Imagine dating Loki and having a tendency to ask him questions or make comments out of the blue in public that most would consider weird/inappropriate. He, of course, is amused by both people’s discomfort and your utter obliviousness to it and is more than happy to respond just as casually to whatever you just said.

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So Brooklyn Nine Nine's returning September 26th, and I was wondering if you had any hopes for season 5? 🙂

honestly the last 3 or so episodes were a mess so i’d just like some improvement from that. also doug judy to return. and rosa to leave pimento because she deserves better. 

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My BF is 20 years older than me (I'm 26 though, so no romanticized Lolita stuff going on here) and all of his friends children are getting married in extremely nice venues. We had (private) public sex in every single one thus far and two weeks ago in NYC the door didn't lock to the family bathroom and two guys looking to do blow came in and I jumped and ripped my Manolo through my dress/broke the heel tip off and then later one of them left me a note under my place setting offering "$500." 🤣🙃

this sounds like a plot to a sex in the city episode or something

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Martin Van Buren and Calvin Coolidge are my top picks for best presidents. FDR, Hoover, and Woodrow Wilson are the ones that caused all the major problems we face today and will eventually cause our interventionist economic and foreign policy to collapse

Wait…let me write that in my journal.

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can i have hug? i'm dealing with acephoia and it very upseting.

aww hunny, i could use a hug too tbh. don’t be afraid to take a break and just ignore the haters. do not feel obligated to fight them, they are very unlikely to change their minds anyway.

my recommendation is to focus on making your own posts with positivity and inclusion as your main themes. this way you can publicly fight the negativity by speaking past it and educating people who are more likely to hear you and actually consider what you’re saying. 

i mean, i sometimes fight with them too tbh, sometimes it’s just too hard to resist the urge, I totally get it. but the reality is these folks are very very very unlikely to change their minds and so we would be better off to focus our energy on educating and connecting more open and inquiring minds. this will be much more rewarding, i think. 

anyway, those are just my thoughts on how to self-care while also contributing, but not get sucked into the circle of hate that seems to be bubbling around the Ace Discord™. That really is the biggest challenge of all, it seems???

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I can't imagine being open only to the "pleasant little surprises" being a very pleasant way to live. What has cynicism like that done for you except protect you from getting "hurt"?

What it’s done for me is usually prove me right. I remember multiple friends laying in to me because they didn’t think Sonic Lost World looked so bad and they wanted to reserve judgement. I was Mr. “screenshots and videos are meant to be judged because they exist to entice you in to a purchase and clearly that’s not working.”

What does being needlessly positive get you? Nobody trusts your opinion on anything because you love everything. Though I am a senior editor for TSSZ, I still think my primary job title is being a critic. I have to be critical. If you’re over there saying everything is awesome, well, nobody needs to go to you for opinions because you’re technically not saying anything. All you’ll attract are people who want to join a circle jerk.

I don’t necessarily think I’m that cynical – there’s a bitterness to being cynical, a tendency to be hyper-critical with impossible standards. Do any of my reviews fit that bill? When I expressed a weird sort of appreciation for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, was that cynical? When I talk about changing my opinion on Crash Bandicoot, does that mean I have a heart of stone? Do I, in general, seem particularly hard to impress if I’ll defend Sonic Unleashed to the death? If, instead of burying my cringe-worthy past, I openly celebrate the teenager I used to be? Does THAT make me cynical?

I just don’t let myself get excited for things. That’s all. I usually can’t afford it, don’t have the platform it’s for, am too busy with something else, or simply want to avoid being disappointed by over-hyping myself, as has been the case in multiple past scenarios.

I am not snide, I am not bitter, I am not rude. I do not sit on social media snarking on everything that comes across my feed. I just do not let myself get over the moon with “omg this will be the best game/movie/whatever EVAR MADE” claims because I don’t see the point in setting myself up for that kind of disappointment.

That’s not being cynical, that’s being realistic.

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I had been wanting to have sex with this boy for the longest when I finally had sex with him I found out he had a girlfriend now I highkey feel guilty for having sex with him but I lowkey dont want to stop having sex with him

i wouldn’t continue having sex w him, imagine how his gf feels. i know i’d be really devastated if i found out my bf had sex with another girl while i was dating him. idk it’s something to take into consideration, im not ab the home wrecker life

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In regards to the question about staying positive in this political climate - who do you consider "fresh leadership"? Is it somebody who is currently in office, or have they not even been elected yet and we have to wait until closer to 2020?

I’m talking about leadership across the board, not just the Presidency. The Democratic Party – and Democratic voters – need to recognize that EVERY election matters at every level. The reason Republicans have had a deeper bench and more up-and-coming political candidates over the past few years is because they’ve been winning state legislatures and Governor’s races across the country for the past decade. That’s like a developmental system for potential national candidates. Democrats need to rebuild the party from the ground up, and stop thinking that everything is going to be solved by winning the next election. We need to win many, many elections to accomplish what we want. And that’s not going to happen by keeping 80-year-old incumbents who haven’t been challenged for their seats in 30 years in the most important leadership positions within the party.

Ship Request!

Request: Hi! I don’t know if you still do ships but if you do may I ask you one with an avenger? Sorry it’s the first time I ask something, especially a ship so I don’t really know what to write…I’m italian so I apologise for every mistake I’ll do. I’m about 5'2, I’m not really thin, I suppose I’m quite nice and friendly. In the beginning I’m shy but then I become outgoing. I love watching movies, tv series and reading books. I like painting and horse riding… If you needed other info I’m sorry!

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I ship you with Captain America!

The second the team found out that you two are dating, you’re labelled the cutest couple ever. Steve loves your accent, and when you mess up sometimes, he’ll look up at you and get all giggly and you’ll know then that you mixed your words up and he’ll correct you gently through his giggles. He loves it.  Another thing he loves about you is when he gets home from a mission and he can pick you up and hug you. He loves to comment that “You’re shorter than me, even before the serum!” He playfully teases you but it’s clear it’s because he just loves that little thing about you.

He watched you grow from shy to outgoing and he finds it adorable when you have to meet someone new and he does most of the speaking at first, but he doesn’t really mind. You’ll bond over books, painting and being good people. You’d introduce him to newer books and good movies, and he’ll show you some of his favourite books from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Another thing he loves about you is your love for horse-riding. Though he’s not particularly good himself, he’d happily sit and watch you ride around. He found it graceful and he loved to draw you as you rode or pet your horse. He had a handful of sketchbooks dedicated to it, and sometimes you’ll seek one out, and turn the sketch into a full painting. But despite countless begs, you both refuse to sell them to Tony. He knows that people would buy them for the millions, knowing that they were made by the Captain and his best girl, who made an insanely adorable couple.  

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please send them in!

*Not my gif

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ok so after one of my exams i was waiting for my friend to pick me up outside and this guy starts talking to me and telling me about how he's taking an uber home bc he doesn't have his license and he asked for my instagram and i gave it to him bc why not and we started messaging and like he rlly rlly likes me and it's so wild and i told him i thought stars were really pretty so he calls me his star and he sends me cheesy pick up lines and i kinda rlly like him

this is adorable omg, i hope u guys work out bc i stan this 100%

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Omg girl i wish i had small perky boobs soooo muchhhhh like BRALETTES !!! i want bralettes !!!

i don’t have small perky boobs but i still wear bralettes!!! it wouldn’t hurt to try one on and see how u like it???