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1819 Jackson Street Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California Julius Krafft, architect, built 1889 Nov. 2015 20151122_161443

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Clinton Avenue @ Union Street, Alameda, California September 7th, 2015 20150907_144209

Victorian House - Bellaire, Michigan

The 1895 Richardi house in Bellaire, Michigan is now the “Grand Victorian” bed & breakfast. This is the outstanding house of the town. Bellaire had a population of only 1,164 people in the 2000 Census.

The original owner, Henry Richardi, had the house built in anticipation of moving in after he got married. The house even had DC electric power supplied from the factory that he owned nearby; this was in 1895! Unfortunately, for unknown reasons the marriage never took place and he sold the house.

The home had numerous owners from 1895 to 1989. In 1989 the home was converted into a B&B. As such it was selected by American Historic Inns 2006 as one of the nation’s ‘Top 10 Romantic Inns’.

The house is located at 402 North Bridge Street.

Victorian House - Bellaire, Michigan (by DecoJim)


The Family Home (Set 5 of 5)


Master Bed and Bath; 2 Guest Rooms

This is Gail’s family home on her mother’s side.  It’s located in California, and is the place where Gail lived until her mother’s death when Gail was just five years old.  This became her home again after her father’s death seven years later.  When not attending Hogwarts, she lived there with her uncle.  Her brother was kept prisoner in a series of magically concealed rooms hidden beneath ground.  Although the house is still hers, Gail was forced to abandon it after being hounded by reporters during and after the time she was on trial for murder.  No one has lived in it since then.

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