The worst gem joke of all time

Rose, Amethyst, and Jasper walk into a bar

That bartender asks “what will it be?”

Amethyst says “four waters please”

The bartender pours the four waters, with a look of confusion on his face

Rose notices this and asks “what’s wrong”

The bartender says “Why do need water?”

Jasper asks “what do you mean?”

The bartender answers “You don’t need to eat or drink. Aren’t you all gems?”

Rose, Amethyst, and Jasper look at each other, and at the exact same time, they respond:

“Of Quartz we are.”

Pink Tournaline with small amounts of indicolite in quartz from Brazil. This lovely piece is available on our Etsy store. #tourmaline #pinktourmaline #indicolite #quartz #tourmalineinquartz #brazil #reiki #reikihealing #yogalove #mineral #minerals #crystal #crystals #crystalsofig #crystalhealing #crystalsforsale #crystalporn #crystalgems #gems #etsy #geology #stones #rocks #chakra #chakra #meditation #heal #healingcrystals #boulder #handsofspirit (at Hands of Spirit Gallery)

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Eco-Friendly Handmade Jewelry by Frieda + Sophie

San Francisco-based designer Frieda + Sophie devotes her time into the construction of her unconventional, yet beautiful and eco-friendly jewelry. All gemstones and mineral stones, geodes, and natural specimens are acquired honorably. Although 80% of her stones are obtained in the U.S., she is adamant about directly purchasing international order from mine owners. Each piece is personally curated and transformed manually by her.

Although stones are commonly used in jewelry design, the artist’s perspective on design provides a highly contemporary product. Frieda + Sophie usually implements quartz, tourmaline, titanium, amethyst, opal and other minerals in her work to create an unorthodox and informative variety.

Unlike other designers, who change a mineral to fit their design, the artist usually refrains from changing its natural composition. The raw, untouched beauty of each stone is exhibited in each piece organically, few changes have been made to its original texture and shape, which intensify its authenticity. You can find the entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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