my reaction to ACCEPTING ANXIETY

- that title though - the last one was excepting anxiety, and this is Accepting Anxiety… love.
- Roman’s 30 second recap of the last video was gr8
- “You made that joke in the last video” “I know, it was just to re-establish where we are in the present timeline.”
- nice Stranger Things reference Thomas
- “No, the room just varies based on whatever your current location is” brings up so many questions. Are the decorations just for this specific room since Thomas spends so much time there, or are they a part of Anxiety’s room that follows wherever Thomas goes? If the latter, what happens if Thomas is in a room with no place for curtains? What happens if he’s not in a room large enough for all of these decorations?? The rooms must look like a mess if Thomas leaves his living room ever. Also, what happens to the decorations if Thomas leaves the living room while one of the sides is in their room? Does everything just shake and start to change while they shriek “nOT AGAIN”?
- Patton has freaking arachnophobia, which means the sides can have phobias, which makes me wonder what the other side’s phobias would be. Would Logan even have a phobia, knowing that most phobias are highly illogical things?
- “Those are just silly cartoons, they’re not even realistic! But if need be I WILL destroy them for you Patton.” awwwwwww
- Patton really has a serious phobia here which again, is it only because he’s Thomas’s emotional side? I am really fascinated by the potential for the rest of them to have phobias.
- That eyeliner tho
- Thomas immediately freaks out about his outfit and hair once Anxiety shows up, not when he enters Anxiety’s room. So where the heck was Anxiety?? Does he have to make eye contact or something with Thomas for the effects to kick in? Is proximity not enough?
- If only it was that easy to comb hair
- “quack.” “duck out?” “quack quack” PATTON PLS
- Princey stumbles over his words in this - is it because they’re in Anxiety’s room or because he liiiiiikeeeeeees someone and doesn’t understand those are his feelings towards them and has trouble being nice to them because of it??
- Both Logan and Roman have points, but they’re not saying them in a way for the other to actually hear them
- the eyeshadow that they’re all accumulating is really fascinating in that it’s showing up more and more as they argue. Roman’s is almost as dark as Anxiety’s by the time the room visit is over. Also, Thomas himself didn’t aquire any eyeshadow, which makes sense given that he didn’t really argue or talk negatively in this video, just acted as a moderator between the sides and told those speaking negatively (*cough* ROMAN *cough*) to shut up. However, Patton had eyeshadow, and he was nothing but encouraging towards Anxiety. Therefore it could also be that he accumulated it because of his fear towards the decor.
- a cotton headed ninny muggins
- Roman had a point, but he then he went too far and started calling Anxiety names (creepy cookie is the name of my new cookie company I just now decided)
- Anxiety is being self-reflective and bringing up good points. He becomes better for this. The next episode is Roman being self-reflective and becoming better for it.
- Logan that’s a fairly dark tangent. also, you startled Anxiety????
- he’s such a nerd he made a chart
- “ow loud noises!!!” Patton just described how all of us who deal with auditory overload feel most of the time
- “There’s ways that I can work on that, Anxiety, but I’d rather work on it with you than without you at all!” this sentence can be used for many, many things in life and it is a very good line.
- Yeah Logan’s eyeshadow is also getting really dark after he spoke for a solid thirty seconds without stop
- “EE - equals MC SCARED” good line.
- that echo tho
- Anxiety would be a splendid breathing coach
- Anxiety’s eyeshadow is lessened outside his room and the other sides eyeshadow are totally gone
- “the great spider threat of 2017” pATTON PLS
- Brad Pittiful. Wow. Roman has really outdone himself.
- Anxiety looks exhausted
- He has totally made a pros and cons list of himself. That’s why he was able to immediately be like “here’s another pro of me I know you guys just finished telling me some but you missed this important one”
- I mean. we all knew. the name. it was time. it made sense.
- “You’re great Patton” YES
- “Logan? Shut your ever-flapping gob talker, okay?”
- I have not seen anyone theorize about this name
- Virgil.
- “Why is that so funny?” “Um.. because… well, it’s not.” SHUT THEM DOWN THOMAS
- okay Thomas it was amazing you brought light to anxiety disorders and put up helplines. Thank you for this.
- Princey buy your own posters
- Patton you are the most amazing beam of sunshine and ily2.
- Who drew that card??

All in all, a solid video.

anonymous asked:

Bendy, why would you make Duck Bendy wallpaper?

Before the Wallpaper production Launch:


Boris: Okay First off, question to Anon, Bendy thought DB should give a second chance since he try make rubber ducky bendy merch is a flop. Secondly, to ducky bendy, I guess this means you don`t know how real world works don’t you?.

Boris: OKAY listen here you stupid duck!

Ducky Bendy: Quack Quack?

Boris: … I dont ever trust you to be that cute also HOW THE HECK YOU move?!!

Ducky Bendy: Quack Quack~

Boris: Wait jealous? What? UGH,.. Okay look can you just,… stop.

Ducky Bendy: Quaaaa…. QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!

Boris: OKAY OKAY! Look lets make a truce, we both know that you and I care for Bendy right?

Ducky Bendy: Quaaaack?

Boris: So the thing is you can’t Kill me or else Bendy would be upset, you don’t like him to be upset right?

Ducky Bendy: … Quaaaaaack? …

Boris: And I promise you that I will stop try to get rid of you every single day. So please STOP GOING TO MY ROOM AND WATCHING ME SLEEP EVERY SINGLE NIGHT IS NOT NORMAL!! I know your intention is to try to kill me so that you can have Bendy for yourselves but just stop it! PLEASE. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE


Boris: Whats so funny?…

Ducky Bendy: Quack quack~ Quack Quack Quack Quack.

Boris: Wait you watch me in my sleep is not because you want to kill me?

Ducky Bendy: Quack. *nod*

Boris: Then why did you do that?

Ducky Bendy: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Quack ♡ Quack ♡

Boris: Oh no… Oh jeez… Oh my fucking god you and Bendy are both very alike…

mythbusters starters: seasons 1 & 2
  • who are the mythbusters?
  • we’re what you’d call “experts”.
  • together, they have over 30 years of _____ experience.
  • we do this for a living.
  • i’m trying to locate a pig’s stomach.
  • _____’s SUPPOSED to be an expert.
  • that’s the shit!
  • the chevy impala is the ideal candidate for urban legend status.
  • so, the air force apparently called and turned us down on the jato rocket.
  • did they call us back again? just to deny permission? again? without being asked?
  • oh, fuck me.
  • [making gratuitous car crash sound effects]
  • oh, that’s the coolest toy ever.
  • we’ve got years of experience that keeps us safe.
  • i’m gonna have to have a grin-ectomy!
  • i mean, obviously it’s deflated, right?
  • [opens mouth to show a bunch of pop rocks going off]
  • what about mounting it in our skeleton over there?
  • oh, don’t make me say it!
  • once the belief is out there, you have to take some gargantuan steps to disprove it.
  • _____’s had two cans, he’s out of control! oh my god, he’s having another one! _____! _____, you can’t have those last two cans! oh my god, you’re an animal!
  • okay, i wouldn’t have called that he could drink all that soda and eat all those pop rocks at once.
  • i can’t answer the phone. i’m tying a pig’s stomach into a skeleton.
  • that’s what we call “a hell of a saturday night”.
  • another one bites the dust.
  • scotty, i need more power!!!
  • did you go to art school?
  • it has to be nice and fleshy and soft.
  • i come from the planet butthead.
  • that’s actually ____’s butt.
  • that’s probably the best shot you’ll ever see of your own butt.
  • it really looks great. i’m looking forward to spanking it.
  • think of all the twinkies that go into the actual production of this.
  • we’re doing in one night what most people spend their whole lives avoiding.
  • she’d have one big hickey.
  • a big butt hickey. that’s gonna be hard to explain.
  • we’re prepared to stake… uh… ____’s butt on it.
  • i’m trying to talk scientifically!
  • i was using my arms! if i didn’t have arms, i wouldn’t be able to free myself!
  • you were absolutely right.
  • agree with me.
  • i’ve only broken one bone in my body.
  • this would be cool if i could see.
  • our lawyer just isn’t cutting the mustard.
  • i won myself five bucks!
  • the coroner decided not to file an inquiry in this case because it was such a freak accident.
  • i love breaking things.
  • tub of body latex: $43. tub of gold pigment: $6. watching your friend get naked, covered in gold paint, and then jogging until they pass out: priceless.
  • this is the thing that made it all over the internet a few years ago.
  • we’re not gonna bring the pellet gun.
  • is this something that would be legal for us to do?
  • unfortunately, _____ wouldn’t let us shoot inside the building.
  • you need forty-two of those? good lord!
  • are you sure you wanna do the do?
  • i think it’s fine. of course– it’s your neck, not mine.
  • we’re trying to recreate the mythical flight of ________.
  • _____ had a lot of help.
  • it’s been nice knowin’ ya!
  • cheers.
  • gimme a hug.
  • i think i’ll get a couple of tanks of helium and see what happens.
  • we’re gonna eat some bagels. we’re gonna eat some cake.
  • i think we have to drink a lot of water, ‘cause we’re gonna have to cough up about a half a dozen urine samples today.
  • we bought _____ over the web– a bargain at $16.95 for ten!
  • i hope i don’t get pee shy.
  • i haven’t used drugs in weeks.
  • i think this is gonna cure me of my love for ____once and for all.
  • i think that’s a positive right there.
  • i just tested positive for opiates!
  • welcome to the club there, brotha!
  • so is it gonna be a girl or a boy, do you think?
  • i believe that’s what people do when they go out, uh, you know, uh, partying, or something.
  • you wanna make sure that you’re SHINY.
  • listen, you’re already naked and running on the treadmill covered in gold paint. there’s no such thing as shame anymore.
  • what’s the danger zone?
  • i could die if i’m not careful with this thing.
  • it feels like i’m being skinned!
  • ______’s blood pressure fluctuations are obviously related to the latex.
  • tossing a ____ off the top of the empire state building is not as easy as it sounds.
  • is this– is this excited ____? we’ve got a world first!
  • we’ve got a world first! it’s going out on television!
  • he’s totally [bleeping] [bleep]ing me.
  • wwwwwwwwwhoops!
  • [GLASS SHATTERING] whoops! haha! ha– we should get out of here, that’s mercury vapor.
  • the fbi uses it to test weapons.
  • he wants to do his own narration.
  • i’ll do it. but you gotta do it too, or else you’re, like, a wuss.
  • okay. you go first.
  • OOOOOWW! agh! … that didn’t actually hurt that much.
  • augh! you hit me in the same exact place!
  • it didn’t hurt that much before, but now it really hurts!
  • i always enjoy seeing ____ in pain.
  • go ahead. shoot me in the ass. come on, i can take it.
  • [on the verge of tears, clutching injured body part] i was prepared for the consequences.
  • any time we get to play with explosives and gunpowder and cool weapons and stuff like that, we’re happy campers.
  • there’s a significant chance that there will be an explosion.
  • [puppy voice] do you want the cookie?? is your cookie in here??? get the cookie!!!
  • what sort of foul play is this?!
  • i think it’s really quite obvious that i don’t tan, like, at all.
  • _____ wants to build the microwave oven from hell.
  • i’m gonna take all these microwaves apart and use them to build a super-powerful microwave gun that i can carry around and heat stuff up with.
  • fork in the microwave.
  • it’s like something out of star trek!
  • dude, you are the MAN!
  • in theory, this should heat up a cup of water four times faster than a regular microwave would.
  • [wraps entire body in tin foil]
  • i wouldn’t say _____’s an evil genius. i’m not sure he’s evil and i’m not sure he’s a genius.
  • my watch has stopped.
  • i’m looking for a human skull.
  • it’s his father’s.
  • this has to be easier than getting ahold of a skull. right?
  • it’s busted.
  • this pig’s gonna be one big bag a’ maggots.
  • ____’s mustache is twitching.
  • usually, things don’t work this easy.
  • it’s the world’s most complicated lighter.
  • it’s my new secret escape hatch!
  • it’s taking him a while to do this. i think he’s having a little too much fun.
  • i’m excited. we’re gonna blow some stuff up and go home.
  • it’s kind of a lot. it’s kind of– really a lot.
  • we can’t put gunpowder behind him and try to launch him, that’s just gonna blow him up.
  • cue the bomb.
  • will it work? that’s in the lap of the gunpowder gods.
  • if you catch him, i’ll give you a hundred dollars.
  • you wanna put some protection on, there?
  • he thinks he’s alright.
  • he survived! ___ survived!
  • one got away, and the other two have been quietly decomposing in a 1987 corvette for two months.
  • it just smells like standard death.
  • i see myself as a vegetarian for at least the next couple of weeks.
  • if my baby’s poo smelled like that, i would take it to a hospital immediately.
  • it won’t start, and it stinks of dead pig, but it’ll look good.
  • it’s alive!
  • science or quackery?
  • have we all been injected with mind-control chips?!
  • what happened to these men?
  • the authorities presumed they drowned.
  • the authorities presumed they drowned, but the myth says that they survived on a homemade raft.
  • people often cheer for the underdog.
  • officially, no one ever escaped and lived to tell.
  • i think i’ll fit. i’m not so sure about you.
  • let the break-out begin!
  • seems beer and fast food wasn’t on the menu at alcatraz.
  • i think i tweaked my back.
  • this is where it all happened.
  • it’s a lot of distance to cover in the middle of the night with all that equipment, i’ll tell you that.
  • it seems to simple an end.
  • he spent his life in and out of reform schools and prisons.
  • we’re escaping alcatraz at mach one!
  • wait– was that a guard?
  • anything to say to the ducks back home?
  • well, i guess we’ll find a way of making it complicated, won’t we.
  • don’t let their looks deceive you. they’re actually quite deadly.
  • i asked for some volunteers this morning, and i came up with a couple.
  • that wasn’t so bad, was it? that wasn’t so bad.
  • don’t mess with me, duck. when i say quack, you’re gonna quack, right?
  • quack, damn you!
  • they just needed someone to talk to.
  • you ready to quack for science?
  • where were all those quacks when we needed ‘em?!
  • ____, you wanna come over here and bend over?
  • we can do a little prison hazing ritual.
  • at this point, it looks like i’m not getting off the island. i’m gonna have to finish this life sentence.
  • dude, that’s a ____. i’m really impressed with these prison guys.
  • i give us a 60% chance of making it, a 20% chance of immediate catastrophic failure, and a 20% chance of slow descent into hell.
  • we’re gonna see if we can determine when, exactly, the government installs their mind-control chips.
  • you can proceed, but we’re watching you.
  • this is like a big, grown-up version of battleship! that’s cool!
  • [in a robotic monotone] i do not notice anything at all. i feel perfectly fine now.
  • it would seem that their technology is far more advanced than previously suspected!
  • you look funny.
  • just remember, kid– if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make a GREAT story later on.
Creepypasta #1082: Misser Duck

Length: Short

I never liked taking my young son, Ben, along on business trips, as he was at that tireless, inquisitive age whereby everything is either boring or fascinating. But Ben’s father - a handyman - was working all weekend and the regional office had a creche, so I decided to turn the trip into a weekend break. The hotel in Atlanta, Georgia was pretty, but past it’s best - the sort of place with lots of empty rooms. The polite young guy on reception took a shine to us, and gave us the penthouse suite at the regular room-rate, since no-one was using it.

The suite was huge: two bedrooms and a lounge; plenty of space for Ben to play whilst I worked on my presentation which nobody would care about.

“Misser Duck’s in here, mommy!” He ran out of the bathroom, looking delighted.

I barely looked up from my ancient laptop. “You mean ‘Mr. Duck’, sweetie?” He couldn’t pronounce his ‘T’s.

“Misser Duck, Misser Duck!” he was bouncing with glee. “He’s sayin’ fings! Come see, mommy!”

I said I’d go look later, pleased he’d made a friend to amuse himself, even if it was imaginary. “But ducks don’t ‘say’ things, honey. They quack! So why don’t you quack back?”

I became so engrossed in my stupid project that I didn’t notice it was growing dark outside. Ben’s giggles from the lounge spurred me to shut my laptop and call him in.

“I’ll order us some food, buddy. Sorry mommy’s not been much fun today!”

“S’ OK, mommy. Misser duck’s been quack-quack-quacking! He loves you.”

This made me smile, although I wondered what had brought a duck to mind, as we were about as far from any pond as possible. That night, Ben insisted he sleep alone in the adjoining bedroom; I agreed as he’d been so well-behaved all evening. I heard him whispering softly until late, and figured he was excited about being away from home and making a new, make-believe friend. I imagined hearing faint, raspy “quacks” echoing as I drifted off to sleep, and gentle duck footsteps somewhere above me.

The next morning I found Ben curled up under his bed in a grumpy mood.

“Whatever’s the matter, sweetheart? Doesn’t Mister Duck want to play, today?”

“Misser duck lef’ me all alone. He liked seein’ you sleep more’n me.”

I felt a draft on the back of my neck, and looked up to see the ancient ventilation shaft above the head of Ben’s bed, missing its grill cover. I rushed back into my room to find an identical set-up. As I peered into the black passageway, just big enough to fit a person, it dawned on me that Ben’s dad would have taught him the word “duct”, as he was forever fixing them in our apartment block. I’d noticed similar shafts in the suite’s bathroom and lounge, too.

“You lookin’ for Misser Duck? S’ OK, Mommy. He quacked me where we lived, so I quacked him our home-address.”

Credits to: Hack_Shuck

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he was just minding his own business. really, bin was just minding his own business, taking a jog around the neighbourhood on their off day, enjoying the cool morning air, the familiarity of the streets, the music blasting from his earpiece–

–when he turns around a corner and out hops some ten ducklings from a bush.

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