I’ve written a lot of dad!Jess but suddenly I’m wondering how he’d handle it if his kids pulled pranks like he did? I’m sure it would depend on what the prank WAS but… I can’t help but wonder if he’d shrug it off, treat it as a serious discipline issue, or not even be able to keep a straight face…or even give them pointers… I can kind of visualize any of these scenarios. What do you guys think?

Should I, or should I not?

I’ve been a little tempted to totally wipe my Pullip Nahh-Ato’s faceup and redoing it myself, but I’m not sure if I should actually do it or not. I’ve been trying to wait for a custom bait Nahh-Ato to show up to do that, but that seems like it would be highly unlikely to find one, and it’s a shame because I really REALLY have a custom in mind that I’d like to do, but I imagine her with the same complexion as Nahh-Ato’s, and the tan Pullip MIO kit just won’t cut it! Then again, I think Nahh-Ato is really pretty as is, and I love her theme. I’m stuck…. 

I'm going to trigger warn for possible transphobia, just cuz I fuck up a lot.

So, I’m writing Route 666 for the Carver Edlund thing; would it make me a horrible person to, uh, IDK, maybe write the chapter with a sex scene twice, one with canon!Dean, the other with transguy!Dean, but have the transguy thing be posted not with the story?

(Cuz Dean’s full frontal, according to him, in Route 666 and I really want transguy!Dean/cis!Cassie fics.) 


I’m up to about 70 people on the guestlist for my birthday party, having culled a few people, and although about 50 of that is family/family friends, I know there’s going to be more people I’m going to meet at uni

The thing is I just don’t know if I want a party anymore. It seems like its going to be a lot of trouble