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10 things you love about Ace, please? Thanks

–”I love his smile. It’s like he can light up an entire room just by flashing one of those bright sunshine smiles that never ceases to take my breath away, yoi. Another thing I love is his confidence, his loyalty and his fiery personality. And his stubborn nature to at least some degree. I love that he never gives up, that he always gets right back up and fights his way through whatever is standing in his way. He is headstrong like that, it’s one of the things I like to enjoy on the sideline, yoi. The side of him he only let me see; the times where he has been down, sad or has cried. The trust he bestow upon me by letting me see those rare moments of weakness, is something that makes me extremely happy, even if it’s considered selfish of me. His tender and loving heart. He always helps others out and protects them whenever he can, Ace has a big heart like that and it’s something very beautiful, yoi. I love the way his freckles looks like stars when the moonlight shines through the porthole above our bed at night. Actually, I just love his freckles in general as they make him have this youthful and handsome look. They make him look innocent yet sexy at the same time, yoi.

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Your gender is your own and it's private and it belongs to YOU only. You don't have to prove it to anyone else, it's a deeply personal thing that you have every right to keep personal. I'm an out trans man on the Internet and to my friends and family but irl I still stumble over my words and struggle with being open about that to new people I meet. That doesn't invalidate me, and you choosing not to discuss your gender doesn't invalidate you. You are who you are and no one should question that.

<3 <3 <3 

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ok so i was thinking more about your modeling fic you were thinkin about writing, what if it was like a fake relationship au? where michael & gav are rivals in the modeling industry, gavin complaining abt the time it takes for michael to get his hair cut, michael complaining abt how "no amount of contour could fix that astrocity of a nose" but they have to pretend to be a couple for publicity reasons, n slowly fall in love im DYING i need so many fics all at once omg

YO YEAH, THAT’S LIKE hella cute. Really, it could fit, because of what I wanted to do with the story hehe. ACTUALLY THIS FITS HAND IN HAND with another angsty fake dating AU I’ve been thinking about! I won’t talk about it anymore because if I end up writing it, the surprise will be goneee~
And the only time I love cliches is when it’s with my otps and mavin in particular FITS SO MANY. And now you’re giving me ideas. I have too many ideas to write. And I still have an ongoing fic, damnit. Literally, just today I wanted to make a short angst fic, but I have too much homework right now (and also want to draw instead of write) which is why I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier today!
I know what you mean about needing all the fics. Like dude, I have so many fics I still have to read for mavin (and yet here I am reading other fics for other otps, shame on me) and so many aus I want to read for them haha. I thought of this angsty space thing too that I know a certain someone would like but I doubt I’d ever write it haha. 

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3, 11, 14, 32, 40, 47, and 49 (and 4 if you feel up to it)! for Scarlett and Kellan cos I their bios got me interested. ;Þ


3: What is/are your character’s favorite show(s)? She’s not much about TV buuut maybe Supernatural.

4: What kind of drug(s) does your character do? Alcohol counts, right? That.

11: Favorite kind of alcohol? Uh lol. Baileys!

14: Favorite book? She doesn’t like to read.

32: How does your OC deal with having a crush on someone? She flirts and flirts and flirts until she gets them. Then she’s most likely to get bored and stop the thing. She’s pretty secure about boys.

40: Do they pay for music or download it off the web? Download it.

47: What do you think youtube would recommend your character watch?  Makeup and hair videos, and probably cooking videos too cause she’s like the worst cook ever but hey, at least she tries. Do not eat her food if you don’t want to die tho.

49: Does your character have an enemy/rival? Every girl lalalaa. No really, she’s not good at making friends with girls, she’s always been more about friendships with boys.


3: What is/are your character’s favorite show(s)? Doesn’t watch TV. She does like movies though.

4: What kind of drug(s) does your character do? Alcohol plus she smokes and you know *cough* she’s done other stuff *cough* but not for a time now.

11: Favorite kind of alcohol? She drinks lots of Vodka but back home she’s all about beers.

14: Favorite book?  Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë.

32: How does your OC deal with having a crush on someone? She doesn’t has a crush on anyone, but if she did which is something that has never happened, she’d probably be just herself and be super serious and show herself really not interested. 

40: Do they pay for music or download it off the web? Pay for it. She likes having CD’s and records.

47: What do you think youtube would recommend your character watch? Music music and more music.

49: Does your character have an enemy/rival? Naaah some people hate her for her attitude cause she really gives zero f*** about everything, but no rivals.

Thank you so much for asking! :D

If someone has questions about my characters, they’re here aaand it would really really help me cause for some reason I won’t stop imagining OCs and I really need to develop them :/

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Hi Alex I love your books so much <3 My question is, do you watch Anime and what are your favourites?

I actually read a lot more manga vs watching anime growing up! Some of my favorites were Ranma ½, Inuyasha, Hana-Kimi, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Hana Yori Dango, Rurouni Kenshin, Kamikaze Kaitou JeanneFull Metal Alchemist, and Bleach. I finally gave up reading Bleach (and, actually, Skip Beat!) because it just got too long and I was getting too frustrated with it. The only one I started recently and continue to read is Horimiya. I keep thinking I want to try One Piece and Fairy Tail but at this point it just feels like too much of a catch-up/commitment. In terms of anime, I watched Evangelion, Gundam W, Cowboy Bebop (the pain is still SO REAL)… I was watching mostly in the late 90s/early 00s when i was pretty limited to Toonami. Spirited Away is one of my all-time favorite movies, and Grave of the Fireflies remains the saddest movie I have ever seen. 

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Can you recommend me some chanbaek and kaisoo blogs who also do analyses on them?

Hi there darling~ <3 I don’t know much sorry :( But here are the few ones I know of :)

  • BaekYeol:

(She posts other stuff too tho, so gl on digging haha.)
(inactive. but everything in here is a MUST READ)
@lebaekyeol (their last post was 7 mon. ago but the posts in here are quite a good read too.)

  • Kaisoo

@jongsooyah(nuff said. She a bae. This my darling, is my senpai. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be blogging rn. She is my inspiration. She infires me to blog. Friggin, ughhh. I love her posts and analyses so much TT___TT but she ain’t answering anon questions anymore </3 but all her posts are awesome and you should read it!)

That’s it. Srsly, I don’t know anymore I’m so sorry darling. But I hope you check out these blogs bc all of them are awesome (esp jongsooyah’s. my gosh. I hope I’m not too creepy for my senpai.) Have a good day darling! ^^

biases tag

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How To Play:

Pick 10 biases at random
Answer the 20 Questions Below
Tags Your Friends At The End

List Biases Here:

1. yoongi (he’s tied with v but still)
2. taehyung
3. jimin
4. seokjin
5. hwasa
6. seungcheol
7. hoseok
8. jungkook
9. jongin
10. wendy


1. Between 3 & 6 whose most recent concept did you like more?

bts’s hyyh pt. 2 concept im ?????

2. Between 2 & 10 who would you rather be stranded on an island with?

tae lol did u see how many people he body slammed at isac i think i can put that boy to work

3. Between 4 & 8 who would you trust to take care of you when you were drunk?

ok honestly i would say jin but (even though I’ve never drank before) when im intoxicated (you’d be surprised how many times the doctors have put me on pain meds that fucked me up in the head and completely nocked me on my feet) i can say some shitty stuff and i feel like jungkook could handle it plus he’s pretty strong so if i feel i feel like he could drag me off my assistant

4. Between 1 & 2 who would you go to jail for?

neither but like,,, i guess tae,,, because that child would not survive in jail,,, he could not, I mean neither could i but like,,, he could n o t

5. Between 5 & 9 who is a better visual to you?

fuck they’re both so hot but like hWASA HER ENTIRE BODY IS PERFECTION AND IM ;“))))))

6. Between 7 & 8 who would rather save from a sinking ship?

oh my god this hurts me,,, probably hobi because he’s lighter omg im so weak i couldn’t grab jungkook im sorry my tol bb

7. Between 6 & 10 who would you rather have a movie marathon with?

wendy because i do a lot of fidgeting and screaming when i watch movies and i talk to the characters and sink into my chair and cover my eyes in embarrassment and ????? wendy would do the same i feel like ok

8. Between 1 & 10 who do you think makes a better first impression?

well seeing like it depends because like,,, if it were my parents they don’t know how fucking gay i am so i guess yoongi but with everyone who knows me weNDY BECAUSE SHES A RAY OF SUNSHINE SO BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS SMILING IM ????

9. Between 3 & 7 who would you rather kiss in the rain?

p>well im not a big kissing person but jimin because he’d get all shy and then I’d splash him with water and then it wOULD TURN INTO A WATER FIGHT WHICH IS FUN FOR EVERYONE INCLUDING ME OK

10. Between 5 & 6 who would you rather have a Summer Fling with?

haha i don’t really feel comfortable answering this one

11. Between 5 & 7 who would you rather do drugs with?

i also don’t feel comfortable answering this one

12. Between 3 & 8 who would you bring home to the parents?

probably jimin because he’s very mannered and kind and my mom would like him + jk is taller than my dad and my dad instantly hates anyone who’s taller than him

13. Between 9 & 10 whose wardrobe do you want more?


14. Between 4 & 10 who would you be more surprised to see cry?

probably jin because like i really fucking hate crying in front of people. i hate it. i cry a lot and i try not to cry in front of people because i hate people touching me when I’m crying unless it’s a select few people and idk he seems like the type to be very touchy when someone is crying and we’d have to be really close for me to let him see me crying

15. Between 1 & 4 who would you rather kiss you on the forehead?

yoongi because it’s the perfect height like i legit go to his nose plUS HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE HED BE ALL BLUSHY AND POUTY AFTERWARDS IM EJXNEKXSBJX

16. Between 2 & 3 who would you rather hug you from behind?

jimin im skxnwixnjszb imagine his little giggle and his teeny arms im just screaming im ok

17. Between 5 & 2 whose group (if they’re in one) do you stan more?

bts is my ult so tae’s

18. Between 4 & 9 who is higher up on your bias list?


19. Between 1 & 7 who would you open your door for during the purge?

hobi because like ????? he would not hurt a fly i would hate myself if i left him out to die ok

20. Between 6 & 9 who would you rather go to a haunted house with?


Bonus: List those ten biases from most to least like your ideal type.

1. jungkook
2. jimin
3. wendy
4. taehyung
5. hoseok
6. seungcheol
7. seokjin
8. jongin
9. yoongi
10. hwasa


@ricebyunnie @bts @devoci @soysuga @jjeon-kookie @jimbooty @park-it-jimin anyone else who wants to do it !!

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☮, ♥, ☁, ♕, ☜, ☐, ☹ ~

Munday questions! Send me a symbol~

☮: five things I have in common with my muse

Como no se si querías de alguna musa en específico, voy a hacer las cinco cosas en común con diferentes:
Con Koriand'r tengo en común que ambas cuando queremos, queremos con todo el corazón y en muchas ocasiones perdonamos cosas que no deberíamos. Con Kenma comparto tanto el current concern como el no hablar muy bien con la gente que no conozco. Con Makoto comparte la parte de “mama” con los amigos. De Yachi comparto el ponerme nerviosa delante de gente, en especial si estos me parecen atractivos (no tienen porque gustarme dichas personas). Y por último, de Bokuto tengo unos terribles moodswings, como que a un momento puedo estar súper feliz, y por algo que alguien ha dicho que tampoco es TAN importante me puedo medio deprimir o enfadar.

♥: three blogs I recommend 

Decir solo tres realmente es muy complicado, hay mucha gente que es muy buena. Así que me voy a saltar lo de los tres blogs (?): @mesecinata @floralis @hotelofdolls @acquamarinna @memxriis @lafginger @wertloskreaturen @xxarum @lifeinthehole @resonancia-magnetica @xwandering-souls @abnormxlize @xtokyoshinjuu y muchos más pero que acabaría haciendo un blogroll en vez de responder la pregunta lmao.

☁: favorite type of weather?

Me gusta cuando hace sol pero no hace calor, como la primavera pero sin polen plz.

♕: why you chose the muse you did

Por lo general a la hora de escoger una musa suelo centrarme en la personalidad, siempre se me ha dado mejor rolear personalidades extrovertidas (cosa extraña porque soy lo más introvertido del mundo cuando me hablas irl).

☜: a muse you’ve always wanted to play, but haven’t

Tanto Eto como Uta de Tokyo Ghoul, son dos de mis personajes favoritos de esa serie, pero no se si podría rolearlos como merecen. Otro personaje que siempre me habría gustado llevar es Mami Tomoe de Puella Magi, pero como en el caso anterior, no se si me saldría bien soy muy self concious en cuanto a los personajes que roleo.

☐: 3 random facts about me

  • Siempre tengo la sensación de que la gente está conmigo (es mi amiga, etc) solo por pena debido a experiencias pasadas.
  • Tengo terror a las arañas. Literalmente no me puedo mover y me cuesta respirar si una está demasiado cerca (dentro de mi campo de visión).
  • De pequeña me dormia encima del perro de mi tía (era una de esas razas que son enormes) y desde ese momento siempre me han gustado más los perros grandes que los pequeños. Igual prefiero los gatos a los perros.

☹: five things that make you sad

Un montón de cosas, tbh. No soy alguien que siga un patrón de cosas que me pongan triste, y como ya he dicho por allí, los moodswings sin venir a cuento son la fuente de muchas de las veces que me encuentro mal.

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Hey! Could you do a BTS mtl on dating an "01 liner? (sorry if this has been requested before and if so could you give me the link to it?) love you guys' blog :)

We answered a similar one and we said that none of the guys would be willing to date anyone that is underage. This can cause massive amounts of troubles. Considering they are all either starting their 20′s or early 20′s; dating a 01 liner can cause some trouble. Obviously, there has been cases in which the age difference varies greatly, but these cases work out when both are of age. Thus, we believe that anyone that is not of age won’t be able to have a public relationship. Love you and thanks for the question! <3


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Oh boy… You gave me an impossible task ;u; Well, I’m gonna try anyway ^^
1. Gin and Kanshichiro

Originally posted by remindmewhatiusedtolike

2. Sadaharu recognising Gin during the Kintama Arc

3. Kagura referring to Gin as her dad (I mean, we all knew it but she saying it herself… My heart melted.)

4. Obligatory Joui 4 moment

5. The Shinsengumi leaving Edo (and Kondo with a scar)


Originally posted by kureijiotaku

Because Katsura never fails to make me laugh so hard that I have tears in my eyes.

Thank you so very much for this question <3

I was tagged by the wonderful @rainbowbondageboyfriends for this wooo!!

The Rules:

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the question the person has asked then ask eleven new questions

Rule 3: Tag eleven people

Rule 4: Tell the person that tagged you that you answered the question

Alright let’s do this

If you could change the name of planet earth, what would you call it?

Oh yikes, I would probably name it something quite cliché. Let’s go with viride caerulusque, which means green and blue

What colors are the walls of your bedroom?

My walls are a light blue with one teal wall

Is there a fruit that you hate a lot? Which is it?

Thinking about kiwi makes me feel ill, so let’s move on

If you had to live a day in the life of one of the members of One Direction, which would you pick and why?

Louis for far too many reasons to list. I think he would need a day of not being himself, and I could talk to Harry all day. It would be a good system

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

I wrote a 90,000 word book before I turned 17

What is you favorite eye color?

Blue and green :) but brown and hazel are pretty too

If you had a significant other (or if you do) what cute nickname would you give them and how did you come up with it?

I would just call them “love” because I’m not really a pet name person, but that one is very sweet and simple

Your opinion on valentine’s day?

It’s valentine’s day. I don’t do anything for it, so I don’t really care about it. I don’t like all the pink that comes with it though… If people buy flowers for me I will be less apathetic towards it

What would you say to Louis if you met him?

To paraphrase, I would tell Louis how loved he is, both by myself and countless others. I would tell him every single thing he needs to hear because he is such a beautiful person. Louis deserves to be recognized for who I believe him to genuinely be, and I would do exactly that. I would also hug him. A lot.

Describe a dream that you remember.

….in the last dream I remember, Harry tweeted “I know it’s hard, but I tried x” before he died without explanation. On a positive note, I had a dream once where Harry was in a shower eating salad

Which Hogwarts house do you think you belong in?

Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Slytherclaw. Ideally Slytherin though. Hiss hiss mofo

My questions:

What is your favorite word?

Which One Direction song makes you very emotional, be that happy or sad or something else?

Do you play any instruments? What would you play if you don’t currently play any?

If you could tour with one musician or band, who would you want to tour with?

Favorite flower?

What magical ability would you want to have?

What kind of vegetable would you have each member of One Direction as?

If you could paint one mural anywhere, what would you paint and where?

Are you right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous?

How has your day been going so far?

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hello :) do you know any online shops where I could get blue or purple or pink hair color that washes off after i wash my hair a few times? oh and they need to ship to Europe. i hope you understand the question :p <3

I do! Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with that kind of stuff since I’ve never done it. Do any other followers know??