I sent an email to Quianna, as you guys have seen, she has amazing cc in her blog… I asked her if she could please make the infant headband that I’ve been searching for in sooooo long… She came through, emailed me and told me to check it out! HOW AMAZING IS SHE?! She did an amazing job once again, and I am so humbled that she actually took the time to do this. Thanks to Quianna my game is close to perfect now! New family coming soon ;)

Here is the link to the headband, if you retexture please give her the credit, don’t steal her work. Thanks everyone!

Quianna’s Blog

Random screeny of Bliss Walker. Posting for a “late toddler month” remembering. It shows that with the help of many sim modders, a ‘burrito’ baby can finally look and dress as they are in real life. So I feel that eventually (as the sim community always does) help out the new infants in TS4. Especially if the rumor of them being a simple object is true (kinda hope not), though regardless I know the modders will find a way around it. But back onto the subject: Thanks again TS3 toddler,babies, pools modders! My game owes you all sooo much. And here’s to hoping that tots and pools (if they do make a comeback) will be even better then they were now.





Arctic Manhunt 1949 - Director: Ewing Scott

Mikel Conrad, Carol Thurston, Wally Cassell, Quianna

Arctic Manhunt 1949 […more Images]

Actor/writer Mikel Conrad appeared in several films with an Alaskan setting in the late 1940s–early 1950s, the most famous of which was the 1951 sci-fier The Flying Saucer. In Arctic Manhunt, Conrad portrays an ex-con who heads to Alaska to get his hands on the money from an armored car heist. He is trailed northward by insurance investigators who’ve been on to him since his prison days. Carol Thurston is the woman with whom Conrad rubs noses while en route to the loot. Arctic Manhunt was written and directed by Ewing Scott, who like Mikel Conrad was an habituee of Alaska-based B pictures (Red Snow).allmovie.com

happy birthday queen grimes temples horrors quianna! you’re like 1500 now so enjoy being older than me! we’ve known each other since like French, but we’re p tight. I remember telling you that I was gonna listen to grimes and I never did but now she’s life. well, have fun on your bday! we should defs go watch rocky horror picture show on Saturday! jwang say happy bday! radamsmith