I accidentally came out today

So, the story goes as following: me, my parents, and a wife+husband family friends were celebrating the wife’s birthday.

For dessert, we had something topped with raspberries, and for those who wanted, almonds.

Wife: “Stone, you don’t like almonds, do you? I just have this feeling that you don’t.”

Me: “You’re right, I’m not very fond of almonds.”

Which is when my dad pulls a pun. A really shitty pun. Based on me being a lesbian.

See, in Swedish, almond is “mandel” while “man del” can be translated as “man part”. So my dad. My dad…

Dad: “She doesn’t like ‘man part’ either!”

And I just fucking lost it. I couldn’t stop laughing at my dad’s shitty pun on me being a lesbian. I mean, I’ve suspected that he and mom suspected the whole “not straight” thing, but… Oh boy, did not expect that!

Wife: “Oh, well, you haven’t decided on that, have you?”


Me: “Yes, I have.”

Wife: “Oh, that’s fine then.”

and then they made a joke that I needed to find some ‘woman part’ instead.

sdfghjk I’m still laughing about it, omfg. I wish everyone else could have an equally funny/nbd coming out as I did.