The New Waterboy

Muscle Theft / Body Swap / Jocks / Hypnosis

I was surprised, the locker room was filled with so many mirrors around to the point where it could get confusing but i had a feeling i was defiantly going to like this place alot.

Pulling my arms up I stretched my triceps while making a loud groan. Oh god I loved stretching. Not only did it feel fucking good as i felt my tense muscles pulling and getting bigger. But as i looked at the mirror and saw the alpha beast that i was with my cap turned backwards frat boy style and my flashy sunglasses adorning my handsome face i couldn’t help but congratulate myself on being such a muscle stud. 

I knew i was vain but can you really blame me? When you’re born with such looks and such a strong body it would be an absolute sin not too admire yourself in the mirror all day while i did my stretches. I think i’ll just squeeze in a few bodybuilding poses while i’m at it too.

Perhaps i was too busy to notice but the door leading into the locker room opened as i was gazing into the mirror. 

In walked a much smaller guy as he turned his gaze to me. He smiled politely before asking “You must be the new Quaterback?”

I smirked to myself while relaxing my bicep pose “Junior Quaterback. My name’s Clayton. And i assume your the new waterboy too?”

He nodded his head and bit his lips as his eyes shifted from my left bicep to my right. Not a surprising thing considering most people liked admiring my muscles.

He replied while flashing his eyes over my pecs which were almost completely exposed by my skimpy gym stringers. “Yep same as you. Lance here, first year in college as well.”

Staring up at my face i caught Lance trying to look at my eyes which were shielded by my mirrored sport sunglasses. “I have been told one of my duties were to assist you. And seeing your shoes look muddy, might i ask if you would like me to clean them for you before practice?”

I looked down at the much shorter boy who might even be older than me. “Well sure, go ahead. Don’t mind them being alittle stinky as i did a jog yesterday in them. But since its your job i think you’ll get used to it after awhile.”

I kicked back on a bench and let Lance do all the work. He knelt before me like a serf attending to his master and calmly removed my shoes as its stink filled the room. I would like to say I felt embarrassed by the smell but i like to think of it as a manly trait to have.

He turned the shoes around and noticed the shoe’s size.

“Hey Clayton i was thinking of buying some new shoes. Mind if i try wearing your shoes to test out your feet size?”

I lifted my brow and twisted by head alittle to let him know it was fine.

While he tried on my shoes I looked at the mirror and did a double bicep pose. Man it felt good to look at my own godly image. 

Lance must have noticed me from below and smiled to himself.

“You do like to admire yourself in the mirror huh Clayton? But I don’t blame you. In fact if i were you, I would do the same” 

I snicked to myself while passing a look of agreement to my new serf waterboy. Before putting my arms down I accidentally pushed my cap of from my head.

With his quick reflexes Lance lunged out and grabbed my cap just before hitting the wet ground.

I breathed a sign of relief as i knew the water on the ground would have stained my white cap just before Lance spoke again

“Hey this is a nice looking cap. May I try it on?”

I turned my head towards Lance “All yours buddy!”

He fitted my cap snuggly on his head and turned it around fratboy style as well. As i stood up to continue stetching, Lance also stood up from the ground. 

I was surprised how tall he was. Well he was still slightly shorter than me but i did not realised when i met him the first time how tall he actually was. Maybe it was my sport shoes that made him taller. I shrugged to myself and looked directly into his eyes knowing he could not see mine. For some reason i enjoyed looking at him wearing my cap. It was like looking at myself in the mirror. And you know how vain i was when it came to my own reflection.

He smiled at me before lifting his arms as if to gesture me. But before it could reach higher than my waist i felt a cold spill of water all over my thick muscular thighs. 

I looked down to see that Lance had accidentally spilled some water from the bottle i was carrying over my red shorts. 

“I’m so sorry Clayton! If you don’t mind i can swap my shorts with yours. I’m really sorry!”

It all happened so fast but i was just eager to remove the soggy shorts from myself and have a good training later when it started. So we both stripped our respective shorts and traded them with each other.

Pulling up my new pants I was so enthralled to see the reflection before me in the mirror. I looked up and saw the powerfully muscular man as he smiled back at me. I always knew i was good looking but damm. My smile today was incredibly charming! If there was one thing that did not lie, it was your own reflection.

I did a few poses but my reflection did not look as good as it was supposed to. Most likely because it was wearing a shirt. So i traded my my gym stringers with it hoping that i could reveal more of my glorious muscles in the mirror.

As my reflection pulled the stringers down his incredibly sexy body I marveled at every inch of his bulging aesthetically pleasing muscles. He turned to me and flashed a smile before lifting an arm and flexing it. It was incredible. To see that huge bulge gaining in mass as he played with it. This was why i loved posing in the mirror. Looking at my own reflection was the best thing in life. 

I lifted my sunglasses on my forehead to better see the beautiful mass before me.

But looking at it without the tinted lenses of my sunglasses something felt weird. It felt like this was not my reflection at all. 

Before i realized it a hand swept across my face and took my sunglasses of my forehead.

My “reflection” put the sunglasses over his eyes and continued charming me with his smile.

No longer able to look into his eyes through his mirrored sunglasses now, I turned my head away and faced a different direction and looked at the scrawny guy infront of me. 

I looked closer 

Taking my shirt off i was shocked to see that he had taken his shirt off as well and was mimicking my every move.

I whispered to myself “Who is that?”

A hot breathe came upon my neck and whispered into my ear in a deep sexy voice “Its the New Waterboy” 

richie tozier the legend

so, @eddiesbadbreak and @eddiekasp and I were in TEARS the other day over the idea of adult richie tozier being super connected and up to date with the high school kids and community so here we go :

-Richie goes to Dunkin Donuts every morning before work and gets his breakfast : black coffee and a cinnamon donut. He becomes friends with the employees there, and it gets to a point where his order his ready for him when he comes in every morning.

-“Here’s your coffee Mr. Tozier, your donut with be right out!”

-He tips HUGE and the kids literally argue over who gets to bring him his order.

-Sometimes he sits down and talks to the kids and they catch him up on what is going down at school

“Mr. Tozier, you won’t believe what happened yesterday at school.”

“Marcus, sit your ass down and tell me everything.”


“So Benny is cheating on Grace with Ashley?”

“Yeah, but listen Mr. Tozier, the quaterback of the football team-”


“Yeah, Jeffrey and Benny have been hooking up too-”


“I know!!!”


“I haven’t seen Brenda lately, is she on vacation?”

“No Mr. Tozier she got fired last week.”

“Tell me everything Jared.”


-Everyone calls him Mr. Tozier

-Every time Richie and Eddie go out, it feels like they hear “Yeah Mr. Tozier!!” then Eddie yells back, “We are MARRIED!!!”

-Whenever the kids see Eddie they ask about Richie

“Hey Mr. Tozier hows the other Mr. Tozier?”

“He’s doing fine, Emma.”

“Tell Mr. Tozier I said hi! Bye Mr. Tozier!”


-Richie becomes the football announcer for all of the games and all of the kids love it because he over shares.

“And there goes Jacob Hudson! He’s coming in hot! This defense can’t seem to catch him! AaaaaaND TOUCHDOWN!!! What a great play, what a great kid, it’s truly a shame that his girlfriend is cheating on him, WHAT A NIGHT FOLKS!!!”


“Alright everybody it is now time for our player spotlight for tonight’s game. Tonight we have the one, the only, Rrrrrodger Rrrrranks! And folks let me tell you this kid has been playing the game since he could hold a football. Lets pray he makes it to the big time because this kid can’t make a cup of coffee for his life folks! Sorry Rodg, you suck at the food game, but not this game! Aaaand THAT’S tonight’s spotlight folks.”


-They sell tickets to the games solely because Richie is announcing.

-Eddie and Richie donate money to the school

-Richie chaperones at all of the school dances but he spikes the punch and ends up being the life of the party

-At the end of the school year, Richie throws a massive party at his big ass Beverly Hills mansion house.

-He picks four seniors and gets them to help him set up and plan the party. He lets them hire a DJ, make the guest list, and get the house ready.

-He fills the bottom of his pool with hundreds of red glow sticks

-He buys SO MUCH BOOZE and hires bartenders

-Eddie sets up a key jar and buys a bunch of condoms. He locks he & Richie’s bedroom but leaves the guest rooms open and leaves a bowl of condoms by the stairs.

-Richie calls the cab company and pays for them to be ready to drive kids home who have had too much to drink

-Richie gets super dressed up, he wears his red suit and yellow dress shoes and he slicks his hair back. He looks like a gameshow host

-All of the kids love his outfits and compliment him

-Richie gets hammered and stands of the roof, takes off his suit jacket and all the kids start yelling “TOZIER TOZIER TOZIER TOZIER” and he cannon-ball’s into the pool off the roof.

-Some of the girls get super drunk and try to flirt with him but Richie just laughs at them

-The next morning there are at least ten kids passed out somewhere in their house.

-Eddie goes around with a broom and pokes them awake then calls them a cab.

-Richie is super hungover

-Kids who couldn’t drive home stop by throughout the day to pick up their keys and their cars

-The Toziers are known as local legends