QWOP Cosplayer at Anime North 2013 (by ProTekProductions)



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If Anime North isn’t the coolest con ever then clearly you’ve been to Atomic Lollipop never been to Anime North.
The cosplayers alone blow my mind. @____@


Unearthing Colossal is a very cool 2D pixel Art QWOP-Like physics brawler with puzzles, unique weapons and large bosses, that puts you in charge of a bloodthirsty Colossus who wipes out whole human villages with no mercy.

As in most QWOP-Style games, the controls take some getting used to, but are also a large part of the enjoyment.  ‘WASD’ controls character movement, while the arrow keys control your arms.  You can pick up items and weapons in each individual hand and flail them around to great effect.  Once mastered, you can even throw items – in-fact you’ll need to to solve some puzzles.

There’s lots of fun to be had from being a colossus, wiping out humans and smashing their villages with some well timed blows.  As well as destruction, there are a few well implemented puzzles, and some impressive boss fights along the way, making for a game that will test your brain power as well as your finger dexterity.  

Don’t stand in the shadow of this colossus or it’ll pulverise you (after a few practice swings).

Play the Unearthing Colossal Alpha Demo, Free


Deputy Dangle is a a wonderfully bizarre QWOP-style game where you play a floppy, boneless cop who must protect a city full of mysteriously obese critters and devious senior citizens headed by an elusive villain known only as G-ma.

Having lost his bones in an accident accident involving glue, cats, and radioactive glue solventDeputy Dangle is reduced to filpping, flopping and rolling around town in a rather ungracefull manner.  The accident did have one useful side-effect however, he has the ability to climb and stick to walls, buildings and other objects with ease.  This compounded with his arsenal of gadgets, allows him to glide, grapple and climb his way around town like a overwieght, floppy spiderman.

Needless to say it’s a ridiculously silly game, it’s also a ridiculously fun one too.  Full of good humor and slapstick gameplay.  It’s a joy hanging around with Deputy Dangle, he may have no skeleton, but he’s certainly got a funny bone.

Play the Alpha Demo, Free


Stilt Fella is a super tough QWOP-Like  in which you have to traverse 14 increasingly tough levels atop two independently controlled stilts.  Be warned, stilt waling is surprisingly tricky you will fall on your face a LOT!

Forget the daredevil feats of agility in in the GIFs above, when you first start out in Stilt Fella, you’ll be lucky to walk a few steps without falling on your face.  Best played with a 360 controller, each analogue stick controls an independent side, while the trigger buttons are used to lift the stilts off the floor.  This may sound fairly simple, but it really isn’t.

As daunting as they may seem, each level is actually possible, complete them all and you’ll even unlock a secret character.  The key in Stilt Fella is perseverance, with a bit of practice, things start to click and you’ll be a stilt walking pro (well maybe not a pro, but you’ll fall on your face a little less!).

Play the Full Game, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)