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You should honestly keep the politics off of this blog. Its really great to see the cool things you post and I really enjoy it but Im really tired of the politics constantly trying to choke people into supporting them. And for the record, symptoms in females are well documented and routinely used, especially in mental health. In fact, most symptoms commonly used to describe anxiety and depression refer to how they manifest in women.

I’ve literally made probably three posts ever about politics on this blog. 

Look, guys, if you don’t want to read about it, then guess what? That’s what the tags are for. You are more than welcome to block the tags so that related posts don’t appear on your wall.This is the reason why I’m so meticulous about tagging things on my blog. If you don’t like it, then take advantage of it by blocking them. It is not my job to protect everybody from anything that they don’t want to see. That’s YOUR job. The most I’m willing to do is facilitate you helping yourself by adding tags or trigger warnings. 

If you don’t like it, then don’t follow me; but this whole “I don’t like it when you talk about politics/mental illness/plants/history/feminism/insects/people, you need to stop posting about them” bit is getting really old. (And yes, these are all topics that people have asked me to stop posting about because they don’t want to read about it. I don’t mind adding tags or trigger warnings to a post, but I’m not going to just leave it off of my blog because a few people don’t want to read about it, sorry.)

Edit: Yeah, I went back and looked. In the roughly two and a half years that I’ve been running this blog, I’ve made a grand total of six whole posts about politics. 


Boats traveling along a nicely eroded river, Croatia. Not quite sure what the small boxes in the foreground are, any suggestions?


О огромности мира

Город передо мной так огромен, широк и необъятен, буквально, во всех смыслах и значениях. Ему нет границ, он растёт быстрее, чем это получается осознавать, и узнать его до конца просто невозможно. Этот город целая маленькая вселенная, в которой дороги сменяются тротуарами, проспекты перетекают в автомагистрали, а за каждым поворотом ещё десять, а за ними ещё и ещё, и нет им конца, нет пределов огромности этого города. Его не узнать, не изучить, не постичь его. Только поверхностное, только полувзгляд, полуслово - как раскрыть карту и разглядывать целый день, но ничего не вспомнить уже через несколько минут, как закроешь. А сколько в мире ещё таких городов, ведь есть ещё больше, ещё необъятнее и от этого кружится голова, от того, что невозможно успеть осмотреть все, успеть хотя бы бросить взгляд на основные места. Мир огромен, мир больше, чем огромен, велик, громаден и неописуем ни одним из возможных слов. Невероятно. Я сижу на лавочке, смотрю перед собой и вижу как мимо проходят люди, меняются лица, одежда, походка, какие-то особенности и каждое новое лицо стирает впечатление о предыдущем. Сколько же в мире людей. Они пересчитаны. И если безэмоциональная цифра укладывается в голове, то действительно осознать это количество невозможно. Огромные города, тысячи, десятки и сотни тысяч лиц, миллионы лиц, характеров, взглядов, особенностей и индивидуальностей. Как же много, как же невероятно много людей и как огромны города, в которых они живут. И как же мал я, сидящий на этой лавочке, пропускающий мимо себя лишь малую часть проходящих и проезжающих. Я так мал в этом огромном мире, в этом большом городе. И если так думает каждый, то как же нас много, осознающих свою малость среди всего, что вокруг. В этих бурлящих жизнью городах, среди других людей, среди движения времени и прогресса. Мир слишком велик. Но как же хочется приоткрыть хотя бы немного, пробежаться по нескольким абзацам, заглянуть чуть дальше, чем возможно на первый взгляд. И почему же этот город так огромен, почему этот мир так велик? И кто я среди всего этого, почему я так мал, почему сижу сегодня на этой лавочке с замершим взглядом и почему меня одолевают такие мысли? Почему я здесь и кто?

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Okay. So, Jews. Is it a race, religion, or a combination/blend of the two? If there are differing views, which way do you prefer to think of it?

We’re an ethno-religious group, which, like everything Jewish and Jewish-related, is massively complicated and leaves everyone with their heads scratching, “Who is a Jew?” (including us Jews.)

Unless I’m mistaken, we’re pretty much a unique group when it comes to that. Throughout our history, we’ve been chased out of a ton of different countries, but our faith and our traditions have stayed, essentially, the same. Along the way, we’ve picked up some local traditions and made them into our own (like Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews have different traditions when it comes to Pesach – Passover), but thanks to keeping to ourselves for so long, despite us coming in all colours depending on where our ancestors ran to, we all have some common genetic markers. Askhenazi Jews are also more likely to have specific genetic diseases.

To make it simpler, we can look at how we’ve been racialised over our history, too. Shakespeare made Shylock greedy and cowardly. The Nazis were convinced that they could “tell” who was Jewish by the shapes of our noses, eyes, ears and even heads. Today, we have white supremacists that believe that even Jews with the lightest skin, whether they’re observant religiously or not, we’re “infiltrating the white race.” It doesn’t matter if a Jew is pasty-white and red-headed, they’re Jews and they’re “the enemy” to them.

It is genuinely antisemitic when we have outsiders who tell us that we’re not an ethnicity, that we’re “only” our faith, because there are plenty of Jews who don’t believe in G-d, and that doesn’t discount their Jewishness in the slightest. 

I’d be Jewish if I decided to become Haredi, Orthodox, or an atheist. My faith has nothing to do with my Jewish identity outside of my traditions. I’m not “less” of a Jew for enjoying a bacon sandwich. 

So, I hope that answers your question, ha.

I’ve got a question.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is arguably the most famous rock song, if not song overall, in the world. People of all ages know every word to it, even though it’s a whopping 6 minutes long. It came out in 1975, yet people who were born in the 2000s even know the lyrics. 

So my question is when was the first time you’ve heard the song? Do you have no idea, and just somehow one day new every word to it? 

The first time I heard the song, my brother was giving me all his old CDs, including his downloaded music on CDs (oh, the day when every discovered you could download mp3s and make your own CDs). My brother was all about classic rock, metal, and grunge, and I was 12/13 and I was just getting into that music. So one CD was a mix tape of various classic rock songs, movie soundtracks, random quotes from funny movies, but then I got to Bohemian Rhapsody. I had no idea who it was, but I remember listening to it religiously. I had no idea that it was such an old man, and how famous it was until about a year later. 

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15878 said she had sensory issues. I think it is important to mention that many many girls with anorexia are autistic/aspies and have never been diagnosed. Sometimes people don't notice. (Sensory issues are very common in aspies)

And having food obsessions sometimes helps people cope with stress aspie problems cause. I think you should mention this topic sometime bc it’s important.It could help people deal with their main problems which could help the recovery process. I am both autistic and have food issues I haven’t dealt with, and I know it’s easier for girls to have an ED when you constantly feel like you don’t fit in and don’t know why. It can create a lot of insecurity. I really encourage everyone…With an ED or with someone close to them with an ED to learn about aspergers, and even if it doesn’t help you at all it could help you understand the topic a bit more bc people usually don’t know anything about it. I just wanted to say this.. because finding out I am autistic/have aspergers has helped me so much and I really hope it helps other people. I also hope no one takes this in a negative way.. aspergers isn’t a horrible thing people should be afraid of.

This is so important, thanks for sending this in! Note: we do not know the gender of the person who submitted the original confession, and it is important to not just say ‘girls’ when referring to people who suffer from EDs.


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Is the only reason people don't refer to Camilla as Princess of Wales because of Diana?

Camilla asked that she be known as Duchess of Cornwall - her lesser title - rather than Princess of Wales in respect of Diana. 

She chose to go by the lesser title because of Diana.

I need some advice people… I always tried to take on meditation but it always seemed difficult or I just didn’t have the time. Most sites and articles call for ‘no thinking’ (which is impossible) or 'focusing on the breath’ (boring for me, plus I always had thoughts coming and going). Would it work if I visualised myself walking through the woods or beach or just simply going through one without picturing me, but concentrating on the place and the sounds themselves? I couldn’t find anything like it, that’s why I ask. Thanks!