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So, I identify as a trans man. I'm AFAB and severely unhappy with my body, and being seen as a woman really bothers me. But at the same time I definitely believe that gender is a social construct, and I'm struggling to rectify these two things. I feel like if I believe gender is a social construct I shouldn't want to look/sound like/pass as a dude and it's getting me really down because I desperately want to pass as a guy. Any advice?

Ok, as someone who studied gender as part of their anthropology class for the International Baccalaureate, gender is a social construct. But that doesn’t mean that because it’s a social construct, gender isn’t real. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to pass as a dude. After all, it’s your identity, and how you choose to express yourself is up to you.

- Ray

I barely see any posts about this so here’s a s/o to the questioning wlw who do not know whether they are bi or lesbian, who do not know if their attraction to men-aligned ppl is real or not, who can’t tell weather this is compulsory heterosexuality playing tricks on them or if it’s internalized biphobia.

As a lesbian who used to identify as bisexual, i know how frustrating it is to not know which one you are, how infuriating it is to always keep changing, to not know which community you belong to.

But in time I can assure you that you will finally figure it out. And weather you end up identifying as bisexual, lesbian or just sapphic/wlw, you have my full support. I wish you luck

(Terfs don’t touch)

a little note for everyone:

you are allowed to be LGBTQA+ and religious 

it is ok to be both

they are not mutually exclusive 

and when people jokingly refer to being gay as sinning,

don’t pay attention to them

because they don’t have religion in their lives the way we do

you are also allowed to be questioning, 

“"How can I serve and love God the way I want to while also being my true self?”

because guess what?

not every LGBTQA+ person is an atheist or a non-believer

so here’s a shoutout to the Christian LGBTQA+

and the Muslim LGBTQA+ 

and the Jewish LGBTQA+ 

and the Buddhist LGBTQA+

and every other religion that you may believe in

religion can coexist with your sexual identity and your gender identity

you are loved by God and by me 

listen @ all you girls who are questioning your sexuality: i will love you no matter what. there is no pressure to be anything.

 i will 100% love you if you turn out to be a lesbian. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be bi. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be pan. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be ply. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be ace.

 i will 100% love you if you turn out to be lith, or demi, or grey or anything else, or just decide there is no label that fits. 

and you know what? i will 100% love if you do turn out to be straight. there’s a lot of sapphic positivity going around right now, but that’s mostly because there hasn’t been a lot in the past. a lot of the problems that i had while questioning were “what if im just doing it to join the lgbtq+ community? what if im an intrusive hetero™?”  and i promise you, you’re not. youre completely valid in your search for who you are, and i love you for that. 

rules for questioning your gender
  • be aware that you are in for a wild ride
  • don’t rush it
  • remember that you don’t have to stick to just one label
  • try to have fun with it
  • confused and frustrated crying is allowed and honestly to be expected
The True Bi/Pan/Poly/Ace Agenda
  • Try not to get yelled at by straight people for not being straight
  • Try not to get yelled at by gay people for not being gay
  • Make sure no one finds out that we’re secretly dragons