In the end, we’re all fangirls. So I talked to the ever so fabulous (Rachel Berry cosplayer) Kathleen Smith who wrote “The Fangirl Life” and blogs at "The Fangirl Therapy“. I know I have been way more obsessed with shows and got a lot more chill after learning how to divide certain canons (for my own sake), but a handful of characters still defy me and my life so much (hello, my queen and goddess Michiru Kaioh, and nice to see you too, Rory Gilmore and Blair Waldorf). I will never give up the fangirl lifestyle!

I will never understand those who don’t ship things. Like what do you do just like a couple on a tv show or movie and be like “they’re cute I hope that happens,” and then it’s ambiguous or doesn’t happen and you’re like “oh guess I was wrong. That’s the end of that then” and don’t obsess over it for the rest of your life?

I love Nesta so much.

You want a flawed and interesting female character who is not defined by those flaws? You want a complex female character with layers and depth? You want a female character who is unapolagetically herself and will not back down for anything or anyone? You want a female character that is feminine but written in a way almost only male characters are allowed to be written and represented? 

Nesta god damn Archeron.