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;____; why is your blog so darn cute? Ok back to teh real quessie; have you heard of utaites? If so any favs?

I try my best, anonchik!
No,I haven’t. Who are they?

Mangle Your Métier

An average night at Alternia’s favorite game show studio finds our favorite redblooded television personality where she is usually found…

Standing over the console of the industry-standard computation breaker, Quessi scans lazily over a list of pilfered and submitted resumes from all over the planet. 

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People think bein’ famous is all just looks’n luck. Th’thinϧ is, you ϧotta be a lot smarter’n stonϧer than anybody thinks you are. That way, you keep ‘em stupid, but you still prove ‘em wronϧ.