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I'm incredibly sorry if this is somehow ignorant, but what exactly is the difference between a demigirl and a lunarian? Or a demiboy and a solarian? Or an enby and a stellarian? How are those linked?

This is good question! There isn’t actually a difference- rather a choice about whether the nb individual chooses to ID as one, the other, or both! They are equivalencies. The Galactian alignments are more broad ways for nb people to ID- so Lunarian could be Demigirls, genderfluid people, genderfae people- etc! If this makes sense? You can be both, or either one individually :-) (mod Luna)

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Angel123: So I was wrong: Arnold's parents are alive. THANK GOD! Have you noticed that when Helga put her locket in the chamber and it activated the curing rain? I'll bet that it was influenced by the story behind the Amancay flower (which is yellow and pink, like Helga ;)). A girl named Amancay sacrificed her heart to a condor in order to save her love Quintal from dying, and as the condor flew, her blood sprinkled over the flowers, giving them the red spots that are on them today. Look it up!

Woah. That’s awesome!

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If someone where to submit a board they made to the page would you guys give us feedback on what you think we could improve on or should change about it???

Absolutely! I know that I personally would love to give board feedback :-) (mod Luna)

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I just wanted to say that I'm the anon that requested the Adore Delano Ace moodboard. OMG I love it so much! THANK YOU~!

No problem! I’m glad you like it!!! (Helper Mere)

The Missing

Once a week everything is as it should be. Then in time all needs to go through the process of straightening up again. After the process is finished all is neat and tidy, fresh and clean; except for one, always one thing; where is that stupid sock? There is always one article of clothing that is never in the pile, even though you know you threw it in the basket after the cloths came out of the dryer. Usually or rather always there is one sock missing it’s pare and you can sometimes be at a loss to find it.

You begin the search by traveling back to your washing machine and see if it is there. Maybe it was left behind or maybe it got caught in the lent trap. On these occasions you can sometimes recover your missing piece and all is well in your clean cloths world, but sometimes more investigation is needed. If you didn’t find it in the machine you start to retrace your steps and check back over the path you took from the cloths basket to where the cloths are now. Along the way you begin to think what if something took the sock? What if it is now lost or hidden in such a way that you won’t find it until what ever has it is done with it?

What if the cat took the sock after it fell from the clean cloths basket as you were walking and now is using it as a toy or worse, he put it in the kitty litter box and you will find it next week; while you scoop the poop out of the dirty box? Well all I can say is that it will definitely need to be cleaned again and Fluffy needs to be put in time out for doing such a despicable thing. But if that’s not the case then what if the sock was found and carried off by a mouse in your house; that is now using it as a warm bed or it’s off spring. Well good luck getting it back now, actually you may not want it back now.

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i’m only a senior in high school but my first “boyfriend” ever really wasted my time and I still think about it 🙄 We mutually liked each other and dated for 6 months and during that time period the most he did was hold my hand and hug me and I never felt special and we couldn’t even see each other because his parents are so damn strict! I just get mad because I realize how could have he not known that and in that way he could avoided wasting my time by never asking me out

:( boys r a waste of time tbh

11 Questions

I got tagged by the lovely @guileandgall to answer 11 questions and then ask 11 of my own. And tag some people. Probably I’m supposed to tag 11, but I’ll tag however many I feel like, XD

Umm, I struggled a bit to answer these questions. I’m pretty tired and some of them I kind of went blank on. Sorry for the crappy answers.

What is a song that you have completely memorized?

Burn - The Cure
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
Terrible Lie - NIN

What amazing thing did you do that no one was around to see?

Umm, nothing.  There is a bunch of stuff that happened to me that was less than amazing and I wished no one saw … :/

What do you wish you knew more about?

Sewing, cooking, makeup. Gosh. Everything really. I love knowing things.

What is your claim to “fame”?

Nothing. I’m not famous, lol.

What is the most annoying thing people say to you?

“Miss!” Followed by a string of excuses, or followed by a wheeling, whining tone to try and get out of something.

Do you know a limerick that does not involve a man from Nantucket?

Yes. Teaching poetry for many many years means I know many horrible limericks.

If you didn’t need to sleep, what would you do with that extra time?

Probably write I suppose. Maybe watch movies. Nothing productive, that’s for sure.

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

No idea.

What do you wish your brain was better at doing?

… thinking?

Which of your scars has the best story behind it?

I have two perfectly circular scars on either side of my chest and I don’t know how I got them. I have a scar from where my little brother stabbed me with a butter knife by accident. Nothing very exciting.

What is the title of this chapter in your life story?

“After the Storm”

My questions:

1. Do you have any strange food rules? (Ie. No pineapple on pizza - which is not a strange rule at all imo and makes perfect sense)
2. Describe your favourite pair of shoes
3. Have you got any tattoos? If yes, describe them. If no, do you want any?
4. Favourite childhood TV show?
5. What is the latest movie you have watched and what was your opinion of it?
6. Marvel or DC?
7. If your life became a cop movie, would it be : dumb buddy cop movie, gritty crime drama, noir, violent crime documentary?
8. What’s really at the end of the rainbow?
9. What is your favourite snack food? How did you first start eating it?
10. If you could turn into a mythical figure, who would you choose?

I’m tagging: @sweet-ree, @renegade-shepard, @mehutchinsane, @bitter-stella, @kfawkes, @tlcinbflo, @seigephoenix, @bloomingcnidarians, @badwolf626, @stormcallart, @commander-hot-pants, @pastelgarrusvakarian, @cantkeepmyeyesoff

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how does someone become a mod? are they even any spots open?

So how it’ll work now is that helpers are considered for any new mod position. Since they are submitting boards, we can gage both that and how active they can be! You can apply to be a helper by asking for a link off anon :-) (mod Luna)


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relationship status: happily married to a giant dork

favorite color: red or blue, depends on my mood. 

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick. or more precisely, lip gloss. or tinted lip balm. usually a pale rose sort of shade. 

last song: Once Upon a December from the Anastasia broadway soundtrack.

last movie: Thor: Ragnarok. Planning to watch Coco next. (*__*)

top three shows: this changes, but my current three: YOI, Dr Who, Call the Midwife. (also, currently watching an adorable, feel-good J-drama called Juuhan Shuttai 重版出来. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, especially if you’re interested in the inner workings of Japanese manga publishing.)

And I tag… @possibleplatypus @tbiris @celdria @enter21 @sammybunny711 @suzurei @twinkle-pixie @onepetal @lady-eden and whoever’s interested! :3 

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What about platinum games? They seem to have the spectacle thing down but I'm not sure how they would handle a platformer.

There’s a specific scene in Metal Gear Rising at the end of the first level where Raiden comes skidding around the corner that made me go “Man Platinum should do a Sonic game”

But I think history has proven that you can’t just give Platinum anything. Look at the deal they struck with Activision, to develop Korra, Transformers and Ninja Turtles. I think it’s fair to say only Turtles was really a bad game, but Korra and Transformers aren’t exactly going to go down as Platinum’s best work.

Again, that’s down to budget and time, as I think Activision deliberately softballed those games and sold them for way more than they paid to make them (read: low investment, high return). But you can’t just throw anything at Platinum and have it magically turn out okay. Platinum, like any developer, has strengths and weaknesses. I don’t know if their strengths necessarily line up with what I personally want out of a Sonic game, outside of a general sense of over-the-top, punk rocker style.