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The amount of happiness I found in your art is unbelievable. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful day!:3

Thank you so much! I find so much happiness in you guys, too. Your support means the world to me ;__;

I hope you have an awesome day, too! 

How would American people react if aliens land and do the same thing as Europeans did to Native Americans?

(This post originated on quora and the answer was written by user Sam Morningstar)

Well, the process would only be complete if after 500 years of alien colonization the American population plummeted to very small levels and humans are confined to reservations. Then, the aliens (supposing they could mate with humans) would all claim that they are “part-human” or have “American blood.”

But, when a human-American (representing a small minority within an alien-dominated population) asks them, “Who is your human-American ancestor?” the alien wouldn’t be able to say who his human-American ancestor was.

He’d say, “I have a photo of my great-grandmother who has human features.” But, then you look at the photo and it’s like:

“This is my great-grandmother. Look at those small, human-American eyes. That’s from her grandmother who was said to be ’‘part-human/American.’”

And if the human-American talked about his people and the inherent sovereignty of his nation, the alien would say, “I’m part-human-American too. Why can’t you just be a part of the Glortax-5000 Confederacy now?” Aren’t we all just Milky Wayans anyway? Why do we always have to focus on our differences?“

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Can I say that whenever I'm sad that I look at your art and it makes me smile. Your art just makes me beyond happy..

Ahhh, anon, it makes me so damn happy to heart that my art can cheer you up when you need it! I’m sending some good vibes your way. :) 

Brief Recap of Dean’s Q&A At Des Moines Wizard World

Will The Shield reunite? 

#DeanAmbrose: Never say never, but not in the foreseeable future.

Favorite match? 

#DeanAmbrose: vs. Triple H in Brussels

Dream tag team partner? 

#DeanAmbrose: Stan Hanson 

Your wrestling idol? 

#DeanAmbrose: The Sandman

Favorite NXT superstar right now? 

#DeanAmbrose: Samoa Joe

Favorite title you’ve ever held? 

#DeanAmbrose: The Intercontinental Title

Divas division or women’s division? 

#DeanAmbrose: Women’s division is the better name. Women’s championship matches should main event 1 day.

Who came up with your name? 

#DeanAmbrose: Dusty Rhodes

Who changed the way Dirty Deeds was done? 

#DeanAmbrose: “Me, because the old way sucked.”

When did you have an interest in wrestling? 

#DeanAmbrose: Most of my life.

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My first Q&A :o


It’s been a while, so for our 30k celebration, I think I owe it to y’all to make another video answering your questions!

Yours, yes, yours! Not anyone else’s. Just yours. Maybe.

Feel free to ask about absolutely anything you wish – I’ll only avoid asks that are *so* NSFW that I can’t turn it into a funny (& PG13) answer.

Like MST3K, SDM is meant to be a family show… with periodic inappropriate things whizzing over the kids’ heads!

I’ll answer as many as I can, and hopefully keep the whole shebang entertaining and weird.

And informative, maybe… but let’s be honest, comedy is the priority here, people.

Whatcha waiting for? Ask away!