“The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
                                                 Not a footprint to be seen
                                                  A kingdom of isolation,
                                             And it looks like I’m the queen.”

The King and Queen react to Elsa’s accident

This is a closeup of the king and queen’s reaction as they enter the ballroom after Elsa’s accident.  At first they see snow and ice covering the walls and ceiling, and this is when King Agdar says “Elsa, what have you done?”.  But then Queen Idun gasps in horror as she realizes that Anna is hurt, and the king and queen begin to run toward their daughters.


Here’s the final version of the mashup series I did with Disney’s Frozen and Starwars. Hope you guys enjoy my own take on her in different costume and design. 

♥HD Video Process 

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Gumroad (Video Process)

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a list of stuff that I want in Frozen 2

- Lesbian Elsa
- Elsa with a female love interest
- Elsa being gay
- A new female character
- Elsa getting a girlfriend
- Elsa falling in love with a girl
- Elsa being courted by a girl
- Queer Elsa
- Elsa letting go of heteronormatively
- Elsa kisses a girl
- Elsa holding hands with a girl
- Elsa
- but gay
- Elsa falling head over heels for a girl
- Elsa’s girlfriend
- Elsa coming out
- Elsa/female
- LGBTQ+ Queen
- Lady loving Elsa
- Elsa’s gay, romantic subplot
- None straight Elsa
- Elsa is gay af