I’m surprised I haven’t seen more Loqi love out there *O*


Honestly, I know he was only in the game for like a second before *blasting off again* but his character seemed really interesting to me. Like I headcanon that he is an MT too and he and Prompto are actually like brothers who were separated when they were young…Maybe Promto was sent into Lucis as a spy but became defective? I don’t really know. I just really loved Loqi’s design and wish we could have seen more of him. 

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Can we see your headcanon for Ushijima or Kageyama in the Avatar AU?

Yeah! For Ushi, I think of him as an earthbender, because he’s this big wall, hard to bring down … like a rock? Idk (also an extra waterbender!Tendou because he’s my son and I had to draw him).

About Kageyama, he’s a firebender because in my AU Hinata is an airbender, so their elements complement one each other, and if he’s a firebender his rivalry with Oikawa can exist in a better way (?) if they share element.

I know This is kind of late but I wanted to still do this, so um. 


I hope you had a great birthday. You’re an absolutely amazing artist and person in general I’m sorry I was late in this but just want to say luv yah and keep doing your best! 

I wasn’t going to post it but then @saosmash posted her’s so I gave in!  A commission by the esteemed @dataglitch❤️ of my boys~  I love every bit of this work!  Tormentor’s smile makes me melt every time I look at it, and how focused Lieutenant looks.  <3 <3 <3 So much adoration <3