Along with dinner, Vivienne decided to make a special dessert. She missed having Asher in the house and Elena right across the hall, more than she even thought she would when they told her they were moving across town. But she was glad they were happy, and even more glad to see them for dinner. It had been much too long since she had seen her eldest son. ♥


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Hogwarts Houses (Kingsglaive)

Like hell I’m leaving them behind. This was unbelievably hard. Like you won’t believe. Nyx is the most developed so he was the easiest. But the other three proved to be hard. Which is why here’s Nyx and Libertus for now. Crowe and Pelna will come too though, don’t worry!

Gryffindor. The most Gryffindor-Gryffindor to ever Gryffindor. He has a massive hero complex that on it’s own is enough to qualify him as a Gryffindor. But add to that the fact that he’s daring and into showing off. I say that he’s into showing off because of how reliant he was on the powers Regis’ ring lent to the Glaive. There’s no reason to rely so heavily on a borrowed power unless you’re showboating. If I remember correctly, the earlier parts of Kingsglaive even show that people think Nyx can be pretty reckless. Gryffindors want to be recognised and strive for glory; they want to be adored. Nyx fits the bill here too because he really emphasises that he’s a hero. In some ways he’s a typical Gryffindor, but for some reason it doesn’t feel entirely right to say it. I think perhaps since he isn’t as impulsive as he’s made out to be? After all when Luna suggests jumping out of the plane (at least I think it was a plane) he thinks she’s out of her mind. And it’s pretty Slytherin to look before you leap (literally). But in true Gryffindor fashion when she does leap, he goes to save her. Even the way the ending of Kingsglaive plays out, seeing the self sacrificial side to him, and hearing his reasons; it’s hard to sort him as any other house.

Slytherin. Odd? Let me explain. So one thing about Libertus that really stuck out to me when I was trying to sort him, is that he has a concept of morality. But, it’s entirely his own, he operates on his own principles. He leaves the Glaive because he disagrees with the peace treaty with Nifleheim, but he ends up deciding that fighting against that decision doesn’t align with his morals either. Interesting no? Fighting and death are fine as part of the Kingsglaive but not when Galahd’s freedom (albeit not entirely) was guaranteed as per the bargain the Lucian Rebels’ made with the Nifs. So in essence, he saw things in terms of how to avenge Galahd, but against Nifleheim. Once he saw the people of Insomnia being injured by the blast, he backed out because they weren’t the ones he wanted to fight against. And Slytherins never compromise on their principles. Taking his closeness with Nyx and Crowe into account also seems to hint at how Slytherins don’t trust/hold everyone closely. Just the people they think have earned it from them. I’m sure this is debatable since we don’t get enough insight into the Glaive but as of right now it seems reasonable to say that Libertus was likely closest to Crowe and Nyx. (I mean Nyx and him are childhood friends why wouldn’t he be). Overall, I felt he may have been a Hufflepuff due to other things about him but because his morality is centered around getting back at Nifleheim, and a lot of his screen time is devoted to it, we see that he definitely has some Slytherin in him.


Elena: “You better hurry. If we hit traffic we’ll be late.”

Asher: “Right, I’m going. Sorry, I was late. But I’ll hurry, I swear.”

Elena: *smiles* “Late because you stopped at the store, perhaps? And before you try and deny it, yes, I heard you downstairs spoiling Briella, as usual.”

Asher: *grins* “I don’t spoil her. And have you tried to say no to that face? Impossible.”

Elena: “Yes, I have. And successfully, too. You’re just a softie.”

Asher: “I am not. You’re just made of stone.”

After giving Elena a quick kiss, Asher went to get ready to go to his parent’s house for dinner. They had called and invited them over last week but of course, he had forgotten. They hadn’t been over to see them since they moved across town two months ago. A visit was long overdue. ♥