“To the more than one million Canadians who profess the Muslim faith, I want to say directly, we are with you. Thirty-six million hearts are breaking with yours. Know that we value you. You enrich our country in immeasurable ways, this is your home.” -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Thousands of people gathered in vigils and rallies accross Canada, in solidarity with Québec City, to mourn Khaled Belkacemi, Azzeddine Soufiane, Mamadou Tanou, Ibrahima Barry, Aboubaker Thabti and Abdelkrim Hassane, the six men who were killed by a white supremacist terrorist at the Sainte-Foy Centre Culturel Islamique on Sunday night, and support the nineteen more people who were injured in the attack. 

From Québec City, QC (1 and 2) to Toronto, ON (3), from Regina, SK (4) to Halifax, NS (5), from Iqualuit, NU (6) to Calgary, AB (7), and from Ottawa, ON (8) and Montreal, QC (9) to Vancouver, BC (10), people came out to offer love and compassion, friendship and sisterhood to the Muslim community. 

Now, this is Canada.


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More Quebec expressions

I did the first part here, a while ago. No one added any, but I have a lot more so here goes:

S’enfarger dans les fleurs du tapis

Literally : tripping over the carpet’s flowers, Means : making problems out of meaningless stuff

Caller l’orignal (dans le fond de la bol)

Literally : calling the moose -as in imitating the mating call- (in the toilet) Means: vomiting

Lever le coude\avoir le coude léger

Literally : lifting the elbow \ having a light elbow, Means : drinking \ being a drunk or drinking often.

Entre quatre yeux

Literally : between four eyes, Means : face to face.

Niaise pas avec la puck

Literally : don’t fiddle with the puck (the hockey puck), Means : don’t hesitate, take the opportunity

Ça goal en esti!

Literally: He’s goaling as fuck, Means: He’s performing well in a stressful situation, as in “Ça goalait en esti dans les cuisines à midi!” = “they were goaling as fuck in the kitchens at lunch hour”. (Yes another hockey one. Stereotypes  exist for a reason, eh?)

C’est rare comme de la marde de pape

Literally : As rare as Pope’s shit, means: really rare

Il se prend pas pour un 7up flat

Literally : He’s not taking himself for a flat 7up, means : He’s thinking highly of himself

Y a du monde à’ messe!

Literally: there are people at the mass! means: it’s crowded here (aww, can’t escape our catholic heritage)

merci, bonsoir 

Literally: thanks and goodnight! Means: it is actually used to signify something quick and efficient. For exemple: Tu signes et tu l’envoies, merci, bonsoir! Would be: You just sign and send it and that’s it, that’s all.

Se fendre en quatre

Literally : splitting yourself in four, means : giving all you have, going through a lot of trouble

Un bleuet

Literally: a blueberry, means: Someone from the region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (which is a remote region known for the strong accent of its inhabitants and their massive blueberry production).

Cogner des clous 

Literally: hammering nails, Means: trying to stay awake; it refers to the way your head tilts forward repetitively every time you nod off as if you were trying to hammer a nail with your forehead.


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