Donee with more Tellius IkeSoren art 

Made Soren’s eyes a bit too big here for my own taste but I totally blame that on his concept art, which has him modelling outfits while staring at the viewer with eyes that take up half his face. ANYWAY, have some Ike mega cleavage too.

While looking through RD concept art, I always thought some of Soren’s clothes looked kinda similar to a Qipao so I tried to sorta draw one for him that’d resemble his purple Sage robes too. 

Most of the Goldoa royal family actually also shares this whole Qipao-esque fashion as well and I kinda wonder if that was intentional….

I have an even higher res version of this too but not posting it cus then you guys would see all my mistakes it’d take up too much space? Yeah.

PS: On the concept art notes, it’s specified that Soren wears really tight white tights instead of pants with his Sage and other RD outfits eyesemoji.jpg


A while ago I was asked about the construction of the Vietnamese Ao Dai and Chinese Cheongsam/Qipao. I had a few dresses at my disposal and figured it would be fun to do a compare and contrast. Due to the small collection, I was only able to photograph a few samples (all tailored circa 2000s, except one I’m sure…). This basically just covers the “classic” tailoring styles of Ao Dai and Cheongsam/Qipao. The latest trends may not adhere to it!

NOTE: For simplicity’s sake, I primarily used the word Cheongsam (Cantonese) instead of Qípáo (Mandarin) because its wider use as an English loanword.


Happy Chinese New Year!
May good fortunes and prosperity bestow upon you!

((Chinese New Year was celebrated by most people last week, including me! But the whole event itself goes on for a couple of weeks. So I had to draw one for my chinese zodiac. Rooster represent! It was also an excuse to draw clothes and different hairstyles; I had lots of fun drawing them all!))