Why ISFJ over INFP?

Why Kylo Ren can not be an INFP in ESTJ shadow like Zuko? He is very focused on his personal principles and try to be organized and goal, but the truth is that it at the bottom do not know if that’s what he really wants for himself and thus ends up neglecting the rationality, which cause explosions anger and need to have everything under control.

You’re… well. making assumptions about all of that.

We don’t know his reasons or his motivations. He’s a poorly drawn character without much of an internal monologue, which means anyone can read anything they want into his actions. Until future films reveal the back story and explain more of his intentions and motives, it’s all guesswork.

So, what we’re left with is behavior. (It’s a crap way to type but it’s all we got.)

When you compare him with Rey and Finn (Fi), he’s far more emotionally extroverted and unable to hide his feelings than either of them. He has public meltdowns while they run away from their feelings. Neither of them have any problem turning down an offer that doesn’t resemble their core self (Rey has black and white thinking – Kylo Ren is EVIL, a MONSTER, so no, I won’t join the Dark Side of the Force, you jerk! – there’s Fi-dom for you; and Finn gives up being a Stormtrooper because Fi told him it’s wrong to kill innocent people) … while Kylo seems to be struggling to become something in opposition to his ethics. He loses his cool far more often than either of them.

You know, when I started this argument (which has had six drafts over the last twenty minutes) I was set on ISFJ … but now I’m undecided again. I think… Kylo might be an extrovert.

With extroverts, you either have someone who is out of touch with their lower functions and thus overtly outwardly emotionally reactive (like, say, Vera Bates on Bates Motel, an unhealthy ESFJ, who has Fe-tantrums and outbursts all the time) or you have such a strong P function overriding Fi that Fi has much less control over their feelings than a Fi-dom of the same type would. For example, Ne can be such a strong presence that poor Fi is just dragged along, sometimes reduced to frustrated tears.

I think a strong case can be made for an unhealthy SFJ – and MAYBE an unhealthy ENFP, but not an INFP. I can’t honestly see Kylo as a Fi-dom. His emotions are too reactive to and present in the environment. He can’t control them outwardly the way a true Fi-dom can. I don’t think Fi-ethics are in charge. He’s trying to be something he’s not, and it’s a struggle; but he’s either drawing from the ethics of the Dark Side and merging with them (Fe) or he’s drawing on the greater ideals of the Dark Side (Ne) and finding it’s not completely resonating with his true self (Fi). An INFP can’t do that; if it’s not totally in line with their Fi, their Ne rejects it. There is no struggle; the answer is just NO.

I think you might make a case of his “worship of Darth” / the helmet / as inferior Si in the worst way – idolizing a past civilization and force he doesn’t understand, seen through a veil of idealism and re-interpretation completely out of touch with reality. The lower the Si, the weirder its ideas become.

Kylo makes abrupt decisions in the moment. He takes shortcuts. Higher but still weak Te? Is he looping out of his emotions? Is he seizing Rey as a quick fix (get the problem solved) that also brings into his sphere someone potentially more powerful than him that he can corrupt? Are his motivations for doing so Te (more power for the Dark Side means greater victory?) or Fe (if he can convince Rey, maybe he’s not such a weak Darth Side user after all).

See? It still comes back to – we don’t know his motivations. And until we do, it’s all guesswork.

But I thank you for the question. It got my Ne-brain vibrating with interesting but probably irritating to other people multiple arguments that cancel one another out and leave me saying – I don’t know for sure, except, I don’t think Fi-dom and now I’m starting to think… extrovert. Nothing is delayed with him.

- Charity

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Hey can you please recommend me some front women/all women bands? x

  1. Garbage
  2. Doll Skin
  3. Paramore
  4. No Doubt
  5. Evanescence
  6. Dead Sara
  7. Courage My Love
  8. Against Me!
  9. Against The Current
  10. Misterwives
  11. Marmozets
  12. The Pretty Reckless
  13. Flyleaf
  14. PVRIS
  15. Tonight Alive
  16. Warpaint
  17. In This Moment
  18. Halestorm
  19. Hole
  20. Brody Dalle (The Distillers)
  21. We Are The In Crowd
  22. Diamante
  23. Maid Of Ace
  24. Brain’s All Gone
  25. Arch Enemy (insane vocals)
  26. Lacuna Coil
  27. Otep
  28. Eyes Set To Kill
  29. Florence + The Machine
  30. Blondie
  31. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  32. The Pretenders
  33. Heart
  34. Cherri Bomb (Stark EP and This Is The End Of Control album)
  35. Heirsound
  36. Jule Vera

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Whatever happened to the term tomboy? Like when I was growing up, if a girl was a bit "masculine" we didn't call her anything but a tomboy.

Yeah, we had “tomboys” and “girly-girls” when I was growing up.

Right, in fairness, if you really want to look at it fairly, it’s a useless term, because what we really want is, “Hey, that girl is a girl whether she loves dresses or khaki, it doesn’t matter, and anyone that belittles her or says that she’s less of a girl for liking something not stereotypically feminine is an asshole,” and vice versa for boys. I’m pretty sure that everyone that’s vaguely decent, no matter what their labels, can agree on that.

You know what I wonder about? Where the lessons of the mid to late 90s went, the lessons that I was taught. Here are some genuine words of advice from different adults in my childhood that I think are relevant forever.

  • “You can do anything that you work hard for and put your mind to.”
  • “Just because you’re not good at one thing doesn’t mean you’re not talented somewhere else. You can’t be perfect. Maybe you’re the best at making one of your friends smile. Who wouldn’t want a gift like that?”
  • “You can be intelligent when it comes to education, or intelligent at making something with your hands, or intelligent when it comes to empathising with others. Just because someone can’t do their times tables or spell doesn’t mean that they’re not smart.”
  • “Anyone can be anyone else’s role model if they’ve done something to inspire them.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you love men, women, both or chairs, just as long as they treat you right, that’s what matters.”
  • “It would be great if you found love when you’re older, but if you’re happier without it, then as long as you’re happy, happiness is the most important thing.”
  • “You don’t need to get married or have children to be happy, but if that makes you happy, go for it.”
  • “Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s right.”
  • “Just because someone else can’t do it doesn’t mean that you can’t, too.”
  • “If you decide to be kind or cruel, that’s your decision, nobody else’s. You have to live with looking at yourself in the mirror if you decide to be nasty to others.”
  • “Life’s too hard and too short to go around hating other people for no reason.”
  • “Who cares what other people think about how you look or what you like? They don’t pay for your things and they don’t live your life.”
  • “Treat others the way that you’d like to be treated, but don’t expect the same in return. That way, you’ll always be the best person you can be and you won’t be disappointed. Instead, you’ll find greater joy in others that behave the same way that you do.”

And now I’m sure that some of those lessons count somewhere as “microaggressions” or “tone policing” or “insensitive” and the whole push for segregations based on sexual orientation, gender and race just blow my mind.

I don’t know where it’s gone, anon. But things like these? I’d really like them back.

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nia is not as good as a drummer as most make her out to be. she's been in this for 8 years. she should be doing more complicated routines than these simple ones. (I'm a drummer myself) what she does is extremely easy, a focused beginner can everything shes doing. HV stans use her singing as an excuse but it isn't at all. she sings backup. she's literally nothing special.

THANK YOU!! Somebody finally said it. Nia has been drumming since she was 7, that’s 12 years of drumming yet she does elementary beats.

And that “she’s too busy singing” excuse is bullshit because, well one, she’s not the lead singer, she’s the drummer, so she better focus on her drumming and two, Ashton sings more than her and he still drums perfectly fine. He actually drums more than those simple beats so ???

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Does anyone know the type of shoes the Matsus have in the Princematsu set? I've been trying to find lookalikes and cant find them all. I wanna know for drawing references.

I love how their heels are like pretty tacky but then the shoes they wear on their princes feet is different. Basically, the shoes are meant for the princesses. The punch line is instead shoe too small to fit a person’s feet, they’re too big and can fit a person inside it

Heh, if you want something that is heels that matsu like, maybe you should look at matsu designer heels

they’re pretty expensive tho

besides that you can look at different type of heels here to help you

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I'm a little curious: what's with everyone's fascination with Wing AUs?

wings are cool?

tbh i’m pretty sure a lot of this started w/ me suggesting wing aus and putting prompts of my own in the queue, which got others into it too, but i know a few of my followers already liked wing aus

and i’m sure there’s people who aren’t all that into it but sent in prompts knowing my own/others’ fascination with them (at least one of my friends has done that on at least two occasions)

tho if ur asking why there’s so many wing au prompts in the queue rn it’s that someone sent in like 4 at once, tho i split it up into 4 separate posts just to pad out the queue some

EDIT: to clarify i assumed ur talking abt why they’re so big on the blog btw i’m not implying i created wing aus

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William whining about how he can't listen to sad stories is an insult to Carina, you and everyone else working in health care. I'm sure you have some sad stories to tell, just like Carina has. How about you share some of them with us so we know what it's like?

Charity is about putting others first. It is not about you, but the people you are trying to help. 

There are days I go in to work, in to charity, in to my volunteering and I am not 100% and/or having my own problems but that is not the point. For example there have been days this last year when my Grandmother has been seriously ill and I am ‘emotional’ but I go there and I listen to the people who need help and I listen and I help and I leave my problems at the door because it is not about me. It is about them. 

Today showed once again that William is too selfish and self involved and cares about no one and nothing but himself. 

Do you really want to hear some stories from me (and Carina)?

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I've seen your artwork around for a while, but only started following you recently. I just wanna say that that guy sounds like an über douche and your talent is wonderful and I can't wait to snatch up one of those commission spots.

Thank you for this <3 I try to be zen and not dwell too long on bad eggs, or at least take something positive out of the experience instead of getting mad or upset. I’m sure he had some deep troubles making him act out and his entitled attitude was a reflection of a lonely life but I am also pretty sure this guy was just a patronizing douche who thought he knew better because he paid someone something. He hit me with this after I refused to keep changing his work for free.

BTW it’s a completely valid point that sketching is a better way to make sure people get what they want and saves time in the long run. I know this. But as it shows from not taking commissions - I was not a person who could provide that at that time - not for the price I worked at or with the way I worked. I offered a price for a half-body where I DID refine several sketches and offer points for feedback and obviously it cost more because it would take longer, but he wasn’t willing to pay that. At the time I worked like this ( Even now, having tackled the issue, mid-way into painting I can start to see issues with my sketch and sometimes I need to adjust or I’ll be unhappy with the result. I don’t WANT to work this way, it’s just a flaw in my current method that I’m constantly trying to improve. So it’s either be honest about my limits or not offer commissions at all, and that isn’t a permanent solution for anyone.

I really, really want to make art for people but I would rather do a hundred free raffles than have someone feel cheated because I’m not a good enough artist yet. Believe me I’m not here by choice.

Thank you again for your kind words (and sorry for the minivent). Ultimately I’ve had a bunch more wonderful experiences with painting for people than bad ones and I’m really looking forward to doing it more often <3 

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Nia has totally missed the point, all books have a lesson because there's always a conflict that a character must over come because that's how a plot works and how they overcome that issue is the lesson. Every book has a meaning, or is at least driven by passion. Music should also have a meaning, we listen to music because we're looking for someone to say what we feel when we can't voice it ourselves. Music without meaning is just noise. Nia has no passion for art, she only has passion for fame.

I know she missed the point because you’re right, that’s how books and art work. She basically just said she and band are vapid lol.

“Music without meaning is just noise.”


”You know what, sometimes lyrics are there just to make a cool song and sometimes you don’t have to look so deep into it. I don’t like calling people bitches, but you, are a bitch. Please do something productive with your life that makes you and other people happy and stop hating on people and spreading negativity I s2g people like you are why I don’t like some fandoms I’m in. Please get a life”

This is what she told me when I called her out on her old tumblr (that’s now deactivated) and after I made that “Hey Violet are Trash and This Is Why” post (where I mostly talked about their song “Makeup”) but she came in to defend her new single “Brand New Moves” and this was her defense, “sometimes lyrics are there just to make a cool song.” Later she tweeted out:


will’ve is not a word Then she tweeted out her little book rant.