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It's been 4 months and my friend still thinks that her drunk mother broke the toilet that night of the sleepover. It was me though

Hahahah if it still gnaws at you you should prob tell her x

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What was the hardest video to film ?

they’ve all been difficult, but in different ways.

The Phoenix and Young Volcanoes were hard to film b/c we had no clue what we were doing and also we tried to film too much in one day and ended up hating each other (oops)

Alone Together was difficult b/c we had to find all the right sets and props and sneak into my old high school and also we had a super hard time finding extras 

Light ‘Em Up was hard b/c we didn’t know how tf to film the fire and also we live in a valley and it was a no burn day and we sort of broke the law a lil bit

The Mighty Fall was difficult b/c the first night of filming it was like freaking cold outside and then we couldn’t get the fog machine to work for like 5evr and some other stuff went down and eugh

Where Did The Party Go was difficult b/c we accidentally got fake blood in the piano (yes, in) and I had to use a makeup wipe to try and wipe off the strings

Death Valley was difficult to film b/c we couldn’t find a freaking jail cell. ugh. sets are hard.

but hey, it’s been fun so #totallyworthit

it’s Q&A time with Patrick!

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Oooh I'm liking this rumor of Vince being in Daredevil. It would be nice that he would be in a more mainstream role so more people can recognize his talent and appreciate him like what people are doing at Charlie.

You and me both! I was quite surprised actually that Vinny would be interested in being part of the Marvel Universe, but yes for sure if this rumor happens to be true (then again, neither Marvel nor Piazza’s people have confirmed anything, and they probably won’t) this will definitely catapult Vinny into mainstream stardom, and he will finally get the recognition he rightfully deserves. Vinny being on Daredevil will be adding a helluva lot more grit to an already gritty and therefore gruesomely wonderful series. I hope they confirm something soon. - Team Piazza


My 2nd Tumblr Q&A, thank you so much to everyone that sent me questions! I had a blast filming this, I hope you enjoy watching my answers! 

Thanks to all the anonymous questions, as well as theprincesspirate, anxiety-over-heart, havityia and demonic-mermaid for their questions!

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Please post BC :3

I will once It cools down in the netherlands for a bit! I’m totally not in the mood to sit in my room for a long period of time right now x_x But I did take some pictures already, just haven’t finished the third challenge yet ;)

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If the rumours indeed are true, which I REALLY hope so, who do think he would play on the show? :D

If Marvel gets Vinny into the fold they would have stolen another great talent off the market. Dude is killer in everything he does. I’m down for whoever they want him for. The Owl, Bullseye, Jigsaw all work for me. IMO I think he’d make a good Bullseye, he’d make an even better Jigsaw. - Team Piazza

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whats ur day like?

wake up, eat, laze around/read/watch tv, eat, read/go out/drive around the city/whatever work i have, work out, shower, dinner, meditate, sleep

sometimes i meditate in the morning but usually after my shower

andante-ace said: Your art’s always so clean and pretty. I’m jealous.

Wanna know my secret? In advanced settings in SAI I turn off size and use a 5 pixel brush on an A4 canvas. Instant results. 

Size is bad for gesturing because rapid strokes have less control over pressure, this setting is like using a mechanical pencil. You systematically spend less time trying to control line weights increasing efficiency and consistency several times over.  

The brush never changes size but the change in density can suggest tapering.

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What do you do during the day??

Wake up, eat, read/watch tv/go out, eat, read/watch tv/go out/drive around the city, work out, shower, meditate, sleep

(sometimes i meditate in the morning but whatever)

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What are some bands you like besides FOB?

yo I’ll make a list

  • Set It Off
  • My Chemical Romance
  • New Politics
  • Panic! at the Disco
  • Cobra Starship
  • Jukebox The Ghost (Emma showed them to me and I’m so !!!!!)
  • Walk The Moon
  • Set It Off
  • All Time Low
  • The Academy Is Was… 
  • frnkiero andthe cellabration
  • Set It Off
  • The Brobecks
  • Against The Current
  • twenty one pilots

it’s Q&A time with Patrick!

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Hey! I Just wanted to know if you could recommend some good Vince films, like your top 5 or something?? (my friends and I are planning on making a movie marathon and Vince Piazza would be the perfect theme hahaha) Also! This blog is awesome!! I love it!! Thanks so much ❤

Splendiferous! Sounds like fun! The only films I can recommend you are the films which Vinny has a lot screen time in which are: Jersey Boys, 3 Nights In The Desert, Polish Bar and Rocket Science, which are mainly indie except Jersey Boys of course. But if you really want to overdose on Vincent Piazza, I highly recommend you start binge-watching Boardwalk Empire, even though its a series, but its really worth it, and you’ll thank me one day haha. And thank you, I’m glad you like it! - Team Piazza

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Current fav movie/music?

movie- inside out!! i dont think ive seen any other english films recently but i want to watch pitch perfect 2 

music- aquilo, rhodes, halsey, jarryd james, zella day, black coast, amber run, rhye