Horse noises


Production was delayed due to being cancelled 7 times.


Because of the huge amount of complaints WeLoveFine has decided to not longer make their Vinyl Chibi line Blind Boxes. You can now order them all loose except Discord who’s a set exclusive, which means you have to buy them all to get him.


Don’t do drugs.

Pretty horsies from fancy lady named Nazegoreng.
I got these way back in July of 2015 and been wanting to post something about them since then. There’s even an extra maid outfit for bug horse. ♥

Naz has been super nice and I really can’t thank her enough. Not just for the plushies, but her kindness as well. And I really can’t express that enough. In my own personal experience, it’s becoming more and more difficult finding genuinely kind people like her still around in the MLP fandom. Especially one’s with such big names. There’s been more than a handful of big named people that I’d prefer never to interact with again… It kind of gives me hope that there’s still a few around, like Nazegoreng.

I really have to say, if you’re looking for super high quality plushies, I’d definitely suggest Naz here. I’ll admit she is a bit pricey compared to others, but you are paying for, what I think, easily one of the highest quality plushies out there.
And she doesn’t do just horsies either.

Thank you again, Naz. ;^; <3

Birthday Fanarts

Haven’t had one of these in a while.
And there’s a few other birthday arts I thought were pretty nifty.
So here’s some more fancy fanarts~ ♥

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And don’t forget to give the artists lots of love~ ♥

There’s also the Fluffle Puff fanart deviantArt Group!
It’s pretty much the home for Fluffle Puff fanart~

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