it’s torturous to hear the names of other girls from
your lips. fucking torturous. that is why i ask you again and again, so i can see how much torture i can take before tears roll down my eyes and blood starts to flow from my wrists and my heart shatters into a hundred pieces and i break down and beg you to stop.
—  t o r t u r e

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Evan goes to the orchard every year on Connor's birthday and has a picnic there, all by himself. He gets two vanilla ice cream cones from A-la-móde and eats one on the drive to the cemetery Connor was buried in. Evan sits in the grass and reads his favorite chapter from one of Connor's favorite books out loud. When he leaves the cemetery, all that's left is one uneaten ice cream cone stood upright in the grass in front of Connor's grave

Being ADHD can go with being a good listener.

I may talk too much and too intensely, but I listen the same way.

I will remember the gist of your life story and emotional conflicts, but will probably forget your secrets before I ever have the opportunity to tell them.

Having ADHD can mean talking too much, too fast, and too impulsively, and forgetting what we already told you. But it doesn’t prevent us from being a good listener or a good friend.