hey all so for a final project in one of my classes i’m creating a collaborative queer cookbook and i need recipes. i made a blog where they can be submitted @queerkitchencollab i’ll be putting the project together for class on december 1st but I’m happy to keep accepting recipes beyond that deadline and keep the project going! im asking for the recipe + a poem/sentence/story or something about why you chose that recipe + a drawing or photo of the food. thanks !!!


Tears fall farther than the final sighs of the forgotten
Replenish and weep.
Let harsh air fill our lungs
Let tired eyes open once more
Watch winter weep and skies fall silent.
Clouds gather,
Hear our call to arms
The fight for survival is not yet over.

A child sits on the edge of their bed
Wanting desperately to believe in wishes.
One day they’ll find home.
Keep them safe,
The fight for survival is not yet over.

That old adage
“It gets better”
Rings hollow in the halls of the hurt.
Doors locked tight
The night stirs.
Someone whispers
“We’ll make it better”
Becomes the password
The fight for survival is not yet over.

Keep the young under your wing
Until they grow their own
Protect them, teach them.
There’s no such thing as a locked door
In the quest for freedom.
The fight for survival is not yet over.

Let the forgotten rise
Let them lead the march
We’ll take those steps
And live another year
Till next year
The next year
The fight for survival is not yet over.

Today is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance

This is a day to acknowledge members of the transgender and gender diverse community who have been murdered. A transgender person is murdered approximately every three days as a result of their identity - either directly, through hate crimes, or indirectly by being forced into dangerous situations, such as homelessness.

I think it’s also important to acknowledge those who we have lost to suicide, given the recent marriage equality postal plebiscite. Calls to mental health hotlines jumped 40% throughout the vile and harmful campaign. A transgender person is almost 11 times more likely to attempt suicide than a cisgender person.

Love one another. Support your friends and family when they need you. Preach acceptance and equality. And please, please seek help if you need it.

Lifeline: 13 11 14
QLife: 1800 184 527