Dangerous Woman Tour Sacramento Soundcheck Highlights

Outfit: Ariana was wearing her yellow “Pizza rolls not gender roles” sweatshirt and had her hair in a short ponytail.

- Ariana said it feels way longer than 4 years of The Way and after a fan yelled, “It feels like 40!”, she laughed and said, “I was gonna say more like 10.”

- Someone asked if Ariana could do a livestream and tease new music but she said she isn’t ready yet, because she has a big surprise with this album and that it is something she has never done before, which is why she is taking her time with it.

- Ariana said she would never order the Starbucks secret menu drink that is named after her

- A fan yelled, “Toulouse let’s see your wink!” and Ariana said, “He’s so confused, he can’t understand you. He’s only a dog!”

- She said her favorite Sam & Cat episode is the ATM one because Cat breaks the law

- When a fan was shocked that Ari answered her question, Ari laughed with her crew, “Did your soul leave your body?”

- A fan yelled, “Justice for Focus!!” and Scott said, “Yeah!” and all the dancers laughed.

- The dancers said it was the loudest soundcheck they have ever had.

- Jones Crow was at Soundcheck.

[and now for a few non-soundcheck moments]

- During M&G, a fan told her to “belt her dick off” and instead of laughing like they expected, she just said “I don’t have one but okay,” so they responded, “Oh my god, I fucked it up I’m sorry,” and she said, “Nah you’re good,” and then the fan had to leave so the next person could go. Afterwards, that fan talked to Joan because they were so upset and Joan hugged them and said “Honey, I’m her mother. Believe me that she thought it was funny. She was just replying like that because that’s how she is with her sense of humor,” and then hugged them again and told them to stop crying.

- A fan mentioned during M&G that they had tweeted at her saying they would love to see a DWT rehearsal and she said “Oh my gosh that’s right! That was you? I wish we could have done something like that. Maybe in the future!”

- Joan told a fan that she doesn’t let Ariana look at Twitter sometimes because some people are so mean and it really affects Ariana even though she tries not to pay attention to it

anonymous asked:

Is youngjae the one who started the 'I'm out' thing? Thanks~

Hi dear, 

I’m not really sure but I think yes he did. You see it’s all started Youngjae started to say I’m Out at JB & Mark’s GOT2DAY where in the beginning he spoke in English with Mark and lastly he said ‘I’m Out’. 

Then, it really started after they did a V app on the entrance exam day and that’s where it all began. In the v live Jackson was actually joking about Youngjae GOT2DAY English conversation during GOT2DAY’s Mark & JB and Jackson imitated him by saying ‘I’m Out’. Then, Youngjae suddenly said, ‘I’m two out’ but I think what he wanted to say after Jackson said ‘I’m out’ was ‘I’m out too’. Right after he said that Yugyeom just continued with it and said ‘I’m three out’ then Jackson continued the joke by saying “I’m four out’ so the other members started to pick up from there and made it a thing. So I think we can say it’s our Youngjae who started it…kekeke


9gag006  asked:

Hi! Do you know if yj leaves with coco too? Or it remains at the dorms with the others? And why did he do that? Also where is his brother living? In seoul?

Hi dear, 

I’m not really sure if Youngjae will bring CoCo to live with him but in my opinion, I do think that CoCo should be with Youngjae when he moved out because GOT7 won’t be around that much at the dorm to look after CoCo but Youngjae’s brother can help to look after her if Youngjae’s isn’t there. I can’t remember which broadcast that Youngjae did mention that he asked his friend to babysit for CoCo before cuz they were busy so probably after this Youngjae’s brother can help. But it’s only my opinion I’m not sure, though. 

I’m sure he’s brother is staying in Seoul now because Youngjae needs to be in Seoul to attend GOT7 schedules.

Do you mean why did he decide to move out from the dorm? Well, I can’t say for sure as I don’t know the real thing but I think it is a good thing that he lives with his brother because Youngjae did mention before that he rarely spend time with his family or even visit his hometown. He said they went to Bangkok many times compared he visited his hometown. So, by living with his brother I think it can lessen Youngjae’s loneliness when he can’t go back to visit his family. Plus, it would be a great way for him to be independent and help him grow as he won’t be living with the members & manager who can wake him up in the morning. 

I know that most of the fans are sad with this news, but I hope we can be happy for our Youngjae. I’m sure he has a hard time too when he decided to do this. 

anonymous asked:

isn't it fair for people to write about jughead as non asexual when in the show he is written that way? as well as in versions of the comics? doesn't it just depend on what show/comic you have read?

Absolutely not.

I can understand why you think this. I can understand your confusion as to how this line of thinking s hurtful. It’s all just for fun, is what you’re probably asking yourself, how is it really hurting anyone?

When it comes to RAS and the writer’s board, the intentional Straightwashing of Jughead Jones in Riverdale is aphobia.

Now, there are fans who are intentionally playing into this as well. However, there are some who don’t realize what they’re doing. They don’t understand the harm. They think those of us who are upset are just a bunch of antis*. This is a microaggression.

A microaggression is “a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority” or to put it more simply “ indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group”.

Queerphobia is something that’s learned. And it’s something that you have to unlearn. Sometimes people don’t want to unlearn it. Sometimes people try their best, and still slip up.

Saying aces are “basically straight” is aphobia. Saying aces are all virgins is aphobic. Saying aces are special snowflakes is aphobic.

Saying aces are plants is a microaggression. To an allosexual (the term for ‘non asexual’) it seems nothing more than a silly joke made in jest. It seems fun and innocent. To an asexual, it’s annoying and it’s also dehumanizing.

Fans writing Jughead as allosexual and alloromantic in their fics/head canons/edits/etc. is a microaggression. You’re taking one of the few canon aspec characters in mainstream media and turning them Straight. You’re taking an aspec character and telling us aspecs “being aspec isn’t good enough, I like Jughead better Straight. I like you better Straight. I’ll only accept you as Straight.”

You’re saying aspecs are invalid. That our lived experiences are invalid, that our struggles aren’t worth learning about, writing about. Aspecs are people too, and the fact that you can’t write Jughead as aroace says to us you can’t empathize with us as people. That we aren’t relatable, we aren’t human unless we’re allo. And this has been proven true! Yeah, people write aspec fic. With sex positive aces. Or demi- + gray asexuals. So they can write their faves in all their smut scenes. But they never want to write about the rest? About the ‘a’ part. They only focus on the ‘sexual’/’romantic’. Cause we’re only valued when we are just like you.

As for ‘versions of the comics’, Jughead’s always been written as aroace friend. Aspecs have been saying this for a while now.

“But he gets married!!” in some of the au’s yes, but that doesn’t erase his aroace identity.**

“Then why can’t we do it in fan fic?” you’re probably asking.

RAS and the writer’s erasure of Jughead’s aspec identity was intentional. Whether you mean to or not, creating content for allo Jughead is supporting Jughead’s Straightwashing and it validates aphobes. It shows them they can continue to (safely) ignore us, because we’re a minority and no one gives two shits about defending us. Which… hurts us deeply??

“But I’m not trying to hurt anyone! I just want to write fic, make edits, create head canons and fan art, etc!” That’s why it’s a microaggression. And the aphobes knew people would fall for it, not knowing better. Why? Because people feel more comfortable feeling justified in their bigotry then trying to change.

And people with privilege have a hard time understanding things like microaggressions. It seems silly to them. To an outsider they seem like silly things to be upset over. But they’re all rooted n the same bigotry, they’re just disguised better.

I know I said a lot here, and I’m not sure you’ll understand it all, but thank you for your time. Thank you for trying to understand. It means the world to me to know that there are people out there who are at least trying to understand. Thank you.

* there are aphobes saying aspecs upset over Jughead’s Straightwashing in Riverdale are “antis” that are doing it with malintent, and this is gaslighting. However, I do believe not everyone sharing this view are trying to be hurtful

** I personally feel the AUs where Jughead marries Betty or Ethel stem from aphobia. Society views aspec identities as something “childish”, a “phase”, something to “grow out of”. While I absolutely do not want to alienate any gray or demi- aspecs, as an apothi aroace, I‘m absolutely sick and tried of the only aspec representation in fandom being with characters that are okay with sex/romance. Again, allos only focus on the ‘sexual’/’romantic’. not the ‘a’.

I also feel it’s corrective. “Fixing” queer people is something the Straights have always been grossly obsessed with.  It’s most violent form is corrective r*pe. It’s most lightest form is “it was just a phase”.

anonymous asked:

It would be cool in the next episode if Goku sparred with 18 a bit. We've never really seen them fight, considering that was her original mission.

Oh yes, that would be AWESOME!! It would be nice to see how she would hold up against him in his original Super saiyan form. Still pretty sure she is on par with that form to say the least. But I think her power/strength has increased a little though, or if not,, it will because she’ll have to train for the Universe Tourney. 

Heh, at least we’ll see her fight ‘alongside’ him tho!

anonymous asked:

You're honestly one of my fave people here. You're nice, helpful and have a great sense of humor. I always look forward to your posts!

I’ve received so much love from you guys today and it means so much to me. I’m sitting here typing with tears in my eyes. 

I always joke about how I can read your mind with my corner-buddy e.s.p. It’s been a running joke here since the beginning. But today, it’s as if you all are the magical ones, because you’ve really cheered me up when I needed it.

So thank you, Precious Anon. I’m so happy to meet so many people just like you. You’re wonderful!

I don’t just type out “I’m happy if I’ve made you happy” as some throw-away comment. I really mean it each and every time I say it. 

You guys are just the best friends that one could have! Thank you!

Spring Break-ing

Free from school for the remainder of this week! Hoping to catch back up with some of you great folk and what not.

Thinking of doing another Q&A type deal? Half celebrating the road to 900 and half celebrating the fact I’ve nearly survived my first college degree.
If you have the time and the question, send me in some Q’s for my A’s. Might do an audio, maybe a video. Who knows, we’ll see how involved I get haha.

Talk with you all soon!

anonymous asked:

Hi!! So, I saw the Giorno keychain thing you made? Do you make those to sell? If you do, do you take commissions for certain characters? Or, do you know someplace to get similar ones if you don't make them? My older sister would probably kill for one! They're super cute!

(( Ah, no, that wasn’t me, sorry! XD I wish I could make quality keychains, that’d be cool as hell. As for what happened, my partner just bought some for a giveaway we were doing. 

You can find all of them at this etsy shop, they’re indeed very cute! <3 ))


new danisnotonfire video with phil! our live Q&A:
#DAPGOOSE - The Dan and Phil Go Outside On Stage Event 🎤🐦

anonymous asked:

So, knowing the chestnut family lived on Kame island for a long time, dya think they took marron in the ocean since she was little or did they get one of those splash pools for her and fill that up first until they thought she was big enough to brave the ocean?

Hmm, well I think they waded in with her as a baby, like hold her and gently let the water lap at her feet or hug her close/have her in their lap while carefully sitting down in the shallow part of the water. But a splash pool is definitely an option I think they did. That way Marron can safely play and get used to being in the water and be shaded from the sun under a sunbrella or something! So I guess, in my head, a little of both as and answer to your question!

Also I couldn’t get baby!Marron in a splash pool outta my head so I doodled it.

Prompts for writing, journals, get to know me’s or whatever

About me

Am I a clean or messy person?
Am I a tea or coffee person?
Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
Am I afraid of heights?
Am I allergic to anything?
Am I an early bird or a night owl?
Am I an extrovert or introvert?
Am I an innie or an outie?
Am I easily embarrassed?
Am I in a relationship?
Am I left or right handed?
Am I much of a daredevil?
Am I scared of the dark?
Am I social?
Am I superstitious?
Am I ticklish?
Can I bake?
Can I cook?
Can I curl my tongue?
Can I dance?
Can I drive?
Can I juggle?
Can I play poker?
Can I roll my r’s?
Can I sing?
Can I spell well?
Can I swim?
Can I wiggle my ears?
Do I correct people when they make mistakes?
Do I have a collection of anything?
Do I have a strong accent?
Do I have any nicknames?
Do I have any pet peeves?
Do I have any piercings?
Do I have any strange phobias?
Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
Do I have much of an ego?
Do I judge a book by its cover?
Do I like bubble baths?
Do I like classical music?
Do I like clowns?
Do I like my handwriting?
Do I like roller-coasters?
Do I like scary movies?
Do I like shopping?
Do I like to gossip?
Do I like to talk on the phone?
Do I like travelling?
Do I play any instruments?
Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
Do I smile at strangers?
Do I suck or bite lollipops?
Do I talk to myself?
Do I tend to hold grudges?
Do I use earphones or headphones?
Do I use sarcasm a lot?
Do I want any tattoos?
Do I wear glasses?
Have I ever been on a plane?
Have I ever been on tv?
Have I ever been to the hospital?
Have I ever crashed a car?
Have I ever got in trouble with the law?
Have I ever had a rumour spread about me?
Have I ever had braces?
Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
Have I ever skipped school?
Have I ever started a rumour?
Have I ever thrown up in the car?
How long does it take for me to get ready?
How many relationships have I ever had?
How old was I when I first got my period?
How tall am I?
What am I most likely to be doing when I am outside?
What am I usually doing on a Friday night?
What are my favourite bands?
What are my favourite flowers?
What can I smell in the air?
What colours mostly dominate my wardrobe?
What is my appearance like?
What is my culture?
What is my current wallpaper on my phone?
What is my full name and why did I get it?
What is my greatest strength?
What is my greatest weakness?
What is my guilty pleasure?
What is my Hogwarts house?
What is my most expensive piece of clothing?
What is my most heavily used makeup product?
What is my most used phrase?
What is my most used word?
What is my personality like?
What is my personality type?
What is my religion?
What is my spirit animal?
What is my strangest talent?
What is my zodiac sign?
What is one trend that I completely bought into?
What is something I can’t do no matter how hard I try?
What is something I hated as a child that I like now?
What is the last thing I bought?
What is the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep?
What is the pet I would like to have?
What is the worst injury I’ve ever gotten?
What language do I want to learn?
What video games do I play when I want to relax?
What was the last book I read?
What was the last movie I saw?
What word do I always use as an exclamation?
What word do I always use to describe something great?
Where do I currently live?
Which is my favourite season?


What is my favourite accent?
What is my favourite animal?
What is my favourite band?
What is my favourite childhood book?
What is my favourite colour?
What is my favourite drink?
What is my favourite flavour of ice cream?
What is my favourite food to eat on a rainy day?
What is my favourite food to eat on a sunny day?
What is my favourite number?
What is my favourite place on the planet?
What is my favourite radio station?
What is my favourite sandwich?
What is my favourite snack?
What is my favourite song?
What is my favourite swear word?
What is my favourite word?
What is my favourite thing to wear?


Do I remember the day I met …?
How are my mother and I similar and different?
What are the compliments I have given other people?
What are the compliments people have given me?
What do my best friend and I have in common?
What gifts would I like to give everyone?
What if I could meet anyone on this planet – who would I choose?
Where is my best friend?
Which actors & actresses do I trust enough to watch whatever they’re in?
Which teachers inspired me the most?
Who are my favourite characters?
Who are my friends?
Who are my parents?
Who are my sisters?
Who are the new people I met? – their names and where we met
Who are the writers I trust enough to read anything they write?
Who brings the sunshine on the days I see nothing but a grey sky?
Who is my best friend?
Who is my celebrity crush?
Who is my favourite youtuber?
Who is my role model?
Who is my secret valentine?
Who is someone I admire?
Who is someone that saved me?
Who is the most intelligent person I know?
Who is the most supportive person in my life right now?
Who was the last person I texted?
Who would I like to go on a midnight adventure with?
Who would I love to randomly see this week?
Who would I really like to hug?
Who would I really like to punch?
Why am I grateful for …?
Why am I grateful for dad?
Why am I grateful for mum?


A playlist for 12-year-old me
A playlist for throwback Thursday
A playlist for when I’m angry
A playlist for when I’m in love
A playlist for when I’m in the mood to party
A playlist for when I’m sad
A playlist of songs that I have on repeat
A playlist that makes me want to dance
A playlist that makes me want to sing
A playlist to inspire me
A playlist to listen to on the bus/train
A playlist with the classics
A song that really speaks to me
A song that was stuck in my head today
Bands and their logos
Song lyrics
What are the first 6 songs when I put my playlist on shuffle?
What song always brings a smile to my face?


A place where the architecture made me want to wake up and see the city skyline every morning
A place where the customer service made me tip £100
A place where the memories were unforgettable
A place where the nature made me want to live in the middle of nowhere
A place where the people restored my faith in humanity
How to get to my favourite place
Places I have never been to but want to see.
Somewhere I want to go before I die
Somewhere I want to go before I turn 20
Somewhere I would rather be right now.
What are the popular places in town?
What is the worst place I’ve been to?
Where is my favourite place to shop?
Where was I born?


A list of every single song on the albums released by my fav bands

Every tom and jerry’s ice cream flavour (I want to try).

Places I would like to see.

Sounds I like.

Sounds I dislike.

Sports I like.

Star signs.

The first 5 things I saw on my way home.

The first 5 words that come to mind.

The main roman gods.

The main Greek gods.

Things I don’t own but like.

Things I want to buy.

Top 10 episodes to watch

Top 10 favourite quotes.

Top 10 movies to watch.

Top 10 people I want to meet.

Top 10 places in Manchester.

Top 10 restaurants I love.

What is the sentence on line 13 of page 23 in the book nearest to me?

What movies do I watch when I’m feeling down?

What tv shows do I always recommend?

What were my favourite tv shows as a child?

What words don’t seem real to me?

Wish list


A memory in summer

A memory in winter

A memory with my family.

A memory with my friends.

I’ll never forget the day (a teacher) did this.

Memories from high school

Special moments I want to witness.

The story behind my first kiss

The story behind my last kiss

The stories behind my scars

What are the memories I never want to forget?

What is my saddest memory?

What is the first thing I remember?

What is the funniest thing I remember?

What was my most embarrassing moment?

What was the happiest day of my life?

What was the last concert I went to?

What was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed?

What was the most disappointing thing in my life?

What was the most nervous I’ve ever been?

What was the saddest day of my life?

When was I last scared for my life?


A note to my favourite teachers.

Dear _____, I would like to tell you.

Dear 5-year-old me.

Dear 10-year-old me.

Dear 13-year-old me.

Dear 15-year-old me.

Dear 16-year-old me.

Dear 18-year-old me.

Dear 21-year-old me.

Dear 25-year-old me.

Dear all the boys I’ve liked.

Dear someone I need to forgive.

Letters to my future children.

Questions to answer

A wise person learns from the mistakes of others – do I agree?

Advice to any if the new kids at sf.

Am I a bad loser?

Am I a good liar?

Am I a writer?

Am I an artist?

Am I good at giving advice?

Am I happy with myself?

Am I happy with the person I’ve become?

Am I the kind of friend I would like to have as a friend?

Books I always reread

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Do I admit when I’m wrong?

Do I believe that people are capable of change?

Do I belong here?

Do I hold grudges?

Do I have trust issues?

Do I like confrontation?

Do I live or do I just exist?

Do I prefer to be on camera or behind it?

Do I really want a cat?

Do I trust easily?

Have I ever been bullied?

Have I ever been on a date?

Have I ever felt like I wasn’t enough?

Have I ever felt rejected by my friends/family?

Have I ever had a friend turn into an enemy?

Have I ever had a paranormal experience?

Have I ever had a public perception of me change from good to bad?

Have I ever had a song or poem written about me?

Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?

Have I learnt from my mistakes?

How am I feeling?

How do I find comfort when I’m sad?

How do I vent my anger?

How do I want to be remembered?

How could I avoid getting hurt?

How does a (any appliance around the home) work?

How I think will determine how I live – agree or not?

How would I define my sense of humour?

What am I like when I’m angry?

What am I most afraid of?

What are some things that stand between me and complete happiness?

What did I like about being a kid?

What did I want to be when I was younger?

What do I admire most in others?

What do I hate about sf?

What do I hate most about myself?

What do I love most about myself?

What do I notice first when I see someone?

What do I think about selfies?

What do I think about the most?

What do I think could be improved in the educational system?

What do I think people think of me?

What do I touch first when I stick my arms out?

What do I wish I didn’t miss?

What do I wish for every night?

What does a rainbow mean to me?

What fictional character do I wish was real?

What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

What is an experience that has made me stronger?

What is an item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?

What is my biggest dream and how do I plan on making it become a reality?

What is my biggest what if?

What is my greatest achievement?

What is my greatest failure?

What is my secret weapon to get someone to like me?

What is one aspect of myself that I feel confident about?

What is one thing I am interested in learning more about?

What is something that makes me feel vulnerable?

What is the best gift I’ve ever received?

What is the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘heart’?

What is the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life?

What is the ideal age to be and why?

What is the most scandalous situation I’ve ever been involved in?

What is the nicest thing about a person?

What is the single best decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What is the single worst decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What makes a great relationship?

What makes me smile?

What motivates me to succeed?

What part of my life would I relive if I could?

What part of my life would I remove if I could?

What question am I afraid to tell the truth to?

What questions would I ask to get to know someone better?

What was I doing at 12am last night?

What was I like as a child and how did my personality change as I got older?

What was my favourite subject in school?What was the last lie I told?

What was the most ridiculous thing that made me cry?

What will I do in university?

What would I change about my sf?

What would I change about my life if you knew I would never die?

What would I change about the world?

What would I like to change this year?

What would I do differently if you knew that no one was judging me?

What would I do in the event of an apocalypse?

What would I have to see to cry tears of joy?

What would I want written on my tombstone?

When did I experience stage fright or nervousness in front of a crowd?

When do I feel most at peace?

When did I last send a handwritten letter to someone?

When did I not speak up, when I know I really should have?

When did I witness something controversial and had to keep it a secret?

When was the last time I cried?

Where do I see myself in 10 years’ time?

Where do I want to live?

Where is the best place to get pizza?

Where would I go if I got a plane ticket to anywhere?

Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?

Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?

Who do I miss the most?

Who do I need the most?

Why couldn’t I get out of bed this morning?

Why couldn’t I sleep last night?

Why do I hate insects?

Why do dogs hate me and I hate them?

Will you lend me a hand – how do I think this idiom got started?

Would I ever spread gossip?

Would people consider me a diva?

ultimate q&a for theatre kids

send me a number and I’ll answer the corresponding question!

1. what’s your favorite musical?

2. favorite character in your favorite musical?

3. what’s your favorite play?

4. favorite character in your favorite play?

5. what’s your dream role?

6. what’s a role you’d like to play that you’d never be able to?

7. do you prefer being behind the scenes or in the spotlight?

8. do you like hamilton?

9. have you seen hamilton?

10. how do you feel about hyped up shows like hamilton, les mis, and rent?

11. did you like this year’s tony awards?

12. what award should there be that isn’t?

13. what shows have you been in/helped with?

14. have you ever been paid to act onstage or on camera?

15. do you prefer broadway or west end shows?

16. favorite stage actress?

17. favorite stage actor?

18. favorite show currently or recently running?

19. what’s your dream #ham4ham (even if you don’t like hamilton)?

20. who should host the tony’s next year?

21. do you watch broadwaycom backstage vlogs?

22. what’s your opinion on movies turned into musicals?

23. do you prefer musical movies or live musicals?

24. do you have an opinion on american psycho?

25. what movie would you want to be turned into a musical?

26. what role would you like to see your favorite actor play?

27. do you prefer musicals, plays, or operas?

28. dramatic plays or comedies?

29. andrew lloyd webber or stephen sondheim?

30. neil patrick harris or james corden?

31. did james corden do a good job hosting the tony’s (in your opinion)?

32. create a show mash-up and explain the plot (ex: legally todd = sweeney todd + legally blonde)

33. what song always makes you cry?

34. how do you feel about musicals using other artists’ music?

35. what celebrity would you like to see on broadway next?

36. favorite show you’ve been in?

37. would you like to act professionally?

38. television or stage acting?

39. what disney movie should be a musical that isn’t?

40. if you could see one show on broadway or west end, what would it be?

41. what musical should be revived next?

42. are musical sequels okay?

43. what musical sequel would you like there to be that isn’t?

44. have you ever had a crush on a character from a show?

45. how do you feel about musicals being done live on tv now?

46. did you like grease live?

47. are you excited for hairspray live?

48. what show do you desperately want your school/community to do?

49. are you a stronger singer or dancer?

50. would you rather design the set, direct the show, or help with effects?

you can add to the list if you’d like :)


Art School | Sophie Roach (Austin, TX)

Drawing and painting her way through an imaginative landscape of intricate and visual entanglements is Austin native, Sophie Roach.  Her artwork has endlessly covered  surfaces from– guitars, beer cans, Vans, to entire rooms.  And if that isn’t already insanely rad, her organic approach and laid back attitude make her not only incredibly humble, but also a super awesome collaborator.  While finishing up one mural and starting up new projects, we had the chance to ask Sophie a few questions about her art, her career, and her approach – from finding her voice, attacking a mural, to digging the quietude one might find as a mail person hah!  

Photographs courtesy of the artist. 

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Because this is his page 99% of the time. He just takes pictures of his tea as he drinks it he doesn’t even get different tea cups it’s generally the same 3 cups seen here over and over lol. Also England doesn’t advertise his page while America’s Instagram is on the official white house website.