Q Models

liberal feminism didn’t taught me shit. it told me trans women were the most oppressed and the better women. it never told me what gender is and left me confused because i didn’t “identify” with my gender roles but i didn’t want to be a man, so i thought i might be nb, or aporagender or genderqueer. it never told me queer is still a slur that i would mind with care. it kept me from identifying as what i am, thinking that the word “bisexual” wasn’t as wide and encompassing. it told me about the split attraction model, it made me believe i could be panromatic heterosexual, it legitimized my internalized homophobia. it made me believe i was demisexual when i was just normal. it made me think intersex people were a third sex. it made me reject science. it made me afraid of speaking up, of asking questions. it never told me about stonewall, about the aids crisis, about our history.