ he said quickly.  He didn’t even wait for a closing before ending the call, excitement coursing through him as he carried the twins to their car seats.

"Quinn!  Grab Ivy, get in the car,” he called up the stairs.  While he waited anxiously behind the wheel, he froze, once more hating himself for the fact that they were always one Puckerman short.  He always told himself that it was to spare her the confusion, the hurt that was inevitable only minutes later but it still left him unsettled.  "Hang on, Mommy….Please,“ he whispered.

Quinn Fabray is back in the country.

I know my departure to France was pretty sudden and I know I didn’t keep in touch as well as I should have the past four months, so I understand if not everyone is willing to say re-bienvenue. But I enjoyed my writing program, and I’m glad I went. But I’m also really glad to be home and that I get to spend the rest of my senior year with you guys. 

Ivy Day was two days ago and I’ve been checking the mailbox faithfully every since.

But when I got home, I saw that my mom had beaten me to my decision letter while I was at school and opened it. She intercepted me in the living room with champagne, a smile, and a Columbia blue sweatshirt waiting for me, because I got in!

  • Quinn:With a shy smile in her lips, Quinn placed her phone in her Cheerios backpack before she started to walk towards Sue. The Coach had said she wanted to talk to Quinn almost twenty minutes ago, and even if Quinn didn't told that to Puck, she knew that it wouldn't be a good talk. Sue's facial expressions weren't the best and the younger blonde prepared herself as she got closer to her cheerleading coach. "Hey Ms. Sylvester." Quinn greeted her, flashing her a quick as she tried her best to look neutral. "Come on Q, let's go talk in my office." Sue said and started to walk towards her office. Quinn followed her Coach, her palms were sweating and her heart was beating fast against her chest. Nothing good could come out from this conversation, and Quinn already knew that. Once they were inside of Sue's office, Quinn sat down on the chair, her gaze following her coach as the older woman sat down on her chair and leaned her elbows in the desk in front of her. "Q, you know I hate rambling, so I'm going to go straight to the point." Sue said and Quinn nodded, her fingernials dugging into her palm as she tried to stay calm. "I know you're pregnant." The older blonde said, leaning back in the chair and putting her hands behind her head. Quinn felt like her heart had stopped beating for a second, this wasn't happening. She had been so careful, she wasn't even showing that much yet. "Coach..." Quinn breathed out, not sure of what to say. "Save me from stupid excuses. JBI told me everything, and in a few minutes, your dirty little secret will be out and everyone will know." Sue said with an icy voice, her blue eyes staring at Quinn. The younger girl pushed herself out of the chair and quickly exited the coach's office, not looking back to see if Sue still wanted to talk to her or not, she just had to get out of there. As Quinn walked down the halls, she noticed that everyone was staring at her, not in the way they used to - with envy and fear -, they looked at her with distate and some people were even laughing. The blonde ran towards the parking lot, looking for the red New Beattle her father had bought her as a present. Once she spotted her car, Quinn walked over to where it was, unlocking and opening the door, she hopped into the car, closing the door harshly. Once she was inside and in the safety of her car, Quinn finally allowed herself to cry.