take this burden - part 33

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Roughly an hour after Mo Guan Shan and Jian Yi retired, He Tian and Zhengxi shut off the lights and television and went their separate ways.

Zhengxi found Jian Yi stark naked, spread out across the mattress, fast asleep and smiled.

He Tian found Mo Guan Shan curled up under the blanket, unsure if his state of dress and frowned.

Something in the room felt…off but he couldn’t quite pin it down.

He say the fishbowl down on the desk and wondered how the cat would feel about this.

He crossed the room and crawled onto the slowly deflating air mattress, leaned back against the bedside table and opened the book he’d found on the desk.

Mo Guan Shan’s phone vibrated a few inches from his head, making him jump.

After 6 vibrations it stopped.

It then proceeded to vibrate several more times.
The pattern was different so he assumed it was now text messages.

He Tian wasn’t normally the type to look at someone’s phone without permission, but…

He sat up, checking If Mo Guan Shan was still asleep, and turned around to look down at the phone.

He pressed the home screen.

There were several notifications, one missed call and at least one text from an unnamed number.

‘Mo Guan Shan, I am SO sorry. I…’ and that’s where it cut off.

Mo Guan Shan didn’t have a lock on his phone.

He Tian felt a stab of guilt for betraying that apparent trust.

His own phone was locked with the fingerprint sensor and a random passcode.

He couldn’t check the others texts without showing them as read, but it wasn’t hard to imagine what they said and it was obvious who they were from.

He was tempted to pick up the phone and tell him exactly where to stick his fucking apology, and more tempted to just go to his apartment and fucking beat him to death.

Before he could do either of those things, he forced himself to turn off the screen and leave the phone alone.

He looked to Mo Guan Shan, just a lump under the blanket, and thought about the night’s events.

His lip was nearly healed.

The cut on his cheek was on it’s way to becoming a scar.

He had a job.


A new apartment.

He was safe.

He was taking steps to put all that behind him and this piece of garbage thought he could just wait a few days and crawl right back?

Over his head fucking body.

He Tian tried to stomp out the little sparks of anger and remain calm. Overacting wasn’t going to help, right?

He very nearly succeeded.

Then the phone went off again.

‘Stop being such a little bitch. You’re going to come crawling back to me just like last time.’

God. Fucking. Damn it.

He pulled his own phone from his pocket, copying the number down.

He wasn’t going to do anything…yet. It just seemed like a good base to cover, just in case.

He saved it under ‘S’ and returned to the home screen.

Pulling up his texts, he selected Zhengxi’s name and tapped out a message.

‘Are you awake?’

‘I am now.’

‘Let’s go smoke a cigarette.’

‘Miss me that much already?’

‘Shut up.’

‘Fine. Give me a sec.’

They met on the small porch.

He Tian lit them each a cigarette.

‘What’s up?’ Zhengxi asked taking a drag.

‘She Li is texting Mo Guan Shan.’

‘He told you that?’

‘He’s asleep. I saw it on his phone.’

‘Do i even need to tell you that’s invasion of privacy AND a dick move?

‘You do not, no. It’s not like I went through it or anything. It just kept going off and it was on the lock screen…

‘Whatever you have to tell yourself.’

He Tian rolled his eyes.

‘What do we do?’


‘…seriously? Can’t he get in trouble for contacting him?’

Zhengxi shook his head, exhaling a plume of smoke.

‘He didn’t file a restraining order. He barely filled out a police report.’

‘But we know what happened.’

‘WE do, yeah, but that doesn’t mean anything. He was taken in for for being drunk in public, not for hurting anyone.’

‘But he’s talking to Mo Guan Shan.’

‘Also not illegal.’

He Tian sighed deeply, flicking the butt of the cigarette off the balcony and lighting another.

‘What can we do?’

‘Nothing. It’s not illegal to be a dick.’

‘That’s ridiculous.’

‘Yeah, believe it or not, the justice system can’t read between the lines or prosecute people for laws they haven’t broken.’


‘No, He Tian. There are no buts. Legally, there is nothing I can do about this.’

‘Legally, huh?’

‘That is NOT what I meant.’

‘Sure, sure. So…what’s his address.’

‘He Tian, I’m not getting fired for you.’

‘Some friend you are.’ he teased.

‘Look, in most cases, i would just happen to leave the address written down and unattended, but this is different.’


‘Because this dude needs to have his ass kicked.’

He Tian raised an eyebrow.

‘And I’m great at that.’

‘You’re too close to this.’


‘Meaning, I don’t trust you to stop at an ass kicking, and I really don’t want to arrest you.’

‘So send someone else to do it.’

‘This isn’t funny.’

He Tian had the good grace to pretend he felt bad for bringing it up.’

‘You’re right. I’m sorry, Zhan Xixi.’

I said I didn’t WANT to arrest you.’

He Tian held his hands up in surrender and they let themselves back into the apartment.

Zhengxi gave him a long look before turning away with a sigh and digging the notepad from the door next to the kitchen sink, illegally jotting down some information.

He held the paper out to He Tian, pulling it away at the last second.

‘You know I only have so much pull here, right? I can’t do anything if you get charged with murder.’

‘What about attempted murder?’

‘That’s not funny.’

‘Oh, it’s a little funny.’

Resigned, he handed the slip of paper to He Tian.

‘Please don’t make me regret this. Jian Yi will never forgive me if you end up in prison. For his sake…’

‘I’ll do my best.’

Zhengxi shook his head, defeated.

‘Thanks for waking me up to break the law.’

‘Anytime, friend.’

Zhengxi looked at him sadly and turned away.

He Tian looked down at the address, ignoring the feeling in his gut he’d come to associate with doing something really, really, stupid.


@casualcolorstarfish: 1,5,6 and 15 prompts for Newt pleaseeeee???


  • 1. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  • 5. “Well. Yell, scream, say something. Anything”
  • 6. “I can’t breathe”
  • 15.“Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.”

Warnings: none

You were best friends with Newt. Even before the Maze, you two were close despite not remembering anything before entering the Maze. When you entered the Maze the month after Newt arrived, you two were inseperable. As time passed and more Gladers showed up, everyone knew you two would end up together. It had to happen, you two got along so well and already bickered like a couple.

However, things were changing. You never admitted to yourself that you liked Newt. You always turned everyone down and told them that he was just your best friend. But after a talk with Thomas–the newest Greenie–you got to thinking.

Every time Newt came around you got butterflies in your tummy. You blushed and felt more relaxed with him. Everything was different when around him, and you two really did act like a couple already. Okay, maybe I do like him a lot… You thought to yourself. But now that you admitted it to yourself, you felt awkward. What if Newt didn’t feel the same and felt like you were coming onto him? Or simply got the wrong idea? You began to push yourself away from him in fear that you’d get rejected.

“Y/N, talk to me. Why have you been so buggin’ distant lately? I don’t like it. Is something wrong?” Newt followed you, concern in his voice.

“Nothing’s the matter, I’m okay. Honest,” you replied, picking up some clothes so you could wash them.

Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.” He grumbled, folding his arms over his chest.

You sighed, letting out a deep exhale. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.” Your tone sounded more annoyed than you wanted it to.

“What are you talking about?” He cocked an eyebrow. “I just want to know why you’ve been so… distant.”

You rolled your eyes, finally looking him in the eyes. “I like you, okay? A lot. And not as a friend. I love you more than a friend. I want you to be my boyfriend. We already act like a couple, and Greenies often think we’re already together when they first see us. God, I love you, Newt. So much, and I’ve been scared of getting rejected by you and changing our relationship forever. That’s why I’ve been distancing myself.”

Newt stood there with a shocked look. It was silent, and you were becoming paranoid. The friendship was over. He would’ve confessed his love back already if he did, but he was still standing there silent. You frowned.

Well. Yell, scream, say something. Anything!” You raised your voice, not caring if any Gladers heard this conversation.

“I love you, too.” Newt said it so quickly with such determination. You could’ve sworn you misheard him, but you knew you didn’t.

“Holy shit, I can’t breathe.” You exhaled with wide eyes. You looked down at the ground, hand pulling your fringe back.

“What?” Newt stepped closer to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. It was obvious he was concerned.

“I can’t breathe. I feel like I cannot breathe. You love me? You actually love me back? More than a friend? I… What? How? Why?–”

Newt chuckled before kissing you, cutting you off. “Maybe because I find you absolutely breathtaking, and totally badass all at the same time.” He was smiling the entire time he spoke.

“You flatter me,” you replied sarcastically.

“So, want to walk back out to everyone else and show ‘em we’re together?”

Newt offered his hand. You happily took it, and you two walked away from your spot. Once the Gladers saw the hand holding, they all thought the same thing.

It’s about time.


The moment Sevella and Brennan turned around to look for the source of the mysterious sound, they were met with a horrifying scene. The same type of beasts that they had run into on their first days on the island, were behind them and closing in fast. Ready to claim their prey.

Knowing there was no chance of escape, they drew their weapons and prepared to defend themselves against their attackers.