North America 179 years ago today: Canadian Rebellions (05 Dec 1837) In the north, the British colonies of Upper and Lower Canada were growing in population but still found themselves dominated by local trading oligarchies. Increasing dissatisfaction led to calls for government reform and rebellions in 1837. Although the first revolts were quickly suppressed, many rebels fled to the US border and continued the fight from there. #northamerica #history #welovemaps #1830s #1837 #americanhistory #americanindianwars #arkansas #canada #canadianhistory #comanche #december #december5 #greatbritain #maps #mexicanhistory #mexico #michigan #ontario #quebec #texas #unitedstates #wisconsin (at Montreal, Quebec)

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Police seek man suspected of setting fire at medical clinic (Canada's only Transgender Clinic)
The suspect arrived at the clinic around 8:45 p.m., police said. They provided a description to the arson squad. Police do not know the motive.

A man is being sought by police after a fire was set at a medical clinic while employees and patients were still in the building.

Sprinklers were set off at the Centre métropolitain de chirurgie on de Salaberry St. near Gouin Blvd. in Nouveau-Bordeaux, limiting damage till firefighters could arrive to put out the blaze. The building was evacuated and no one was injured.

The suspect arrived at the clinic around 8:45 p.m., police said. They provided a description to the arson squad. Police do not know the motive.

Twitter tells me that this clinic is Canada’s only Transgender medical clinic:

Boost this! The media isn’t even reporting that it is a Transgender medical clinic.

Because sometimes what you need most is to watch a whole floofy family of French-Canadian skunks, mama and skunklings, bobbling down a lane in Pointe-Taillon National Park in Quebec. There they encounter a cyclist named Francois Arsenault, who remained very calm and still as they gave him a thorough sniffing, and then continued bobbling on their merry way:

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Black Businessman Interviews White Woman In Quebec. Someone Calls 911
Laval police received a 911 call about a young black man trying to recruit a young white female for "most probably prostitution."

It’s 2016, but a black man can’t talk to a white woman in a coffee shop without someone assuming he’s a pimp.

Mactar Mbaye, a 23-year-old entrepreneur in Quebec, arranged to meet a woman at a Tim Hortons in Laval who applied for a job at his company.

A short time after he started interviewing her, two police officers approached and asked to speak with Mbaye. Two more officers joined them soon after, according to Global News.

Mbaye told CTV Montreal he was “shocked” but went with them.

Laval police had received a 911 call about a young black man trying to recruit a young white female for “most probably prostitution,” Const. Franco di Genova told Global.

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Attack on Canada's only surgery clinic for trans people elicits 'zero reaction'
Last Monday, an arsonist attacked Canada's only sex reassignment surgery provider, and no one is talking about it.

On the evening of Monday May 2, Canada’s only sex reassignment surgery clinic was subject to an arson attack. A man, armed with a machete, axe and gas can, set fire to the operating room.

Constable Abdullah Emran of the Montreal police has stated they are treating the incident as a potential hate crime “because this is the only clinic that does [gender confirmation surgery], but at this point we have nothing that confirms it is related to that.”

Press were remarkably slow to respond, with reporting coming in late and often with no mention of the work the clinic does. Social media has also been slow on the uptake with its reaction to this crime.

The Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie in Montréal offers sex reassignment surgeries, more often called gender confirmation surgery, to transgender Canadians. The arson attack caused an estimated $700,000 worth of damage and put the clinic temporarily out of action.

In a statement, the clinic said they were “forced to cancel surgeries scheduled between Tuesday, May 3, and Friday, May 6, 2016.” Other surgeries are currently being performed at an alternate location. Although the damage isn’t permanent, it is yet to be determined when the clinic will reopen.

For many gender confirmation procedures, the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie is the only clinic in Canada that accepts patients referred by provincial health-care programs. Sex reassignment surgeries are at least partially funded by eight of Canada’s provinces, although not all of these provinces cover all types of gender confirmation procedures.

The Montréal clinic is the only clinic in Canada that provides both male-to-female and female-to-male gender confirmation surgery. Trans people travel from both Canada and the U.S. for surgery at the clinic.

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Ok friendos, time to learn some French:

Tsé- slang for “tu sais” which means “you know,” the closest our Québécois child can get to saying “ya know” in French

Faire de la cuisine Francaise- making French food, all p straightforward

Ça remplace pas- “it doesn’t replace”, the “ça” meaning “it/this” is a French construct added in that we don’t rlly use in English

Tes aides-memoire- your flashcards! It literally means “memory-helpers” so it took me a minute to figure out what he was saying here

So all together, “ya know, cooking French food doesn’t replace doing your flashcards…”

Y'all are welcome, de rien and goodnight!


Modern Scandinavian-Inspired Cabin in Charlevoix

Tucked away in the municipality of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Villa Boreale is a good base from which to explore the scenic Charlevoix region of Québec.

A project by Canadian studio Cargo Architecture, the cabin is a study in contemporary Scandinavian design, with clean lines, natural materials, and minimalist open-plan interiors.

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Okay so today my dad woke me up to show me this article in “Le Journal de Montreal” because he knows I’m into kpop and guys, I’ve never been so proud. I know it’s in French and I can’t really translate it cause I don’t French often. But the gist of the article is about how they’ve been high up on the Itunes chart in Canada both for their album and for the MV.
They also mentioned how they might not be as popular as Psy but that they’re obviously still extremely successful and guys I’m just so proud. They even praised them because they compose and write they’re own lyrics and I’m just so– so happy, I can’t even put it into words. They’re getting recognized all over the world and I’m just so proud they made it into the newpaper in my city. Kpop isn’t super popular in Montreal but here they are, lengends. I honestly can’t believe it. They got recognition here and that’s honestly so amazing, I’m so shook.

(Although they did mention misogynistic parts of War of Hormone and Joke which was kind of unnecessary because old news pls stop but apart from that it only spoke about good things)