I was reading the Nonbinary.org wiki yesterday and was pissed because someone edited it and added random bulls**t all throughout a page and my friend (who I’m not even out as NB to) was just rubbing my back and trying to soothe me, not bothering me about why I was getting so annoyed, not asking a million questions, just trying to make me feel better. He’s the best.

Rainy Pokemon

Request: Could you please do 2, 11, and 14 pleaseee? With whoever you want


  1. 2. “Wait, where are we going?”
  2. 11. “Pokemon Go?” “How about Pokemon No.”
  3. 14. “Kiss me in the rain.”

Warnings: none

Notes: Done with TBS

You had just downloaded the newest app, Pokemon Go. You’d been waiting for the longest time to purchase it and now you could. And that’s what you did. You woke up, checked your phone, and downloaded the app.

“What’re you doing?” Thomas, your boyfriend, asked. You spent the night over at his house last night. 

“Getting dressed, what’s it look like I’m doing?” You giggled, slipping your top on from yesterday. 

“Okay, but why? It’s only…” Thomas checked his phone. “Only eight in the morning. You’re never up this early,” he chuckled from his bed, sleep still in his eyes.

You playfully rolled your eyes at him and told him to get dressed with you. He obliged to doing so and got dressed, not questioning anything yet. 

You had everything set up for Pokemon Go. All you needed top do was go outside and catch some. This was all very exciting for you, as your love for Pokemon was huge. You grew up on it and loved every little bit of it.

Wait, where are we going?” Thomas finally asked as you were tugging on his hand to his front door.

Pokemon Go?” You stated it in a form of a question.

Thomas stopped in his tracks. You had just opened the door. “How about Pokemon No.

Your face completely fell. You knew Thomas could care less about Pokemon, but he knew how excited you were for this new game. You hadn’t stopped talking about it ever since you heard about it. Surely he must’ve known you wanted to play it.

“But Thomas, please! You know I’ve been waiting for it to come out, and now it’s out! I have to play it, and I want you to join me.” You practically begged. You tugged on his hand some more, giving him your best puppy dog look.

He rolled his eyes, but made the mistake of looking into yours right after. “Oh, fine.” He moaned.

A big smile appeared on your face. You proceeded with dragging him out the door.

It had been two hours of playing the game. You and Thomas had walked miles, and you’d captured quite a few Pokemons. Not many, as most of them were the same Pokemon, but you caught a few variety.

Thomas, however, was bored out of his mind. There were a few funny and cute moments, but other than that he was bored. That was obvious. He’d been having very little fun on your Pokemon adventures. The only thing he truly enjoyed was the excitement on your face when you’d find a new Pokemon.

But then everything came to a halt when it started raining. Once again your face fell. It wasn’t supposed to rain today. The forecast said it would only be cold and cloudy. No rain.

“It’s raining,” you frowned, looking up at the sky.

“Well it is England,” Thomas said sarcastically.

“Hush, you,” you laughed, nudging his shoulder.

“Guess this means we have to go back,” Thomas shrugged his shoulders in a false sad tone.

You gave him a look, placing your hands on your hips. You quickly slipped your phone in your jacket pocket, walking super close to him. You stopped in front of Thomas as the rain began to pour down harder.

“One thing first,” you smirked at him. You grabbed Thomas’ hands. “Kiss me in the rain.

Thomas’ hold on you grew tighter as he pulled your entire body in. His body pressed against yours as you two kissed. The rain soaked you guys, but neither of you cared.

Thomas pulled away, looking at you for a quick moment before kissing your nose. You blushed madly, that small gesture always causing that reaction for some reason.

“Let’s head home before we get sick,” Thomas gave your hand a squeeze.

“Sounds like a plan.”

You and Thomas walked back home in the rain. He held your hand the entire way, never once you two getting inside a taxicab to make it home quicker. By the time you reached his home, you were both beyond soaking wet. Droplets of rain dripped off your hair and skin, but entering the warmness from Thomas’ house made you forget you were wet.

“Think we should throw these in the dryer, yeah?” You chuckled.

“Sounds like a plan. You can borrow some of my pajamas, too.”

You both smiled at one another before heading to his room to change.