my fav taryn @tweekay and I quickly collabed for some slightly older queen bee chloe because who can resist? t did the most amazing sketch (i juz love it so much okay) and i did colouring and all that fun stuff. so happy to be collabing with her (a fav) again after a while! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・

I headcanon that Chloe is really bad with the secret identity thing.

cousins who talk shit together, stay together!
guess who has a new crack headcanon lmfao?? uhm
+ imagine Chloe speaking fluidly in Russian????? YES PLEASE

anyway what i have in mind is that Yuri would visit Chloe when they were smol and Chloe would inevitably be so eager to be with Yuri that she would accidentally leave Adrien behind, thus making smol Adrien feel lonely and kinda jealous?? also like… Yuri was hard to get along with sooo yep now they have this weird rivalry going on and Chloe is Living For It™ until it becomes too ridiculous lmao

btw if u hate chloe bourgeois but love yuri plisetsky, u owe me 5 bucks sorry i dont make the rules lmao


guess the bee kwami got the wrong blond brat :v