NAUPD forcibly removed Kourtney Dunning during their performance in the Coming Out Monologues tonight. The presence of police at this supposed safe space of mutual understanding and respect is absolutely unacceptable. Their removal from the stage by NAUPD was ordered explicitly by the organizers of the event, as we were told by the officers. These are the people who are claiming to hold safe space for queer students. They made the space unsafe by having undercover police presence, by forcibly and physically handling a queer student, and by further silencing queer narratives that highlight NAU’s practices of harassment, violence, censorship and community polarization. We apologize for any monologues that were disrupted, we only intended to take the five minute space that was provided. We also acknowledge and want to give space to any queer identified students who felt unsafe or feel the need to be in dialogue with us: we are open to conversation, we are transparent, and despite what they want you to think we are on your side, we are in this together. Our interests lie in the safety of our community, the uncensorship of queer experiences and the uplifting of queer voices, regardless of how digestible they are to this institution. You can contact us through facebook or email us at : queeractivistcollective@gmail.com Also, in the works is an alternative uncensored queer performance space open to all people and all forms of expression and performance. Look out for our flier, and follow the hashtag #OutAndLoudQPN #LetThemSpeak
Friday @ Q...

Hey Qts!

This week’s meeting topic is Prioritizing the Right Issues in the Queer Movement. Is marriage the end all be all of queer politics? What about queer and trans youth homelessness? Other issues? Come with opinions and input on the topic. Hope to see you all at 4pm on Friday, September 17th in the CGSA (basement of the GSU)!
Hey Qties!

Don’t forget! Tomorrow (Friday) is our first meeting of the semester!

Where? In the CGSA. In the basement of the GSU, by the Terrier Card Office.

When? 4 pm!

Who is going to be there? YOU! 

Make sure you’re there! We want to see new and old faces!

See everyone tomorrow!

Love, Q