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Hi there. If you're still taking requests I would be interested in the aftermath of Scorpius deciding to forgo the risky potion in favor of Rose's reproductive system in Curiosity is Not a Sin. I understand this isn't how it turned out in your universe and therefore may not apply. I just thought it would be interesting to see a glimpse the other side of the coin!

Hey! So I have a couple scenes written that deal with this, but the most explicit about it won’t slot into the story for awhile, and I didn’t want to let this sit until then. (It’s not quite a what-if, but it’s set when Rose finally tells her mother about it, and this obviously comes up.)

In short, Rose would have broken up with him if he’d gone the other way on that decision, and she probably wouldn’t have ever spoken to him again. There are a few reasons for that, but the most significant is that if he’d made that call, it wouldn’t have been out of well-intentioned semi-ignorance (which is what it would have been for her parents, for the most part). It would have been knowing full well what she’d want and how much it meant to her, and choosing to do something extraordinarily selfish at her expense anyway.

That answer probably comes off as a bit harsh to a lot of people, but for Rose, it would have been a total violation of her trust, and she wouldn’t have been able to or wanted to mend their relationship after that. It would have hurt a lot, and she would have missed him terribly - I don’t think she’d find someone as well-suited to her as Scorpius is - but she would have done it, because he would have proved that he wasn’t who she thought he was. Albus’s friendship with Scorpius would have ultimately survived, albeit with some dents (though James’s friendship with him wouldn’t have).

There was a part of Scorpius that knew that that would be Rose’s reaction, but it’s not why he made the decision. No one - not even Rose - would have really held it against him if he’d just deferred to her parents when they showed up, given that she didn’t tell him that she’d designated him in the first place. The panic reaction when her parents challenged him really was all about wanting to do right by his girlfriend by whatever means he had at his disposal, and while he definitely gutted his relationship with Ron in particular, Rose recognizes where it came from, and the more she thinks about it, the more she’s going to appreciate it as the story goes on.

That wasn’t really a scene, but hopefully it answers the question?

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What skills would someone working in the architectural field need to have?

Here are my top choices! 

  • Communicate properly
  • Ask questions 
  • Analyze problems
  • Conceptualize solutions
  • Visualize in three dimensions
  • Enable others to make your ideas reality
  • Able to accept criticism
  • Understand business principles
  • Work well with others
  • Eternal childlike curiosity

UPDATE Adding one more suggested by apparentliii: endless but cautious optimism

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Do you have a go-to song or album that you listen to when you're feeling down or just in need of a little perspective? If so what is it? (mine is "The Alchemy Index Vol. II: Water" by Thrice)

Hi there, yes I do. My all time favorite song to put on for perspective and healing properties is  this:


Liz on Top of the World by Dario Marianelli. In fact, that entire soundtrack is my “go to” morning, noon, or night. 

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4DZPemB4uI

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What are somethings that you wish you would have know before architecture school?

I wish I had understood how important it was learning to present your project to others. Being able to coherently explain the thought process behind the design, how it developed and evolved to the version being presented, is a critical skill for all architects. I still struggle when presenting to a large group!

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Hey Roberto do you have kids ?If you do,do you want he/she to be an architect ?

Yes, I have a boy, he shows a great appreciation for architecture and (this might be my fault) knows many important architects and buildings. He loves his LEGOs BUT I think he will go into a career more associated with computers and robotics (also my fault though). But really, two architects in the family?

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Hi, do you know which is the best university in Germany to study architecture?

No, sorry. Can someone help us answer this question?


I received the following response from a follower:

“To the person asking what the best university to study Architecture in Germany is… RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin and BTU Cottbus are high in the ranking and then you might have heard of BAUHAUS in Weimar, but from what I’ve heard it’s just the name nowadays so you might not want to go there. It really depends on if you’re looking for more of a technical university or something more design-oriented. Also if you don’t mind money or location, ETH Zürich is the best but that’s not Germany anymore so..”

One more for ETH:

"Hi there, ich studiere an der tu wien :P eth is the place to be!”

Image by thomaslewandovski

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Hello! nice job with the blog man! i was wondering. You post a lot of beautiful buildings and amazing pictures of them, really nice, it got me wondreing as i said, do you consider any building, especially famous or historical buildings ugly? is there any building you see that get to your nerves and want to redesign or demolish? hehehe, thanks in advance for your answer.

This one is a very personal choice (and it took me a bit of time to narrow down the long list) but the AT&T Building in NYC designed by Phillip Johnson. Maybe because it represents to me everything that went wrong with post-modernism. (Johnson’s own Glass Cathedral Skyscraper in Pittsburgh gets honorable mention)

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Hello. I'm a lanscape architecture student and at my faculty (Faculty of Architecture) we are a bit discriminated by some architecture students and teachers, what is your opinion on this? Do you think it is better to study architecture and then specialize on that field? I love landscape architecture but this really makes me feel kind of low.

Don’t let them get you down! Landscape architecture and architecture are different careers with some overlapping of skills. Architects tent to be over-protective of the term and look down upon anyone else using the term. If what you love is landscape architecture why should you let anyone else make you feel like less? Be the best landscape architect you can be and let the rest sort themselves out!

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Good day, I have quite a overactive imagination and I do tend to think a lot, I am not in the design field but I do love architectural design. I recent months I would say I have been looking at the world around me I alway have this one reoccurring thought that today's city's are poorly designed, inefficient use of space a resources, even new building that goes up still suffer from same inefficient use of space, from highways to homes,do you think this is so, or my lack of know how is to blame?

Some cities work better than others, that is a true statement.

The present layout and organization of a city is the result of many factors through its development (economics, population, resources). Some cities have been more successful that others of planning and adapting as they grow. Some have been caught off-guard by quick growth, some had the chance to re-do some of its areas, some have seen their cores abandoned. The purpose of a city is to make better use of land resources so that many humans can live/work/create together. As such, cities are are an unmeasurable success.  But, there is always room for improvement!

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Halo. I wanna be an arcthitect. But, Guess, I have no imagination. I draw somethin' a lot. And, it works. But, I draw looking someone's pictures.. You know, I'm not so sure about architect.. But I want to be. What ya think about that?

You need to have imagination to be an architect. You will have to look at an empty lot and imagine something that is not there, down to the last detail, and draw it for someone to build. My question is, when you draw these pictures, do you copy them down to the last detail or do you modify them as you wish to create something new? Because if you change them then you have imagination!

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I wanted to be an architect for ages but now I'm considering construction management instead (this is in Australia btw) - do you know much about that profession; how necessary they are, how hard they have to study and work etc.? Thanks :)

Construction management is about overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. In other words, a lots of schedules, budgets , and trying to understand what the construction documents mean. They have become a crucial part of the industry for some methods of alternative delivery in the construction industry. I really don’t know how much they study or what their education entails but I know they have to keep construction site hours (which means starting very early in the morning) and they usually have “extended” hours after everyone goes home. 

Image found here.

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Hey dude, I'm just wondering about your thoughts on "Interior Architecture". I just completed my first year studying and we are now being split in to various paths. I didn't get the grades for Architecture so have opted in to Interior as I felt it was more me. I intend to, at the end of my Bachelor's, do an extra year to transfer to plain Architecture for my Masters. Do you think Interior Architecture is sufficiently relevant/recognised in the field or will it be in the next ten years? Thanks.

Architects that focus on the interiors will always be needed in our profession. Keep in mind that some small firms might prefer an architect that can do interiors and exteriors simultaneously because they need to maximize their resources on staff (but that is true of any specialization within the profession) and they might also still use parallels, be warned!