Tarot Questions to Read For

I love reading tarot, but I find “general” readings to be frustrating and a bit boring. Usually when I pull out my tarot cards, it is because I am excited to read. My querents usually have no idea what questions to ask, and have never even had a reading before. When I do general readings it comes out like, “well, this card says you have, err… money problems?” and it sounds like a terrible cold reading.

So here are some fun questions to read for instead of a general reading! I use them for one card spreads usually but you can expand it to be however you like. These are also fun party questions. Give one card to each person who wants to be read for instead of shuffling for each individual person.

The Questions:

  • What is your secret greatest fear?
  • What is your soul’s purpose in life?
  • What is your greatest quality you don’t recognize yet?
  • What is your untapped talent?
  • What does your spirit want right now?
  • What are you taking too seriously in life?
  • What does your life need right now?
  • What should you be focusing on?
  • What is your relationship like with your spirit guides?
  • What would make you the happiest right now?
  • What do you need to let go?
  • What is ready to manifest in your life?
  • What is something you need to hear?
  • What is an important truth in your life?
  • What is the next step you need to achieve your current goal? (note: ask them to specify which goal ahead of time)
  • What can you do to improve as a person?
  • What do your spirit guides want to tell you right now?
  • What are you avoiding?
  • What are you ready to let go of?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • What is the next big opportunity that will come to you?
  • What do you need in your everyday life?
  • What lesson are you learning right now?
  • What phase or cycle are you about to enter?
  • What needs to be dealt with in your life?
  • What journey are you on right now?
  • What was your most recent past life like?
  • What is a big challenge you will need to face soon?
  • What is advice you could use in your everyday life?
  • What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing?
  • What is your subconscious trying to tell you?
  • What is your higher self trying to tell you?

Bonus Spooky Halloween Questions

  • What kind of spirits are following you around right now?
  • How will you die?
  • What is your inner monster like?
  • What demons are you facing?

Dear dragonschilde,

I saw on your Witchy Wishlist that you were looking for tarot spreads! Here’s a quick one of mine that I really enjoy: Blocked!

The spread is read from bottom to top, symbolizing the querent – you, in this case – breaking through the blockage. The first card represents what’s causing the problem, the second card is the action you need to take, and the third card represents what is keeping you from doing what you need to do to resolve the issue. 

I hope you enjoy the spread!

★☆Reading Tarot★☆

☽ ℰvery card in the Minor Arcana is designed to reveal at least one of four things to you:An internal concept, an external concept,a person & an action.

 ☀An internal concept: Such as an emotion , a perspective within a circumstance,our perception or beliefs, or a spiritual message;it could represent the energy used in a spell and what that means considering the querent or nature of a situation.

(example:The seven of cups reveals that the querent is jaded in choice,judgment or evaluation in regards to the matter at hands & depending on surrounding cards could mean ambiguity of choice or, the person is unsure of the resources and all options available and cannot assess this truthfully.)

A external concept: Such as one’s physical efforts or commitments, relationships;your home and physical belongings or your health;productivity,hard work. It reflects on the world surrounding the querent or the environment they’re in. (think physical / practical or tangible).

(example: the Eight of Pentacles might reveal someone’s high work ethic or depending on the surrounding cards, what in particular someone has been working to achieve or gain. It could mean working for achievement)

A person : a description of a person .it  reflects on their occupation,behavior,or role in the life of the querent. Usually the theme of the cards implies the nature of the person indicated.

(example:The Seven of Swords would show someone who is being cunning,conniving or methodical ; depending on surrounding cards it could be the querent or someone in their immediate environment. It could represent someone who deals with sales or business and warrants a lot of  persuasion  (i have mostly drawn this card as a person who is studious,methodical,a critical thinker or someone who’s a good planner)

An Action or movement: the activity of the querent in consideration to their question;Reveals to you what the querent’s choice or physical/verbal actions were and/or what they will result  in

(example:the Page of Wands reveals a rather younger person or amateur starting to bloom with new ideas and understanding,someone is about to take a new direction that will lead to mental growth. it talks about being over stimulated or having a lot of thoughts , it deals with thinking and questioning a lot. Someone who is being fickle or flighty or is developing their intellect.)


☽ⅉn most traditional Tarot decks , the Major Arcana will reflect on a certain nature or pattern of events  much like a mythos(like a legend or lore). It reflects on a facet of a bigger inclusive image to reveal the prominent and crucial parts of the querent’s inquiries .

(example:Strength reveals a need to shed excess and wasteful parts to begin anew in pursuit of a more deeper aspect , usually associated with the true self’s weight in salt or ability to harness their “natural resilience & strength”.

(example 2:Temperance; one who is strong in harnessing and maintaining the polarity and extremes of their lifestyle or circumstance. one who knows both the capacity of chaos & order or goods & bads and see’s the balance of both their dark times and good times and how this has built us up to be more than either particular side could have alone . someone who shows the culmination of their pain and their strength to show us their true self.)

Ʈarot in a linear sense, seems to play out like a story or progression of a person.(personal opinion here..)

“we are the fool in pursuit of  becoming the magician only to grow to be the high priestess  only to become the empress to become the emperor.”

                                     ☽ !!!!!!!Please remember!!!!!!!☽

☽ Do not become discourage by the cryptic symbolism shown to you. Instead, focus on how a card applies to the querent and question at hand.

Lastly , take your time to learn your cards and to understand how you best read them , and always always have fun and enjoy the journey of discovery and divination.

 ☀ONLY you know what your cards are bringing to light for you ,always trust your gut instinct and do not shy away from your reception of truth and knowledge from the cards.

How To: Set Free Reading Guidelines (and Why It’s Important)

Hey guys! I wanted to take some time to talk about free reading guidelines here on Tumblr, and why they may be more important than you might have thought. Recently, I’ve revamped my own reading guidelines, and I’d like to parlay that into offering some advice that might be helpful–and I truly hope it is!

Why are guidelines important? 

Long story short, they help to protect you and your potential querents from misunderstandings, frustration, exploitation, etc. When you’ve set your boundaries clearly, you give people the best shot possible at 1) reaching out to you in the correct ways, 2) asking the right kinds of questions, and 3) receiving the best reading you can offer them to address their outreach. When your boundaries are unclear (or non-existent), people will have a harder time working with you to get what they are seeking, which can lead to negative feelings for both you and the people who’ve reached out–which is something I am sure every diviner would like to avoid. 

What do clear guidelines look like? 

First and foremost, your guidelines are going to be most effective if they are put on a static page on your blog, rather than a post which will eventually get buried in your archives. Tumblr mobile can definitely be a big ol’ butt about this point, but if you’re only laying out your reading “rules” on a post, then it’s likely mobile-only users will miss that anyway. So, since mobile doesn’t really have your back in either option, I’d suggest going for the page to give yourself something to fall back on. The next-best option would be posting your guidelines often/on every announcement that you’re offering readings. Wherever and however you place your guidelines, reminding your querents where to find them is also going to be important. This is where your description comes in handy! 

Things that make sense going in your description would be where to find your guidelines and whether or not you’re actively taking requests. This is a big one! Sure, you’re probably still going to have a couple people who miss things every once in a while, but if you offer free readings often/”all the time,” then you may be inundated with readings when you don’t have the time to complete them. One way of sparing yourself this overwhelmed feeling, is to close readings off when you’ve got a lot on your plate. As long as you’re opening them back up when you want to and can devote the time, you won’t be losing out on any querents you’re able to accommodate :)

What should my guidelines cover?

  • What you use to do your readings (i.e. tarot, pendulum, runes, etc.)
  • What a free reading will “look like” (i.e. free readings will only be one card, etc.)
  • Your favorite topics to read on/what you feel like you read on the best :)
  • Things that you don’t do readings for (i.e. medical/legal readings; if you’re not psychic, you likely won’t give future readings; if you don’t work with deities, you might not read about them for other people; etc.)
  • The method(s) you accept readings in (i.e. Askbox vs. the IM system)
  • Whether you accept Anon requests; similarly, whether you respond privately upon request
  • Your general turn-around time; do you perform readings within 24 hours? Or whenever you can? You’ll want to let your querents know so that they know what to expect
  • Whether you would like feedback/whether you accept tips, and how people can offer you either
  • And for your own peace of mind I definitely suggest adding a note that states you maintain the right to refuse any reading at any time. If you’re not good at saying no, or if you’re not sure if your guidelines cover everything you’d ever say no to, this kind of addition will be helpful for you to rely on if something like that should pop up down the line–without feeling guilty or pressured to say yes. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys, and I hope that it’s helpful for people who may need it! Good luck in your readings–I hope you get wonderful querents and have a blast reading for them 💖

Insight into the Present Spread (OLD)

This is a spread I use most often for open readings – a reading where the subject does not ask a question. Use this spread to test your psychic abilities. You will surprise yourself by how often your ‘shots in the dark’ ring true! 

1. Present Situation. The first card reveals what is currently happening in the subject’s life. The card that crosses it serves to provide  more details.

2. What’s being ignored. Aspect of the situation that is not being addressed.

3. Obstacles. Difficulties you are experiencing.

4. Advice. How to best deal with the situation at hand.

5. Potential Outcome. What the future looks like if you continue on your current path.

charnel-mansion  asked:

So you're actually selling....entities? You've decided their value in cash and have forced them to interact with whoever chooses to give you money? I don't understand what you're doing, that can't be correct.

We don’t force anyone to do anything!

Every custom conjure we do is a reverse adoption. We go into astral and work with several different individuals in a certain species. They communicate with us. We give them the name and some information about an individual (the querent). From that group, quite a few will step forward whom we will interview and screen to make sure they are a good fit. We have a spiritual contract of sorts. This contract allows them to move freely between the planes (they can visit wherever, whenever, just as before binding.) They give us a small orb of connection energy (a telephone number if you will) that is energetically linked to a jewelery piece or piece of decor. This allows an individual to communicate with, call upon, and make offerings to said entity. The contract in the binding states that they are free to live as they have before – as long as they do harm to none in the human realm, and act on fairness. The biggest rule is that “Your binding is broken if you cause illicit harm, and their ability to reach you is broken if they cause illicit harm to you.” This is to create balance. None can do harm to the other. Of course the dark arts contract is different, but references that harm caused to humans in the capacity they normally would (pre-binding) would reflect upon their personal karma.

We work explicitly with free-will bindings, only with clauses to protect the human companion. What you are paying for is NOT the entity. They can be reached by some spiritual adventurers free of charge, and we often do offer free bindings as well – what you are paying for is the work. Just as a tour guide does not own nature, they only show you the natural beauty and majesty of it – the conjurer charges for the service, their personal work, the effort of the connection service. Just as paying for a dating service is not paying for a husband, paying for a connection service is not paying for a spirit, but paying for the connection piece. 

I hope this shines a light on what we do. We work to preserve the freedom of the entity (they are so ethereal and intangible it is hard to completely imprison any of our powerful friends of the otherrealm), we work to preserve the safety of the human companion, and we work to make everything affordable (or even free!). We don’t believe in abusing people, entities, or pocketbooks and will always work to exercise fairness on all of these levels.

anonymous asked:

Recently had an amusing experience with your tarot deck. I don't touch cards often, but had an urge to draw them while cleaning up, just after I started a new relationship. Tested the intuition by almost picking up the RW deck instead, but was like, "No, this is a Sweeney occasion". First card I drew was spitting image of my new partner. Expression, prop, everything. Have you heard something like that before?

You know, that’s honestly very interesting! When I set out to make the deck I did so with my own intentions in mind, so I never know how the images are going to affect other people. I, personally, see these characters this specific way- so when put in a different person’s hands its going to be a different association. 

However, I have done public readings before where I have turned a card and the querent has had an audible gasp because the character looks just like someone in their life. One of the reasons I like to do them in person this way is because it gives the chance for a querent to react.

 I remember one instance where a woman pointed to the Hanged Man and said ‘that’s my brother.’ I would have no way of knowing that, but the character of that card IS a brother- and from there we were able to develop a stronger meaning. 

So, while uncommon, it is definitely not unheard of. And I always like hearing stories like that because I feel like the connection made between a reader and a deck strengthens with personal associations. (When doing public readings, though, it can be hard to divorce that meaning… sometimes you have to actually debate with the card.)

Here’s a lazytown spread. 

Card 1 (Robbie) = The querent

Card 2 (The Net) = The event that is blocking you currently

Card 3 (Bobby) = The mind. What you must change mentally.

Card 4 (Tobby) = The heart. What you must change emotionally.

Card 5 (Flobby) = The soul. What you must change spiritually.

How to handle reversals

While I see reversals as a block I also intrepret them as needing to return to the card before in order to resolve the block. 

So if I got the Devil, reversed, I’d tell you that you needed to learn about balance (Temperance - the card before the Devil) in order to resolve the problem that the Devil is highlighting. This is not applicable in all cases, but it works for me fairly frequently.

But sometimes I also read a reversed card as:

- a block or resistance to the card’s message.

- emphasizing an INTERNAL energy in the querent, vs an external energy in their situation.

- Sometimes, I see the reversal as simply putting a sort of !!!! on the card, showing that the card has an especially important message


Querent:: Myself

8 Card Spread: The Key to inner Discovery

1- What makes you unique? (Ten of Fire/Wands, reversed)
2- How to unlock magical powers (Eight of Sky/Swords, reversed)
3- How to unlock creativity (The Tower)
4- How to unlock compassion (Ace of Earth/Pentacles)
5- How to unlock prosperity (Five of Fire/Wands, reversed)
6- How to unlock peace of mind (The Emperor + Earth Kitten/Page of Pentacles)
7- When are you the happiest? (Cat Magic/The Magician, reversed)
8- Hidden Potentials (Six of Sky/Swords, reversed)

I found the amount of reversals I drew in this spread very intimidating, but I worked my way through it!! I think because I did draw so many reversals, unlocking these things are going to happen in much more non-conventional ways and paths.

Diving right in, my uniqueness is drawn for my lack of worry. I don’t fret the little things and am able to kind of sit back and watch this play out, making my moves when necessary. Which is also exactly how I’m going to unlock my magical powers. Since I’m still new to magical things and practice, I’m being tested on the daily with knowledge and research. I need to find innovative solutions to any of my magical struggles and improvise as needed.

Seeing as The Tower is typically a bad omen, I was a little concerned when I drew this. But I think it’s just the cards telling me that I am at my most creative when I am at my lowest points. And because it is non-reversed, I think it means this in very conventional ways. I will find my most creative solutions at my most dire times. And along with the other upright card, I will also find compassion at some of my most prosperous and welcoming times. Whether that means compassion for others, or myself, I feel like the paths to unlocking my creativity and compassion are on a similar plane. In the realm of prosperity, I need to take charge of the situation so that I will succeed. I may run into conflicts that will try to block my gains, but I need to confront them head on to continue my progress.

As you can see, this 8 card spread ended up being 9 because I needed a clarifier for the 6th card position. When I first drew The Emperor, I was a little confused because I wasn’t sure how leadership related to peace of mind. The more I read, and meditated, the more confused I got, so I asked the deck for a clarifier, and pulled the Earth Kitten, which after a little more reading, made everything click. The emperor wasn’t about about necessarily my leadership, but a shared leadership. I have been concerned with my life path and future career, and have been scared to make any moves forward in that regard. I believe these two cards are telling me to take a step back and talk out this future more with others who will make me feel more secure. This also ties into the fact that I am at my happiest when I don’t have to necessarily manifest things for myself, and the universe ends up taking care of them for me. Not that I won’t work hard for those things, but that I am happiest when I listen to where the universe is trying to guide me rather than fight it.

Last but not least, my hidden potentials. I believe this last card was telling me that I have the potential of really empowering others so that they can fight their own battles. Coming back full circle to the first card, I am able to assess the situation and step back and allow the individual to fill their own needs.


Oh my, where to begin! Well, this was my second longest reading, in regards to number of cards. I had done one more before, but decided not to post it because both myself and the querent were a little under the influence and I didn’t feel like it was the most appropriate or accurate reading because of that. This was definitely a challenging, yet fun reading. I will definitely be using this spread again. Huge thanks to @kikiscauldron for making up this awesome spread!!

As always, my ask box is open for anyone who wants a free reading!!


Unusual Words

Aries: Yerd (v.)- To beat an object with a stick

Taurus: Tauromorphous (adj.)- Bull-shaped

Gemini: Jabberwock (n.)- nonsense, gibberish

Cancer: Juvenoia (n.)- the baseless and exaggerated fear that the internet and current social trends are having negative effects on children

Leo: Jubate (adj.)- maned; having or possessing a mane

Virgo: Logorrhea (n.)- an excessive flow of words

Libra: Xenodochial (adj.)- hospitable, kindly to strangers

Scorpio: Defenestration (n.)- the act of throwing someone out of a window

Sagittarius: Kinematics (n.)- study of motion

Capricorn: Bellwether (n.)- one who takes the lead; indicator of trends

Aquarius: Querent (n.)- one who asks a question

Pisces: Cornobble (v.)- to slap or beat another person with a fish

I have a thing for flowers, and my main deck is flower fairy themed.

The number guides are only that - a guide, a suggestion. If you’re like me, and like reading cards more intuitively than orderly, you could read it this way:

Card 1 - Querent card
Cards 2-5 - Immediate environment or details to a situation
Cards 6-8 - Outside influences affecting the immediate environment
Card 9 - Future

I worked really hard on this (Photoshop beginner right here). Please don’t steal it. Don’t steal anyone’s anything, at that.

Thought I’d share with you guys. :D queenofchalices queen-of-hidden-moons swampseer maddiviner tarotofthekittenofblade

I really hope no one I do tarot readings for is expecting that I sit in some kind of mystical location, in complete silence, while I do the readings. I mean, yeah, I do most of my readings in the same room I have my altar in, but the room is also my office/studio/reading room/whatever else I need it to be, and it’s always cluttered. And sure, I usually light a candle before I do a reading, and I meditate on the querent’s situation/question, but I do the readings on the same table I paste up zines on, and I’m usually listening to music, too.

helloallec  asked:

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're still willing and able to do a romance reading, I would like one please :) My question is: What can I do to strengthen my relationship with my fiance? Thank you so much!

Hi there, @helloallec!

I pulled the #51 Moonlight card (reversed) from my Enchanted Maps Oracle deck.

#51 Moonlight (reversed)

Usually when this card is drawn, it’s a sign that the querent has a need to develop a trust for their own intuition. However, in this reading, I get the sense that there’s more of a warning being given. Don’t let yourself get too nit-picky when you look at the things going on around you, and don’t make any assumptions about anyone’s feelings. Stay focus on your feelings, and how you can control them; this goes for positive thoughts as well as negative ones! Don’t freak out over the little things - it’s a waste of energy that can be better spent elsewhere! It’s okay to make mistakes, even moreso when we learn from them.

I hope this gives you insight!

Abundance be upon you.🕷

Readings are currently open (preferred public or anon)

The Lovers: The Lovers (VI) is the sixth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. […] In some traditions, the Lovers represent relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners. Often an aspect of the Querent’s life will have to be sacrificed; a bachelor(ette)’s lifestyle may be sacrificed and a relationship gained (or vice versa), or one potential partner may be chosen while another is turned down. Whatever the choice, it should not be made lightly, as the ramifications will be lasting. X

A sketchy thing I did! Like most of my drawings //sobs Was playing binding of isaac, in which tarot cards are also a theme, so I felt inspired to do this! And I remembered why I love Lyon so much, but never bothered to draw him… Drawing his hair offends me in a way I can’t explain. I might make this an ongoing series, including other FT characters as well!
Tarot reading pet peeve

When someone asks for like a 5-card reading, but their question has a yes or no answer. 

“Will I get married?”

-struggles to find a direct answer in the mass of cards, that could be done with a single card or a pendulum- “Uhhhh…. Looks to me like before you can get married you’re going to have to figure out your financial security and get a few other things in order. In other words, its probably best that you take care of yourself before you worry too much about marriage.”

“So… am I or aren’t I?”

“With the path that you’re on now, probably not. Circumstances have to change before the momentum gets rolling.”

…. -querent looks very disappointed-

L Is Back and Bolder Than Ever!

L is back! FYI, ignore my last reading about MM and PH being together! I think I was fangirling more than interpreting the cards. XD

So this time, I created an online 10-card spread (different website this time) for Prince Harry of Wales. I wanted to know more about his inner thoughts about his relationship with MM and his place in this world. This is pretty much an update to the first reading I did after Christmas.

The first card I get is about the self/querent:

1. Three of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles symbolizes humility and delicate care in one’s craft. I feel that Prince Harry is now more in tune with his clarity work and duties as a member of the BRF. There is a sense of humility and calmness that I did not wasn’t there in my first reading and I think we will see more of that side of very soon.

The next two cards are his subconscious cards; how he feels behind close doors sleeping and spiritually deep down in his core.

2. Five of Swords Reversed

3. Six of Cups

I see a man who yearns for romantic and communal love (Six of Cups). He thinks about his childhood and mother a lot in his sleep or in solitude. This is the third time the Six of Cups have popped up in my past readings yall! Perhaps, he may be subconsciously be thinking about his past and simpler times or even FD herself, since the Six of Cups can also represent past relationships or a twin flame/soul mate. The card can also mean that his relationship with MM at this moment is both familiar and stable. At the same time, I feel that there is still unresolved anger and deep wounds (Five of Swords Reversed) from his childhood (Six of Cups).

There is also a possibility that there are some resolved issues between PH and MM and they are not taking the consequences seriously. I was also told that if the Five of Swords Reversed card is coupled with any other swords cards or the Devil Reversed or Magician Reversed cards in a relationship reading, that it could signify abuse or a power struggle and the Nine of Swords cards appears as one of the final outcome cards in the spread, which supports this claim and means that the relationship will end eventually in sorrow and loss.

The next two cards are what PH thinks on a conscious level and are very telling because there is a possibility that he has met FD or is about to:

4. The High Priestess

5. The Queen of Pentacles

The High Priestess is a highly-sensitive woman—one of calmness, intuition, and a balance between feminine and masculine energies. A mysterious woman who is said to be the guardian of secrets; (Many psychics have said that her vibrations and first impressions of people and situations are so strong that people can’t trick her easily). She is said to be a Pisces sun or someone with strong water energies and aspects. The Queen of Pentacles is an earthy empress that can generate or inherit generational wealth. This was so many multiple interpretations! Prince Harry may be thinking a lot about FD or a representation of the perfect partner in the present moment consciously as he interacts with family and the public.

I generally think that The High Priestess is FD and will very soon cross PH’s path. If she plays her cards right, she will eventually be the Queen of Pentacles or in other words, the next Duchess/Queen (if the Nostradamus predictions are true) of England.

Alternatively, PH may judge MM and her actions based on two important role models in his life that he highly respects: Princess Diana/late mother (The High Priestess) and Queen Elizabeth (Queen of Pentacles since she’s a Taurus). MM is a Leo sun and I don’t sense a fire energy like a Queen or Knight of Wands in this reading, so that could also mean that she may not be that mysterious woman aka FD that we have been predicting in some fashion or form for months.

The next two cards are represent the Past:

6. The Knight of Swords

7. Ace of Wands

We all know that the South Node in western astrology encompasses one’s past lives and karma. Prince Harry’s South Node on the 9th/10th house cusp can mean that he was a king or noble leader in this past life (Knight of Swords). He was probably full of vigor, new ideas, and spiritual strength (Ace of Wands). His North Node in the 4th house of Taurus shows that he needs to be in the background in this lifetime, living his life in private with his future family. But he has the king maker aspect in his chart, so perhaps he needs to be learn how to be both a leader and active global citizen behind closed doors.

Finally we have the final outcome cards.

I’ve already mentioned the Nine of Swords earlier:

8. Nine of Swords

9. Page of Pentacles

10. Five of Cups

My intuition is telling me that he will break up with MM (Nine of Swords and Five of Cups), contrary to what I said in my last silly readings about him possibly marrying MM instead. PH (Page of Pentacles) will come out of the relationship feeling some disappointment and gloominess post-MM (Five of Cups) and I think at that moment, FD will come into the picture and the rest is history.


submission form L 

Thanks L!