Top 10 Movies

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I was tagged by themochagoddess. It took me 2-3 day to get to a computer but I’m ready let’s get it. 

My favorite film genre is gangsta/crime/heist as well and here are my top ten in no order:

  • Belly | Hype Williams, 1998
  • The Godfather II | Francis Ford Coppola, 1972
  • Goodfellas | Martin Scorsese, 1990
  • Casino | Martin Scorsese, 195
  • Jackie Brown | Quentin Tarantino, 1997
  • Shottas | Cess Silvera, 2002
  • Chinatown | Roman Polanski, 1974
  • City of God | Fernando Meirelles, 2003
  • King of New York | Abel Ferrara, 1990
  • The Usual Suspects | Bryan Singer, 1995

Feel free to join the party. idk who to tag.


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