“Truck decals so realistic, you’ll call the cops on us!”

4 Companies Whose Ads Just Backfired Horrifically

#3. Decal Company Attempts to Attract Customers by Pretending to Be Kidnappers

What would you think if you were driving to work and saw this in front of you? You’d think “I’d better ask the driver of that truck where he got that delightful decal so I can get one myself,” right? Right? Why are you looking at us like that?

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i didn’t know there were other font example sentences besides the quick brown fox one and thought google was fucking dying when i opened this page

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There is a sentence in the English language that uses every letter of the English alphabet. It is as follows: The quick red fox jumps over the Brown's lazy dog. Because it contains every letter of the English language in one phrase, it is known as a pangram.

Seven bees a lot why would he pure breed since im. pangram?

TACBAC Round 9

with @somewhatofficialyifan

1. mashed potatoes deserve butter

2. I remember when I was innocent :“)

3. is it the elf one or the club or the mama looking one or

4. tables

5. Oh, so it was you. Do I seriously look like the rockstar or rapstar material to you?

6. who let him put a guitar pick in his mouth

7. I’m predictable af

8. I’m going to a cemetary to take pictures

9. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

10.  If the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy had babies would they take your teeth and leave chocolate for you?

11.  A purple pig and a green donkey flew a kite in the middle of the night and ended up sunburnt.

12. What was the person thinking when they discovered cow’s milk was fine for human consumption… and why did they do it in the first place!?

13. Last Friday in three week’s time I saw a spotted striped blue worm shake hands with a legless lizard.

14.  If Purple People Eaters are real… where do they find purple people to eat?

15. Wait what is this for, like should it be specific

16. Wednesday is hump day, but has anyone asked the camel if he’s happy about it?

17. Writing a list of random sentences is harder than I initially thought it would be. -not me 

I was tagged by @poedameron and @vxders (I TOTALLY SPELLED UR URL WRONG IM SORRY) also i did this in school so yeah

1.your name

2. your url

3. your blog title

4. your favorite colour

5. your crush/significant other

6. write something in all caps

7. your favorite artist

8. your favorite number

9. your favorite drink
10. write: “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
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Your theories and responses give me life. Riley's narrative lately has basically been "Maya I've always wanted to be best friends forever" as if she's afraid of exploring a romance that could end horrifically. Idk I'm just very excited to see Riley grow this season and slay everyone! I love her character and sincerely hope they don't ruin her potential.

You’re speaking my language, baby! I was snatched bald in Texas 1 when Riley undercovered the whole thing just sitting on that log with the irony of cricket chirping. This really is only the beginning, I assure you. Riley is SMART and Maya has established her Self, accepted Dorothy (more on that tomorrow) and season 4, shit is gonna hit the fan harder. 

Everybody thought Eric was a fool and he’s actually quick as fox when it comes to humans and feelings. People who think Riley is off base and doesn’t know what Maya feels or Maya in general are gonna be woken up again. I have so much faith the writer’s will not disappoint on the Riley front. She’s easily the best character on the show, no matter how “boring” and “idiotic” people think she is before the aces are played.

rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better @markthevolman @vaquero-brujo-espacial-nivel-50 @negatheimpmon9508 @k9-6-9 @spacedimsum @kyliethedarkwolf @phneguy @purplguy @nauticalradical (ny’all dont have to do it)

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Relationship Status: never
Favourite Color: *spins you to my faq*
Wake Up Time: 7am to 11am pst
Cats or Dogs: don’t do this i love both
Coke or Pepsi: both are good but if theres pizza, gime th pepesei
Call or Text: texting4life
Chapstick or Lipstick: chapstick
Last Song I Listened To: break by the quick brown fox
What two things would you take with you to exile on a desert island?: hmmmmmmmm my laptop (dead asus one, i can repair it for sure if i try) and my 16 gb sd card cause it’s got lotsa wip art from beyond tumblr times
BONUS! Super strength or the power to read minds?: mind reading!


Sexy hot singles ginger blonde blondes college girls gone wild deez nuts pokemon go fursuit green lean machine giant cock aspirin the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog random words. why are you still reading this? Big black cock PENIS!


GIMME YOUR OPINION ON RUBY ROSE’S FABULOUS WEAPON. And of course this fabulous video. :3


Submit a video to my muse, and watch their reactions!


“Lovely animation. I can appreciate the music as well. Very soft, very calming.”

0:55 - 1:07


1:07 - 1:15 

“Oh my.”

1:15 - 1:25

“She’s just slaughtering them, isn’t she. I can respect that.”

1:25 - 1:40

“You know, she’s awful cute. I like her.”

1:40 - 1:58

“She just keeps getting cuter, doesn’t she…”

1:58 - 2:25

“She’s so quick! Like a fox, almost.”

2:25 - 2:39


2:39 - 3:00 


3:00 - 3:13 

“Bravo. What a fine show that was. Now that it is over I assume it’s time for my opinion. While I’m afraid I don’t have much of one, I’m pleased to say this young lady (Ruby, was it?) impresses me. She uses such a large weapon and yet can handle it with ease and grace. It’s remarkable, really.”