I’m back! now finally bringing more mass effect Oc’s! It’s time for those two… I wanted to post time since a month, but due my university i didn’t have the time…until now, I’m now more inspired than ever due the newest trailer of Andromeda…anyway i hope you like it

now, some info (warning : long post)

Camil whikham

originative of the earth and the team strategist. her elite training for the N7 made her being of the best qualified by her knowledge in engineering, robotics and medicine, Camil is an efficient strategist worthy Of the N7 to stand Front of the land defense against the reapers, most of the time she is devoted to try new technology that can help the war.tShe has faced the reapers in the past, and she has gained experience by learning the weaknesses of the Enemy … but at a high price … her more used quote is: “the knowledge wins wars”
Appearance: his current age is 30 years terrestrial. she has Brown hair and honey eyes.

Weapons and equipment:
…. uses a duplicate of the prothean laser modified for human use … and a high precision shotgun N7/ cruzader. an ammunition generator and automatic shield .. vital for when the supply vectors can not reach dangerous areas.

Personality: although the raw experience she has gained in the battle. her personality as remained like some enthusiastic and cheerful person for her own good and her team. always having a hope where there is a catastrophe ..

Trivia: maintains a close relationship with the fury N7 Neves and loo'eez aboard the “Hermes” crew since their first encounter. now as a team they are inseparable

Tastes and hobbies: as she hates the synthetic food, she currently cooks ..she is not very good but she tries to follow the classic resets of the past.
She loves literature … especially learning native languages ​​from other planets .. which is very useful when it comes to going to battles in remote places on earth. Also loves to write .. from bitacoras to poetry light and although she has a diary she only has shared with N7 Neves for the great confidence both have with each other.

Dislikes: dislikes the disorder ..( she keeps her equipment clear and impeccable person ).. also Camil can’t stand the fights or shouts .. she always will put a stop.

Loo’eez Vas Hermes  (Known as ‘Louis’ by his team)

for some reason i imagined his voice like dr Krauss XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSDqDOLupNc

Nothing is known of his early days and family, Actually he serves as field medic in the “Hermes” ship in charge of commander Tanner.

Because of his experience as a nomad and combatant in some point, he prefers to help his squadmates in the battlefield than sitting in the medical cover, He remains hidden with his camouflage, he carries his rifle and some electric grenades, but he’s always equipped with mediguel and some medical instruments.

Has a thorough knowledge of any species,so he can tell his crew that he knows what he does when he works as a medic.Initially he was motivated to know a way to help his quarian species since they have a weak immune system, therefore they need to wear those outfits all the time.

His personality is calm,  friendly and hospitable, but when it comes to relationships too close he is a bit shy and prefers to keep his distance at first, . Usually gets along well with most of the group and and treats them with chivalry, although in a way He becomes nervous or even anxious, especially when there are krogans and batarians around.


white humor, his job as a medic, anything that can be digestible (lol), Art of any culture, specially human.

dislikes: bad habits, noises (people talking at the same time XD), politics, selfishness, Varrens.

Camil by @biduke-h

Louise by me