one of the best and also terrifying parts about lexa’s reveal, that she is the commander of the grounders, is the way her entire body language and demeanor changes once she stands in front of kane and jaha, with her mantle clasped on her shoulder and her people calling her ‘heda’

knowing who she really is now it’s very fascinating to make the sharp observations in the contrast of her character even in this moment - going from a poor servant girl who has to drag her right leg because its injured, who decides to sit in the far back because she is scared, who flinches when people raise their voices and pushes herself against a wall when she sees two people fight over life and death etc to revealing herself to be the commander who just kept talking about herself in the third person (which adds a whole other layer to everything), who knows how to fight (how long did it take her to get jaha on his back? a second?), who doesn’t lack any confidence and knows exactly what she is doing, keeping kane there to negotiate and sending jaha out to deliver a message to the sky people from the commander herself.

her introduction works so well with the rest of her characterization later in the season because it makes sure that the audience realizes and knows that lexa is a character who is a composition of two selves: she plays two people in 2x06 - the servant girl and then the commander. the contrast in her character is gripping because the owner of the presence that was feared ever since season one is this girl who’s name is Lexa:


a series of unlikely crossovers: