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sinisterkid92 asked:

Hey! Can you do a esfj intp friendship comparision, like you've recently done with other types? :)

Duals, huh? Molly and Arthur Weasley, from Harry Potter.

Molly, the ESFJ, runs the house and keeps the kids in line. She frets about their safety and has no problem expressing how she feels about things, including being “cold” to Hermione when she thinks Hermione has jilted Harry Potter (hahaha). She assigns tasks to keep the kids busy and out of trouble… useful sorts of tasks that involve de-hexing bedrooms and cleaning out dark arts stuff. She is a mother hen, constantly ensuring that everyone is having a good time, and is safe, and has all their books, and is looked after. 

(Si note: I went on vacation with an ESFJ and her five daughters once. One of them looked at me at one point and said, “I’m sorry she’s mothering you.” I laughed and said, “It’s fine. It’s like having Molly Weasley in charge.” No joke. Fe-dom all the way. “Charity, do you have your stuff? Are you hungry? Thirsty? You look hot. Should we sit down for awhile?” “Nah. I’m fine, Mrs. Weasley.”)

In comparison to Molly, Arthur is… what? The eccentric. The good-natured, laid-back father figure who really only stresses out over… his kids being in danger. Everything else is fine. You took the flying car out? Neat! Tell me all about it over breakfast! Did she handle well? He’s so excited about Muggle stuff — the novelty of it, the idea of it. He collects Muggle… junk. Stuff. Has sheds full of it. Wants to know the purpose of things. (”Harry, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?”) He’s so delighted to experience the novelty of the Muggle world that he’d probably take apart the subway ticket taker just to see how it works.

Her Fe/Si makes Molly prioritize looking after people and taking care of them; Arthur’s Ti/Ne makes him curious about new ideas and experiences that lead to bigger understanding of the world at large. She concerns herself with people, and he concerns himself with STUFF. He doesn’t mind being wedged into a tiny office in the Ministry of Magic, because … he gets to de-hex STUFF. Muggle stuff! Something he loves to do.

Duals … sometimes compliment one another nicely, depending on the people involved, and sometimes drive each other insane. For the Weasleys, it works. And if an SFJ is around, the NTP never runs out of food.

Crib ask

Hi casperplus I can’t send you a private message so I will do it this way. I believe the crib you’re looking for is this one:

It is a Sebra Kili crib. You can find dealers/webshops on their website here

I hope this is of help to you & your wife. And many thanks for your kind words ♥

curiouscarson asked:

Do you think you could talk about a fictional INFJ/ISFJ relationship and how that works?

Falling back on Fringe. Because I can.

I’ve talked about Olivia a zillion times. INFJ. To the max. Big picture thinker. Flits of insight and the ability to know stuff she could not possibly know without her intuition filling in the blank spaces. Inferior Se turns up in her tendency to ignore the rules and live a little on the wild side — like sleeping with her partner in the FBI when we first meet her. She doesn’t hesitate to leap into action, either, and is a bigger risk taker than Astrid.

As an ISFJ, though, Astrid is closer to simple answers to complex problems. She encourages Olivia to live in the moment, to deal with her feelings, to let herself need affirmation, and to take life one day at a time — in short, to stop looking so far ahead and be okay with what’s happening right now. Astrid deals with things as they transpire around her, on a sensor level … she is down to earth and practical, and attentive to the people around her more than their grand connections or potential.

Both of them are warm, amiable, and emotional. Each has their feelings hurt on occasion (never by each other) but are great at dealing with people, particularly Walter … who is inconsiderate and absorbed in ENTP stuff most of the time. Olivia keeps him on target and focuses him, and Astrid ensures that he does not burn the lab down. Their shared ability to understand him gives them something in common, in addition to their work, and they get along really well — even though their approaches are fundamentally different and their mental process is also different. Olivia approaches things from the big picture focus of how this fits into a greater puzzle; and Astrid takes things at face value and then sees their greater potential and what is apparent.

INFJ and ISFJs get along in regards to their middle functions, but often conflict in terms of communication, because ISFJs think that INFJs are dwelling too much in abstract realms (too focused on the big picture to notice the details) and INFJs do not like the ISFJ’s tendency to nitpick on the details while ignoring the big picture. The language barrier leads to miscommunication, but it is usually resolved fairly easily through a mutual desire to avoid hurt feelings (Fe comes to a consensus and backs off, even though Ni/Si are equally stubborn in defending their views).

jenniferkitty03 asked:

What do you like about Kamisama Hajimemashita? 😊

Oh gosh, where do I start?

There is so much to say about Kamisama Hajimemashita, I’m not even sure how to properly answer this question.  So I’m going to list a few things I love about the series.

1. Nanami and Tomoe

First off, I really enjoy Nanami and Tomoe’s relationship.  Nanami is a character I immediately liked because, even though she may not be physically strong, she has a strong moral code and genuinely cares for those around her. She’s literally left to fend for herself, but she does not give up. Luckily she meets and helps Mikage, who bestows upon her the kiss of godhood.  Nanami’s enthusiastic outlook on life is a direct contrast to her familiar, Tomoe.

To be honest, my first impression of Tomoe was “hot” lol.  I’ve always liked white-haired demons and Tomoe seemed to fit the bill there.  BUT Tomoe is more than a pretty face.  He has an interesting character development and is extremely loyal to the few companions he chooses.  He and Nanami form a balanced pair.  They both stand on their own ground while also helping each other out.

2. Fantasy + Romance

I was drawn to this series because it has good storytelling with supernatural elements, but being a shoujo manga, there are plenty of romantic moments between the main pair. (And interesting interactions between some of the males with and an unsuspecting Nanami!)  I find Tomoe a lovely romantic lead, even though he would deny it.  He knows how to make Nanami and my heart flutter. Nanami is so adorable and truly cares for Tomoe’s happiness. She doesn’t want to do anything to hurt Tomoe or get in the way of his happiness, even if it meant he’d be happier with someone else (that whole Yukiji and Nanani part was sad for a while).

3. Kurama, Mizuki, Akura-Ou, Ami …

I also like the other characters in this series.  They have well-developed personalities and pasts. KamiHaji doesn’t rely on just Tomoe and Nanami for an interesting story. A lot of these characters are pretty likeable, even Akura-Ou who is the main antagonist. (I want to talk more about Akura-Ou, I’ll save that for another post though)  

For example, the Kurama Arc gives deeper insight into Kurama’s past and we see him grow more here too.  I’m a big fan of Kurama and I ship Kurama and Ami hard. KurAmi is my name for them :) (I’m not sure if it’s already done?)

There are definitely more things, but I’ll leave it at this for now since this post is getting long again :)  I’ll probably do another post later with some more things. Is anyone reading the manga? The anime is great, but I definitely recommend reading the manga too! It’s an absolute read for any fan. If anyone is reading it and wants to talk about some things, we can start a big post on it!

I hope that answered your question, and thank you so much for asking me!

For anyone else reading this, why do you like Kamisama Hajimemashita? 

anonymous asked:

After a total hysterectomy (including the removal of the ovaries), will a trans man be able to produce a small amount of estrogens? Cis men have low levels of estrogens in their body and for a good reason, but how will a trans man's levels compare?

Yes, we’re still able to create estrogen after a hysterectomy. Ovaries and testicles are not the only hormone producing organs in our bodies. That’s a normal misconception since most of our education focuses on those primary organs. They create the bulk of our sex hormones, which are also not the only hormones in our bodies, but definitely not all of it. Estrogen is also produced in fat cells, the adrenal glands, the liver, and breast tissue (everyone has this). Recent studies have shown that the hypothalamus in the brain is also capable of producing estrogen. Our estrogen levels, before and after a hysterectomy since testosterone suppresses the ovaries, are therefore similar to a cis man’s levels.

... are you happy with your life?

I’m sitting at the baker’s at the railway station drinking my beloved coffee & eating a croissant. My train arrives in 20 minutes. A couple is sitting next to me. They’re arguing about trifles (like why didn’t you pay with the coins?) And then there’s silence …

“Are you happy with your life?”, the man asks his wife in all of a sudden & all she answers is “Whatever gave you that idea?!” and they continue arguing …

And I’m sitting there, thinking about his question. happiness. According to wikipedia happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy…

Med school often pushes you to your limits, you cry, you’re stressed & sleep deprived, but then there those little moments that give you so much energy: When you finally understood a complicated pathway, when you’re allowed to assist the surgeon for the first time or when a patient’s getting better. Med school is my life. My life is med school. I put so much energy in and still I’m happy & grateful for it. 

Are you happy?

anonymous asked:

kayleigh i have a cute story. so I work at a cafe almost everyday between 8pm-2am. I live in a rough city/part of town so being there alone can get pretty scary :/ but anyway, I had a very very hot boy come in two weeks ago at about 1am, and he asked if it was hard to work so late. and I told him no, it's not hard but it is scary being completely alone in this city so late. and he just smiled and nodded. ANYWAY over the past two weeks after that day he came into the cafe when I was working-

-everyday between 12am-2am. and finally yesterday I asked why he does that, because before this he never came in. and he smiled and told me he was keeping me company so I didnt feel scared :~) and he asked me out + we went on a date last night and it was so amazing!! he is so hot and sweet but also really badass and tough. he’s like one of those guys that’s an asshole unless you’re close with hi. anyway we are going o another date tonight and imso!

aklsjaslkfjsdlfkjdslkfdlf oh mtgod this is like a fan fic this is so cute!!!

anonymous asked:

In the anime, does tomoe touch her breasts when she accidentally comes over to sleep on his side of the room? Cause he mentions it late and...?

Hello Anon! 

This was a cute scene and Tomoe’s explanation later was ridiculous.

Just to recap, in episode 8, this happens:

which coincides with the scene near the end of chapter 55 in the manga

Tomoe, upon seeing Nanami in his futon, is startled and continues to wonder why he is so affected by this girl.  Before she makes herself comfy (although she does it accidentally), Tomoe was already thinking to himself and seriously questioning his feelings for her.  It’s no surprise that Tomoe tries to stop himself from forming close bonds with Nanami and he often mentions his desire to remain “unperturbed.”  But he can’t, because he loves her.  

His desire to keep himself distanced is probably fuelled by his fear of being hurt. Mikage speaks to his abandonment issues in episode 5, and Tomoe’s frustration and his reactions are shown throughout the anime/manga. 

[Oh and that’s why Tomoe finds Jiro so annoying because Jiro also resists Nanami despite his feelings for her.  Tomoe even goes on to compare Jiro as his reflection because they both try very hard to suppress their feelings for Nanami - this is something I could talk more about later, but I should really get to the point of your question first lol]

As for any “fondling,” no, Tomoe isn’t touching her in that way.  He is simply holding onto her.  He wants Nanami to be within arms reach so that he can always protect her.  That is his duty as her familiar, but really a duty he has adopted out of love.  Tomoe doesn’t want anything or anyone hurting Nanami and will do anything to protect her.

Then, Tomoe denies everything.  He refuses to admit to Nanami that he loves her (but not to hurt her, rather because he is trying to sort it out himself and wants to ensure her protection).  Instead, he makes up a tale to divert Nanami’s suspicions.  Tomoe says he was dreaming of Tanuko, mistook Nanami for her and then basically calls Nanami flat-chested.  

Lol Tomoe, there are better ways to change the topic.  

Poor Nanami is just left confused and walks away. She has better things to do after all.

And Tomoe facepalms:

(this was funny because his deep inhale was so serious!)

It’s clear that Tomoe is trying hard to deny something, and Kurama can tell. I 100% agree with Kurama’s opinion of the fox: 

Thanks for the question Anon!  I’m sorry it’s a bit long, but hopefully it helped :) 

anonymous asked:

I really like this boy, and according to islam dating and such isnt allowed but marriage is, how is that possible, no dating but yes marriage, how will u marry the one you love without dating them.. How is this possible.. I cant restrain myself from this boy, i wouldnt do anything sexual, only love, from the heart. I dont understand. I apolygize if i offeneded anyone :(

Assalamu Alaikum,

Firstly you can approach him through a halal way. Tell yourparents about him and they will talk to the guy or his parents for marriage purpose.

Secondly, you can make dua if you want him/her to be your spouse in a halal way and also say “if it’s good for me” because we don’t know what goods for us only Allah knows.  Sometime people also get despair of the mercy of Allah that we pray but didn’t get what we asked for always remember Allah plan is better than our wishes so it may happen that you may not get him/her. So don’t ever despair of the mercy of Allah.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.

( Surah Al-Baqarah 2:216)

Thirdly, Remember that marriage is not the propose of the life and it’s the mean to get closer to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. You will get married on an appointed time and this is the best time to work on your relationship with Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Marriage is not a bed of roses; it has it’s own trials. As you get married your responsibilities will also get increased. So prepare yourself for that responsibility, gain Islamic knowledge, and read about the rights of husband, wife and children because when you say yes for the marriage, you have agreed that you are ready to take the responsibility.

Fourthly, if you can’t marry him right now and still be in a relationship with him then you are giving more priority to your desires than pleasing Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Temptation will be there that you want to talk to him but you have to suppress your desires.

May Allah guide us to the straight path.


agentmacklins asked:

Would you ever consider typing Biblical figures? (Your comment about Pilate being a Te-dom made me wonder about some other people...)

I got an ask a long time ago about this, asking me about specific Bible characters and … I’ve been sitting on it awhile, procrastinating because other than the obvious cases (Jesus, for example), typing Biblical figures requires research and… I’m lazy. But I do plan on throwing a few in the queue this weekend for Easter since I’ll be re-reading the gospels this week.