Ignis x Raine
We Intertwined soulmate AU
Word Count: 3,432

I blame disheveled Iggy. Also! I’ve decided there will be a part two to this at some point, because why not. This one has a semi-public quickie, light oral, wall sex, all that fun stuff. Enjoy!

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Raine checked the time on the wall clock in the living room. It was getting late, and she huffed out a sigh, barely audible over the chatter of all the children currently occupying her house. Cam and Gladio had stopped by for a visit at Raine’s invitation with their twin girls, Violet and Daisy, bouncing in tow.

Daisy and Aurora had pieces of paper sprawled out on the floor, the four year-olds laid out on their bellies as they scribbled out images to a made-up story they’d made up ten minutes prior. Violet was sitting cross-legged, her spine pin-straight as Lucas sat behind her, braiding her hair into a complicated plait that he’d practiced on his little sister many times before.

“Where’s Iggy?” Gladio asked from his position on the couch, an arm draped over his wife’s shoulders. Cam leaned into his embrace, resting her weight against Gladio’s chest as she craned her neck to glance at the clock.

“It’s getting late,” she agreed. “I thought you said he’d be back by now.”

Raine’s arms were crossed, and she tapped her index finger against her bicep anxiously. “He went to go train at the grounds by the power plant,” she said as she let out a worried sigh. “He said he wouldn’t be long, but maybe he lost track of time.”

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