Disney Princesses + Friends !!! Which is your favorite one? 👑


My new princess drawing!!! Which is your favourite one? I hope you like it :D

a list of stuff that I want in Frozen 2

- Lesbian Elsa
- Elsa with a female love interest
- Elsa being gay
- A new female character
- Elsa getting a girlfriend
- Elsa falling in love with a girl
- Elsa being courted by a girl
- Queer Elsa
- Elsa letting go of heteronormatively
- Elsa kisses a girl
- Elsa holding hands with a girl
- Elsa
- but gay
- Elsa falling head over heels for a girl
- Elsa’s girlfriend
- Elsa coming out
- Elsa/female
- LGBTQ+ Queen
- Lady loving Elsa
- Elsa’s gay, romantic subplot
- None straight Elsa
- Elsa is gay af