Quest Crew

Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3

FAHC Gavin whose at a deal, in full Golden Boy mode, all smiles and sharp wit. One of the boys are with him, acting as bodyguard, but Gavin doesn’t think he needs it. The deal is going wonderful, splendid, the other guys are eating out of the palm of his hand. Gavin is about to tie the deal up in a neat little bow when he sees it.

An unholy screech comes out of his mouth, setting everyone off, guns raised and on red alert. While they are looking around for the threat (eyeing each other, was this a trap?), Gavin prances (fucking prances) over to where a kitten is and scoops it up. Cooing and smushing the cat against his face, phone raised to snap a selfie.

The boy that’s playing bodyguard (most likely Ryan or Michael because Jeremy can’t make too much a deal of it when he does the same thing only with dogs) just. Facepalms. Because of course Gavin would pull this shit during an important meeting. The asshole can’t help himself.

And Gavin feels no remorse. Not when the other crew demands an apology (or a favor from the Fakes. Which. Geoff would laugh in their face if he wasn’t so busy fuming) for almost causing a shootout. He doesn’t even look sorry when Geoff and Jack pull him aside to chew him out for potentially ruining a big deal or worse, ruining his reputation.

It doesn’t help that Lindsay fist bumps him and demands the pictures Gavin took so she could squeal about it too.

Quest Crew

And this is why they’re the best:

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ABDC Lacks Dance

I’m going to put it out there. This might sound biased, because I am a huge fan of the Kinjaz, but I’m being completely honest on my view of the show.
I feel as if the show lacks dancing. The only group I see that actually dances full on choreo is the Kinjaz. They do their intro and then they just dance. Other groups seem to focus not much on the dancing but the tricks they can do with one another. Like it’s not even breakdancing. They flip every time they have a chance and maybe whip out a prop to dance with. It’s like they would rather put on a show than actually give an intricate choreo. So why try to be a dance crew when more than half of the choreo is flipping and doing a trick?

I think the biggest reason I enjoy Reyes romance is not just because Reyes as a person is super interesting and attractive to me (though it is a factor) but because Reyes feels a lot more dynamic than the squad mates.

Reyes’ life doesnt revolve around Ryder. When we meet him and when we leave him, he always has his own shit going on. He doesn’t drop everything at the end of his quest to join your crew because he can’t. Even the romance itself felt like an inversion of biowares usual romances because whilst most flirting usually comes across as Ryder hardcore flirting with someone like a boss awkwardly hitting on their employees, Flirting with Reyes felt more like allowing myself to be seduced: like I was letting him I was interested and giving him a chance to impress me.

And, of course, you can’t romance Reyes and also work against his plans which is something I wished happened more in Bioware games. Using Liam and Peebee as examples: their loyalty missions involve them being super irresponsible and shit, and even though you have a chance to call them out on it nothing really comes of any disagreement other than a few harsh words. You still earn their loyalty and romances are unaffected on any meaningful level.

It should be possible to ‘fail’ more relationships and dialogue in these games because it’s an rpg and story is part of the game. It should be treated as part of the experience and it makes the relationships and interactions more interesting because of it. The games should emphasise the fact that you simply can’t please everyone all of the time.



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